How to protect your computer online against viruses and spyware

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About Us

In this age of growing computer use, where they have become an increasingly inescapable part of our lives, computer security has become ever more important. Whether you use Personal Computer (PC), laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone, protecting your door to the cyber world against online threats is very important.

The reason for creating this Antivirus Center website is to help you deal with various online threats to your computer system, by knowing what kind of threats you face, how to recognize them, and how to protect your computer or laptop against them.

This is by no means a comprehensive information. But we hope that this basic information will make you aware of computer security importance and guide you to where to find more specific information for your needs.

Originally established in April 2006, Antivirus Center has been online for nearly 11 years. We trust to be able to continue brining your more useful information and tips for many years to come.

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