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Computer Secrets Unleashed

Little known PC Tips & Tricks Revealed by Top IT Consultant

As an online computer user no doubt you have experienced a variety of frustrating computer problems - from annoying viruses and spyware, to slow performance, missed backups, and more. If only you knew little computer tricks and tips to fix these problems ... once and for all.

Would like to have access to the information that will help you get all these problems solved and fixed, without spending hundreds of dollars and wasting a lot of valuable time?

Well, now you can.

Top Information Technology Consultant reveals his secret techniques he's been using in his 20-year career in fixing these problems. Three years ago he released "Computer Secrets Unleashed", giving access to the same information that his clients routinely paid hundreds of dollars for, for a pittance of a price.

Now, he'some back with updated and expanded version that will give you even more of his closely guarded computer secrets.

New and Updated
Computer Secrets Unleashed

Computer Secrets Unleashed
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You will learn:

  • How to have your computer free of popups, viruses, spyware and adware 
  • How to have your computer on automated, foolproof backup system 
  • How to share any files or printers with other computers in your home or office 
  • How to remotely access your computer from anywhere in the world, with no monthly fees 
  • How to have your computer rock-solid reliable and working fast 

As you probably know from your own experience by now, you would normally have to go through a lot of would-be computer experts and pay large sums of money to have your computer performing as above. Not to mention time it would take to locate good, genuine experts, at a right price.

Now you can have all this for a handful of dollars, within your easy reach. No experts to consult, no wasted time and money, and no tech speak.

This new version of Computer Secrets Unleashed, nearly twice as long as the original one in 2007, will reveal the following to you:

PC Tips and Tricks

 How to buy the computer without being overcharged
 How to know when it's time for a new computer
 How to keep your computer running at top speed
 Best free tools to banish spyware, viruses, and adware from your computer
 How to do an inexpensive, automatic back up of your system
 Easy hardware troubleshooting guide
 Great, free software that will make your life a lot easier
 Plus extra tips that will save you time and give new ways of doing things

Home and Small Office Networking

 One piece of networking equipment you must own to protect you against internet bandits
 Simple, step-by-step instructions to hook up every computer you own
 Share files between computers and printers with ease
 Easy wiring instructions for every scenario
 Surf the internet from the comfort of your couch using wireless
 How to set up free software with no monthly charges to access your computer from anywhere in the world
 The professional way to add more wired machines to your network
 Other tips that will save you hundreds of dollars

Downgrading Windows Vista to Windows XP

 How to remove Windows Vista and install Windows XP on nearly any computer
 Where to locate and how to install the latest drivers for your computer
 How to create a Windows XP Boot CD
 How to backup and restore 100% of your data from Vista to XP

You will also get 3 Extra Bonuses included:

  1. Dell Insider Secrets - From buying a Dell at the best possible price,
    to fascinating "behind the scenes" report
  2. The SelfGeek Toolkit - The zip file with the exact contents that this IT guy carries on his USB Flash drive as he visits his clients every day
  3. The SelfGeek Dispatch - The IT expert's weekly newsletter, delivered to your email inbox, with more new tips and tricks, including his forthcoming Windows 7 materials

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