How to protect your computer online against viruses and spyware

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Computer Security

Protecting your computer from online threats

Whether you're a regular or occasional internet user, you need to protect your computer from ongoing online threats. Your computer security is number one priority, if you want to avoid having computer problems, or your personal information stolen. Good computer security information is the first step in protecting your computer, accompanied by good antivirus protection.

The security of your computer should consist of at least an antivirus program, anti spyware cleaner and firewall. Those are the minimum internet security requirements before you venture surfing online. You should have at least 4-5 good antivirus/antispyware programs and bookmark sevral or more sites with good computer security information, to help you when needed.

Computer Security articles

The following articles contain computer security information that will help you protect and secure your computer from online threats:

  • Computer Protection - Following a few basic, sensible steps you can achieve a good computer protection. This includes firewall, antivirus, and antispyware protection, and taking precautions to prevent having your computer infected with malware.
  • Computer Security Threats - With the increasing use of online services and the spread of internet, including 'internet of things', the potential risks to your computer are growing. We have identified top four security threats to your computer and potentially mobile devices.
  • Computer Security Watch - As you might guess, there's some good news and some bad news in computer security. We're all becoming more serious about it, which is also resulting in higher costs and more sophisticated attacks on our computers.
  • Crackdown on Security - The government and large companies spend increasing amounts on strengthening the security of their computer systems against online attacks. Read about James Ancheta's "computer virus broker" scheme, foiled by the FBI.   
  • Intrusion Detection Systems - A necessary part of any enterprise security strategy, these systems detect unauthorized access or misuse of a computer system. There are both open source and commercial intrusion detection systems available.   
  • Securing Your Computer - These days we spend more and more time online, doing our shopping, banking, investing and communicating. Learn the 10 easy steps to take to protect yourself and your computer from online threats.   
  • Online Security Rules - Each year consumer spending online is increasing, as more and more people shop online. This is also a fertile ground for online fraud. Follow 10 online rules to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud when shopping.   
  • Security Suites Protection - There's no such thing as a secure operating system or web browser. With security suites however you can signficantly reduce your risks, by following 5 steps to protect your computer.  
Ensure your computer security for safe surfing
Good computer security is essential for safe internet surfing and for protecting your personal and business information from potential abuse.