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Is Your Computer at Risk?
Top 4 Security Threats to Be Aware Of

Understanding where computer security threats come from

There are times when security threats can be the result of things you have done locally, or not done as the case may be, but there are other times when threats come from server side and those are often the hardest to combat. In either case, experts have identified the top 4 security threats to be aware of. Understanding these threats and knowing how to prevent and/or combat them if you have any kind of device whatsoever connected to a network is of vital importance.

Many online threats come via social media
Computer security threats often come via social networks, used for spreading malware
via questionable links contained within the user pages. (Image:

1. Attacks via Social Sites

The majority of people online today in literally every country around the globe access social sites at least daily. Because of this there is a huge amount of concern that cyber-attacks will become increasingly frequent via the social sites users subscribe to. No matter how popular the site, it is still vulnerable to malware attacks resulting from a click-through from a questionable ad or link. From Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter, no social site is immune from threats so it is important to take proactive steps to guard against attack.

2. Server-side Denial of Service Attacks

The trickiest kinds of security threats are those that come from the server side. What happens here is that the server is literally flooded with data until it becomes overwhelmed and unable to handle the traffic coming in. Distributed denial of service, DDoS, will be the result and those trying to access websites through that server will be unable to do so. The solution to this type of attack is for networking professionals to be certified in CCNA Security. Cisco Network Security certification is recognized as an industry leader and no network should be without certified associates.

3. Growing Concern over the Internet of Things

There has been a great deal of hype recently over something being called the ‘Internet of Things,’ commonly abbreviated to IoT. This involves the interconnectivity of all types of devices from smart TVs to smart appliances and any type of device that can be controlled through a software app. As more and more devices become connected, there is every possibility that cyber criminals can begin attacking devices around the home and workplace. No longer are these attacks going to be only aimed at computers but also at the devices those computer programs control. Some people have begun jokingly referring to IoT as standing for Insecurity of Things.

Tighten the security of your mobile device
Security threats are also spreading to mobile devices, because of their widespread use and vulnerability to potential threats. (Image:

4. Experts Warn Mobile Malware Is Just over the Horizon

To date there has been no verifiable major threats to mobile devices but experts warn that the development of mobile malware is only a matter of time. With more users now using mobile devices than desktops, cyber criminals will surely be developing threats that are both malicious and criminal. Not only will your personal information be at risk, but the apps that are used for such things as mobile healthcare will also be threatened. With the growing number of patients accessing medical records and using apps for a better quality of life, this type of security risk is immense. Time to strengthen the security of your mobile devices is now.

So here you have four of the biggest threats to IT security and although remedies or preventative measures have not been mentioned, these should at least raise an awareness of what to look for. Take the time to fully understand each of these threats and remember the old adage – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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