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Computer Security Watch

What's in store for us security wise?

There has been a lot happening with regards to computer security over the years, both at home and industry front. Below are some things that have been happening lately - some of them are good and, unfortunately, some are not.

The Good News

First the good news items in the home security arena:

1. We're more serious about our security

Get serious about your computer security
We are getting more serious about computer security, but we need to stay dilligent and keep up with new threats prevention

We are getting a lot more serious about our home and online security. This has a lot of reasons behind it. For example, new privacy laws are mandating organizations to tighten their security. Look to see more consumer privacy laws passed during this year and more tightening of security systems.

2. Authentication requirements are tighter

Various identity and access authentication requirements are increasing. This is closing in large security holes that have existed. Corporations are requiring a great deal more of authentication to get into secure systems. Communication is being encrypted. (This also is on the bad news side - see below.)

3. Sophisticated security programs

There is a plethora of sophisticated programs to help us be more secure and they will continue to get better. Competition right now is strong in the security industry sparking a lot of innovation.

4. ISPs are becoming more responsible

ISPs - Internet Service Providers - are now taking on the responsibility to help us with our computer and online security. Take AOL's recent commercials as a good sign that others will follow the trend.

The Bad News

Now the bad news on security:

1. Security costs are up

Securing our networks is costing us. Most companies are globalizing their organizations, which costs a lot of money to make them secure. Of course all these extra cost are getting passed down on to the end user - us; when we buy products and pay for their services. It will get worse before it gets better.

2. Security requirements verging on paranoia

Acces and identity authentication requirements are increasing. This is getting claustrophobic. Corporations are requiring a great deal more authentication to get into secure systems. (This is also on the good news side - see above.) Unfortunately, for the end user, it is one more thing to be unhappy about, not unlike airport security lines.

3. More sophisticated hackers

Hackers are getting more sophisticated. For example, Botnets are becoming more complex and harder and harder to catch and stop. Do a search on botnets on the Internet. They really are causing a whole lot of problems, but it does not stop there. The number of viruses and malware out there is staggering.

4. Spam is on the increase

Spammers keep finding more creative ways to fill our email boxes. Don't look for this trend to stop anytime soon. As a result, both the users and ISPs are adding more filters to their email systems, sometime causing the legitimate messages to get "chewed" by the filters.

Improve your Home Computer protection and security

On the balance of the things, everyone's getting more sophisticated - both the security attackers and the security firms fighting to preserve our home and computers security. Gone are the days of 'internet innocence', as it has becoming increasingly dangerous to spend even a few minutes online without some kind of antivirus and other internet security protection.

On this web site you will find a collection of articles and advice on how to protect your computer and your home from the increasing intrusions and outside threats. We trust that this information will be useful to you and will continue to bring you more useful home and computer security articles on a regular basis.

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