How to protect your computer online against viruses and spyware

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Computer Spyware

Programs that spy on your computer

While not as destructive as viruses, computer spyware programs are more common and widespread on the internet. Often downloaded unknown to you, hidden in files, most spyware tend to track your internet movements and collect data. These spyware programs range from harmless to intrusive.

  Computer Spyware Information and Solutions
Adware in the Computer

Adware in the Computer

When you use computer for online work and entertainment, you will end up with adware being installed on it without your consent. These could be harmless tracking programs, or nasty monitors of your online habits.

What Are Botnets

What are Botnets?

This is probably one of the worst threats to your computer system, difficult to locate and even harder to delete when infection occurs. Botnets are often used by hackers to infiltrate computers and use them to propagate viruses.

Spyware Problem

Spyware Problem

Often used in advertising, these spying programs infest possibly some 80% of computers, mostly unknown to their owners. Often a dozen or more of spyware programs can be found on any computer, tracking user's online habits.

CounterSpy Software

CounterSpy Software

Although being generally a nuissance, creating spyware is a booming industry, used for agressive advertising and spying tactics on you. One of the best spyware removal programs is CounterSpy, by Sunbelt Software.

Spyware Programs

Spyware Programs

You already have learned that many spware programs could be infesting your computer right now. There are 3 basic ways in which you get these programs: freeware and/or shareware, deceptive downloads, and security holes.

Intelligent Explorer

Intelligent Explorer

Although a rare threat today, masquerading as Internet Explorer toolbar, this deceptive software program will generate a lot of unwanted popups and downloads without your permission. Not to be confused with the real thing.

Spyware Remover

Spyware Remover Programs

Spyware programs track your internet usage, collect your personal data, and spawn popup ads. This can cause your computer to slow down, or worse. Spyware Remover, Ad-Aware, and Spybot can all help you delete spyware.

Dangerous spyware programs

However, there are also more dangerous spyware programs that more systematically intrude on your computer and pose greater threat to your privacy. You must take steps to protect yourself against these attacks, such as for example Botnets, often perpetrated by hackers.

Warning! Spyware detected - sign
Beware of computer spyware infecting your computer, which comes
in many forms, from nearly harmless adware to ultra dangerous botnets.