How to protect your computer online against viruses and spyware

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Cyber Security

Handling cybersecurity in small business and e-commerce

No matter what device you use, from PCs to mobile phones, you're well aware of security issues when it comes to being online, in cyber space. Whether you still use MS Windows, Android or other operating system on your devices, there are ever increasingly sophisticated threats lurking on the internet.

  Cybersecurity in Small Business and E-commerce
Company Sued for Data Breach

Company Sued for Data Breach

If you company suffers a data breach, it can be devastating to your business operations. The clean up process can take weeks or months, depending on the breach and your company size. It can also open you to a civil suit.

Cyber Security Affects Reputation

Cyber Security Affects Reputation

A company's business reputation is as important as its bottom line and it must be well protected. Today though it can disappear in a single nasty cybersecurity breach. Take steps to protect your business reputation online.

Cyber Security and Small Business

Cyber Security and Small Businesses

Small businesses is more attractive to hackers and other cyber predators because they're easier to hack into. Big companies spend more on cyber security, while small business can't afford it, which makes it more vulnerable.

Cyber Security Culture Change

Cyber Security Culture Change

Not long ago, it was only large companies that had to worry about being targeted by hackers. Most often it was mischief, or someone with a grudge. Now attackers seek to monetize their cyber attacks, making small business vulnerable.

Cyber Security for E-commerce

Cyber Security for E-Commerce

So many online stores open every day, that it's hard to get a round figure on it. While this is great for online shoppers, it's also a "boon" for cyber criminals who exploit security weaknesses. If you own an ecommerce site, take steps to protect it.

Cyber Security Future Trends

Cyber Security Future Trends

The proliferation of cyber attacks, their changing tactics, increasing number and sophistication of attacks all force cybersecurity grow fast to keep up with it. Take a look at some of the emerging trends in cyber security and technology industry.

Handle Company Data Breach

Handle Company Data Breach

In these days of increasingly vulnerable cyber security, it's important to be prepared in case your company suffers a data breach. Take the right steps in handling a data breach and you will minimize its effects on company reputation.

Online Security for Ecommerce Store

Online Security for Ecommerce Store

Having your own e-commerce store, in these times especially, is a fantastic opportunity. be your own boss, set your own hours, and sell what you want. But you have to take steps to safeguard your website from online threats.

Protect your devices and data

In order to maintain a good cybersecurity for your devices and online activities, take these steps:

1. Regularly update your operating systems - These days it's usually done automatically. But keep an eye on it anyway and make sure your OS is up to date with any security patches needed.

2. Use strong passwords - It's one of the most common problems, where people use easy-to-remember (and easy to hack) passwords. Systems will often prompt you to use stronger password, but it pays to put extra thought in creating one, for an added layer of security.

3. Use good antivirus protection - This is especially important for PC and laptop users with Windows operating system. But many viral threats are also creeping in to cellphone and tablet users. So make sure you have an up to date antivirus protection on your devices.

4. Get antispyware tool - Spyware can range from a pure nuissance to a very serious threat that can take over your device. You'll often find antivirus and antispyware protection bundled in (Symantec). But it's good to get an extra antispyware protection, too.

5. Install a firewall - This will monitor your inbound traffic, but good firewall will also monitor your outbound traffic, too. If you end up with a virus or a spyware, your outbound traffic will increase, as they steal your data or use your device for their murky activities.


These days just about the entire world is dealing with a different kind of virus threat - coronavirus. Just a reminder to be careful and keep your social distance. Follow your country's health advice.
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