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Timothy Blake Donohoo is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where he majored in Communication and minored in Creative Writing. A professional freelance writer and marketing expert, he’s written marketing copy and retail listings for companies such as Viatek. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing video games, watching documentaries and catching up on the latest Vaporwave and Electro-Swing musical releases.

Miles Morales vs Ultimatum 1
Marvel Introduced an Evil Miles Morales Before Across the Spider-Verse

Across the Spider-Verse introduced an evil Miles Morales, but the version of this idea from the comics was far more than just a twisted twin.

Marvel heroes replaced by Skrulls in Secret Invasion 1
The Skrulls Are Marvel's Most Potent Untapped Metaphor For The Misinformation Age

Marvel's Skrulls are usually involved in cosmic stories, but they could fit even better in earthbound tales of government conspiracy and distrust.

Captain America, Spider-Man, and other characters from Marvel's Ultimate universe by Bryan Hitch 1
How Ultimate Marvel Reinvented Classic Comic Characters For Modern Readers

The Ultimate Universe changed classic Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men — making them more relevant and interesting.

The Flash' Sasha Calle and Fast and Furious 1
If the DCU Doesn't Want Sasha Calle, Another Franchise Should Come Calling

Sasha Calle's Supergirl may not return after The Flash, but there's another massive blockbuster franchise home to DCEU stars that she could join.

Jimmy Olsen, Superman and Lex Luthor of DC Comics 1
The Next Most Important Superman: Legacy Casting Isn't Lex Luthor

Superman: Legacy has a chance to finally put Jimmy Olsen in the cultural spotlight, and it all hinges on casting the right actor for the role.

Ezra Miller's Flash feels the speed force around him. 1
The Flash Is a Box Office Bomb - It's Time to End This Annoying Trend

The Flash isn't a hit at the box office, and its use of the now-tired Multiverse concept signals that the superhero movie trend needs to end.

An image of two Final Fantasy games that use the Active Time Battle system. 1
Final Fantasy Needs To Bring ATB Back

Final Fantasy has abandoned the Active Time Battle system, but bringing it back with modern tweaks could restore the series' classic appeal.

The Flash runs through Keystone City in DC Comics' Kingdom Come timeline 1
The Fastest Flash Never Stopped Running in One of DC’s Darkest Futures

In the dark reality of Kingdom Come, The Flash was one of the few traditional DC heroes still operating. His power came at a price, though.

The thought of Bumblebee comparisons haunt Cliffjumper in IDW's Transformers comics. 1
Skybound’s Transformers Relaunch Will Finally Redeem an Overlooked Autobot

An often overlooked member of the heroic Autobots is now poised to shine (and be redeemed) in Image/Skybound's new Transformers series.

Mario thinking about Nintendo Directs 1
Why Do Nintendo Directs Have So Many RPGs?

Nintendo Directs are usually full of RPGs, and while this might turn off some gamers, it's a way for the company to reclaim its former glory.

Mario becomes Elephant Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. 1
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Solves New Super Mario Bros.’ Biggest Issue

Super Mario Wonder gives the series its most whimsical aesthetic yet, abandoning the more boring look of the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Promo image for Beamdog's '80s cartoon-inspired Mythforce. 1
How Saturday Morning Cartoons Like He-Man Inspire Mythforce

Mythforce is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it's bringing with it tons of 1980s nostalgia and callbacks to classic fantasy cartoons like He-Man.

Sasha Calle as Supergirl in The Flash juxtaposed with Power Girl 1
Sasha Calle's DCU Future Is in the Air - But She Could Return as a Different Kryptonian

Sasha Calle's Supergirl may not make it into the new DCU, but she could fly back onto the big screen by playing an alternate take on the Kryptonian.

Spider-Man centering images of Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven  1
Kraven's Trailer Fixes the Biggest Mistake of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Kraven the Hunter's version of The Rhino was only briefly glimpsed in the trailer, preventing a marketing mistake made by The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Ezra Miller as The Flash with Superman holding Supergirl's body from Crisis on Infinite Earths in the background 1
The Flash Was More Like DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths Than Flashpoint

The Flash used many expected elements from Flashpoint, but Crisis on Infinite Earths also plays a huge role in shaping the DCEU movie's narrative.

Two characters from the cover of the Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosary manga. 1
Sword Art Online’s Manga Adaptations Are It’s Least Successful Incarnation

Sword Art Online is seemingly popular in almost every medium, but it hasn't seen nearly as much success in its manga adaptations.

An image of Dragon Ball's Grandpa Gohan in a fighting stance. 1
Dragon Ball: Why Goku Never Visits Grandpa Gohan in Other World

Goku never visits Grandpa Gohan in the afterlife or even revives him, but there's a reason for this beyond just Goku forgetting about the old man.

Ezra Miller as The Flash with Superman holding Supergirl's body from Crisis on Infinite Earths in the background 1
The Flash Movie Profoundly Misunderstands the DC Multiverse and Hypertime

The Flash prominently features the idea of the DC Multiverse, but the way in which it's used is closer to the somewhat similar concept of Hypertime.

Cheetor in Transformers Rise of the beasts 1
Rise of the Beasts Remixes a Golden Beast Wars Artifact

Rise of the Beasts introduces the Transwarp Key, which is a reinterpretation of a similar artifact from the Beast Wars: Transformers cartoon.

Goku and Gohan flying during the intro for Dragon Ball Z. 1
Dragon Ball Z: Rock The Dragon's Got Nothing On Cha-La Head-Cha-La

Dragon Ball Z's English dub rocked the house with "Rock the Dragon," but the Japanese theme is an even better (and catchier) thematic representation.

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