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Marvel Gives Fan-Favorite Black Widow Yelena Belova Her Own Series

Fan-favorite Russian spy and Black Widow, Yelena Belova, will return for her very own comic book series, White Widow, this November.

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10 Iconic Marvel & DC Heroes That Still Don't Have Their Own Video Game

Both Marvel and DC Comics have a great catalog of heroes, from the Flash to Doctor Strange, that still need a video game adaptation.

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10 Marvel Characters You Didn't Know Bonded With Symbiotes

Beyond Spider-Man and Eddie Brock, symbiotes have bonded with many heroes and villains in Marvel Comics, creating surprisingly cool new characters.

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Marvel's Black Widow Actually Has Superpowers (Five, in Fact)

She may not be a Norse god or turn into a radioactive monster, but Black Widow has a handful of powers, even if they're not so obvious.

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10 Most Secretive Avengers

Many Avengers are secretive for varying reasons, like Spider-Man keeping secrets to protect his loved ones or Black Panther protecting Wakanda.

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10 Popular Marvel Heroes With The Cringiest Debuts

Marvel Comics' most popular heroes didn't get off to a great start, but have more than made up for those cringy debuts in the years since.

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15 Marvel Heroes Stronger Than They Appear

Plenty of Marvel heroes, from the Inhuman Black Bolt to the mutants Cyclops and Wolverine, are much stronger than they physically appear.

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The Avengers Deadliest Member Just Entered Captain America's Cold War - But it's Complicated

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #12 continues the Cold War event, and things can only get worse now that a deadly Avenger has entered the fray.

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Avengers Anatomy: The 5 Weirdest Things About Black Widow's Body, Explained

While Black Widow might seem like she's only human, the Avenger has several abilities that help her earn her place among Marvel's mightiest heroes.

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10 Marvel Heroes Defined By Courage

Marvel's greatest heroes, like Captain America and Daredevil, are defined by their courage, never wavering in the face of great danger.

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10 MCU Heroes Written Out Too Soon

Some Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes like Vision and Cap were written out of the franchise even though they had more stories to tell.

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10 Iconic Marvel Heroes And Their Most Underrated Ability

Marvel's most iconic heroes use some incredibly useful powers that are often underrated, especially when they can't save the world without them.

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X-Men Forever Introduced a Surprising Relationship Between a Mutant and an Avenger

X-Men Forever saw a veteran mutant join a new team alongside a member of the MCU's Avengers - and strike up an unlikely romance.

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10 Most Controversial Avengers Deaths

From Captain America and Wasp to Black Widow, relive the most controversial Avengers deaths in Marvel Comics.

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10 Deadliest Female Avengers Villains

These female villains were some of the strongest, deadliest foes the Avengers ever had to face in iconic Marvel comics.

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10 Marvel Heroes Who Give Up Too Fast

While Marvel's heroes are the last line of defense for Earth's citizens, some of them give up too quickly to move on to the next foes.

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10 Marvel Characters That Deserve Their Own Animated Series

Despite having numerous animated shows over the years, Marvel has many characters that could benefit from an animated series.

Marvel's Ultimate Universe Transformed the MCU's Best Partnership Into a Tragedy 1
Marvel's Ultimate Universe Transformed the MCU's Best Partnership Into a Tragedy

The MCU's best onscreen partnership was presented very differently in Marvel's Ultimate Universe, and was seeped in more tragedy than friendship.

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10 Weakest Avengers With The Most Useful Powers

Even some of the Avengers' weakest members possess incredible powers that have saved the team in battles against villains like Thanos and Loki.

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10 Famous Actors Who Became Great Voice Actors

Sometimes the transition from live-action to voicing a character doesn't always pan out, but some actors also proved to be talented voice actors.