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Marvel heroes replaced by Skrulls in Secret Invasion 1
The Skrulls Are Marvel's Most Potent Untapped Metaphor For The Misinformation Age

Marvel's Skrulls are usually involved in cosmic stories, but they could fit even better in earthbound tales of government conspiracy and distrust.

Split image of Magneto revealing himself to be Xorn and Helmut Zemo as Citizen V. 1
10 Best Identity Twists In Marvel Comics

With Secret Invasion debuting on Disney+, it's a great time to look back on the biggest identity plot twists in Marvel's comic books.

Norman Osborn begins Dark Reign with an army of Skrulls behind him. 1
7 Best Marvel Events Following Secret Invasion

With Secret Invasion available now on Disney+, fans should familiarize themselves with the Marvel books that came after the original comic event.

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Every MCU Character In Secret Invasion With A Comic Counterpart

Marvel heroes like Nick Fury and Maria Hill are important parts of the MCU's Secret Invasion. Along with the Skrulls, they form the show's foundation.

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Secret Invasion's Skrulls Created Marvel's Strangest (And Most Violent) Superheroes

In a bizarre plot twist, a food-borne illness caused by Secret Invasion's Skrulls created Marvel's weirdest, most brutal superhero team.

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Does Marvel’s Ultimate Universe Really Deserve Another Chance?

Ultimate Invasion has just brought Marvel's Ultimate Universe back into the spotlight, but does it deserve another shot at success?

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Nick Fury Had a Very Different Role in Marvel's Original Secret Invasion

In Marvel's original Secret Invasion comics, Nick Fury played a critical role in defeating the Skrulls. This didn't hold true for the sequel.

Every Marvel Comic You Need To Read Before Secret Invasion Releases On Disney Plus 1
Every Marvel Comic You Need To Read Before Watching Secret Invasion On Disney Plus

Following the Skrulls, Nick Fury, and other key players, Marvel comics like Mighty Avengers #12 and Dark Reign go hand-in-hand with the Disney+ show.

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Why The Secret Invasion Show Isn't Really Adapting The Comics

As the MCU continues to progress and adapt its stories from the comics, the upcoming Secret Invasion appears to fall short as a perfect adaptation.

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10 Marvel Heroes Who Should Have Been Skrulls

Secret Invasion should have gone one step further by taking the risk and turning Marvel's most iconic A-Listers into Skrulls.

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Why The Skrulls Are The Real Victims Of Secret Invasion

Marvel's Secret Invasion established Skrulls as a dangerous threat who killed to survive. However, they were victims, just like humanity.

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Secret Invasion Made a Spider-Man Villain the Leader of the Marvel Universe

Marvel's very first Secret Invasion left a major impact on the Marvel Universe, one which practically left Norman Osborn in control of the world.

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An Unlikely Daredevil Ally Started Marvel's Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion was one of Marvel's biggest comic events. However, most fans have forgotten how a close Daredevil associate kickstarted the conflict.

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10 Darkest Comic Book Secrets

Secrets are integral to compelling narratives in comics from Marvel, DC and more, and readers are drawn to mysteries and shocking revelations.

split image: Scarlet Witch mourns Quicksilver, Captain America joins Hydra and Nick Fury and Skrulls in MCU Secret Invasion 1
10 Best Avengers Comic Mysteries

The Avengers are flawed heroes thanks to their secrets and reveals in mysterious Marvel Comics arcs like Secret Empire and Civil War.

A split image of Avengers (vol. 4) 12.1, Secret Invasion, and World War Hulk from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Hero Victories That Weren't Worth Their Cost

From ruining their reputations before the public to creating an opening for nefarious villains, some victories came back to haunt Marvel's heroes.

A split image of the Black Bolt Skrull and the Spider-Woman Skrull from Marvel's Secret Invasion comics 1
10 Most Shocking Skrull Reveals From The Original Secret Invasion

As the MCU's Secret Invasion adaptation gets closer, now's the perfect time to relive the biggest twists and Skrull revelations from Marvel Comics.

Maria Hill standing in front of Iron Man and an army of Skrulls in the Secret Invasion comic 1
10 Biggest Reveals From Secret Invasion

The newest Secret Invasion comic features plenty of intriguing, surprising reveals, undoubtedly building hype for the MCU's live-action adaptation.

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Why Secret Invasion's Skrulls are So Good at Passing For Humans

The Skrulls featured in Marvel's Secret Invasion were extremely skilled at passing for human for one particularly sneaky reason.

Skrull Embrace Change ad showing two human children smiling and laughing with one skrull child 1
Secret Invasion Showcased Marvel’s Best (And Creepiest) Marketing

When promoting the original Secret Invasion, Marvel produced a creepy (and innovative) ad campaign imploring comic book fans to "embrace change."