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Created by:
George Lucas
First Film:
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
Latest Film:
Star Wars: Episode XI - The Rise of Skywalker
Upcoming Films:
George Lucas
First TV Show:
Star Wars: The Mandalorian
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A split image of the main characters in star wars outlaws 1
How Is Star Wars: Outlaws The First Open-World Star Wars Game?

Star Wars: Outlaws is set to be the first full open-world game set in the galaxy far, far away, but it seems like that should have happened already.

Ezra Bridger using the force in Star Wars Rebels 1
What Happened to Ezra Bridger at the End of Star Wars Rebels?

Ezra Bridger will likely be a big focus of the upcoming Ahsoka series, but where did he end his journey in the Star Wars Rebels finale?

A group shot of Star Wars Rebels' Ghost Crew in front of a cloudy orange backdrop 1
Star Wars: Rebels Cast & Character Guide

Star Wars Rebels has some amazing stories and characters. As the Ahsoka series is approaching, the character journeys become more important

 Fennec Shand and Boba Fett with his helmet off, Boba Fett with helmet on and Cad Bane of show The Book of Boba Fett 1
Disney Scrapped a 'Borderline R-Rated' Star Wars Movie, Says James Mangold

Director James Mangold reveals that Disney and Lucasfilm scrapped an R-rated Boba Fett movie after the box office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Sana Starros fights with her brother Phel on the cover of Star Wars Sana Starros 4 1
Star Wars: Sana Starros' Feud With Her Brother Phel Highlights A New Imperial Threat

Star Wars: Sana Starros reveals the feud between Sana and her twin brother Phel. However, the true cause of their rift might be Imperial manipulation.

The Ronin with his lightsaber drawn in The Duel from Star Wars Visions 1
Star Wars: Visions Expands on Sith Lore - But This Story Could Use a Spinoff

Star Wars: Visions #1 and Ronin: A Visions Novel expand upon the Sith Lore in "The Duel," which provide the perfect blueprints for a spinoff series.

A combined image of The White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia and Laurie Strode & Michael Myers in Halloween 1
10 Movie Villains Cooler Than The Hero

Movie villains like The Matrix's Agent Smith, Star Wars' Darth Vader, and the MCU's Winter Soldier are far cooler and more capable than the heroes.

best things about best characters bib fortuna watto dryden vos 1
The 10 Best Things About the Worst Star Wars Characters

Star Wars has a lot of memorable heroes and villains, but even annoying characters like Jar Jar Binks contribute something to this space saga.

Kay Vess and a commando droid walk beside each other in artwork for the video game Star Wars Outlaws. 1
Star Wars Outlaws Gives the Franchise an Opportunity to Go Far, Far Away From the Skywalker Saga

Ubisoft's Star Wars Outlaws presents the franchise with a huge opportunity to tell a story that has nothing to do with the Skywalkers.

Split image of Jedi and Sith from Old Republic including Shan and Darth Malgus 1
10 Things Star Wars Newcomers Need To Know About The Old Republic

The Old Republic is a pivotal time in the Star Wars universe, and new and old fans alike need to know how it will impact future franchise releases.

Qui-Gon Jinn smiling in front of Qui-Gon with his green lightsaber 1
The Phantom Menace Nearly Gave Qui-Gon Jinn a Much Smaller Role

The Phantom Menace started a whole new era for the Star Wars franchise. However, doing so almost severely cut one crucial Jedi's role.

Split image of The Old Republic, Darth Vader, and Star Wars omnibus cover art. 1
10 Best Star Wars Omnibus Comics

Star Wars has several excellent omnibus comic volumes collecting the franchise's expanded mythos, starring Darth Vader, High Republic heroes and more.

Luke Skywalker and his villains Kylo Ren and Darth Vader 1
10 Biggest Parallels Between Luke Skywalker & His Villains

Star Wars has seen Luke Skywalker fight against his father and nephew as villains. But what are the parallels between Luke, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren?

Darth Maul, T-800, Judge Dredd 1
10 Sci-Fi Movie Bombs That Are Actually Pretty Good

Sci-fi has spawned its fair share of theatrical bombs, like Event Horizon and The Thing. However, many of these movies deserve more credit.

Sana Starros looks at the viewer on the cover of Star Wars Sana Starros 5 1
Sana Starros' Family Legacy Could Have Devastating Effects on the Star Wars Galaxy

In the Star Wars: Sana Starros miniseries, Avon Starros' research could be deadly if it falls into the Empire's hands. Here's why.

Daisy Ridley as Rey in the middle of a battle on the Death Star in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 1
New Star Wars Sequel Title, Synopsis Rumor Debunked by Lucasfilm

A source from Lucasfilm debunks a rumor claiming director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's upcoming Star Wars film will be titled Star Wars: New Jedi Order.

rey skywalker in front of darth vader from star wars 1
Star Wars' New Jedi Order Movie Needs to Ditch the Sith

Daisy Ridley's Rey is returning to Star Wars to establish a new Jedi Order. However, the new Jedi Knights should face an enemy other than the Sith.

Star Wars' Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens 1
A Necessary Function Made Star Wars' Starkiller Base Scarier Than the Death Star

Star Wars has had many devastating weapons over the years. But one function turned Starkiller Base into something more sinister than the Death Star.

A collage image of Boba Fett and Din Djarin  1
Boba Fett Is No Longer Star Wars' Most Popular Bounty Hunter

Boba Fett was Star Wars' original bounty hunter, but now that The Book of Boba Fett Season 2 isn't happening, he's becoming a background character.

Michael Shannon and Star Wars 1
Man of Steel's Michael Shannon Turned Down a Star Wars Role

Michael Shannon confirms that he knocked back a part in an unnamed Star Wars production due to his disinterest in starring in blockbusters.