DC Comics lit the way for big friendships in comics. Superman and Batman teamed up not long after they first appeared, starring in World's Finest. The Justice Society was also just a group of friends working together. This sort of thing became old hat in superhero comics, with friendships between characters, whether heroic or villainous, playing a key role in many stories.

DC readers have got to see many of the strongest friendships in comics. These bonds were formed on the battlefield, but they went beyond simple teamwork. They became something unshakable, forming the bedrocks of the superhero and supervillain communities.

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10 The Rogues

Captain Cold, Mirror Master and other villains from DC comics

While the many speedsters Flash faces are powerful, the truly dangerous villains are the Rogues. At first glance, the Rogues may not seem like much. Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Mirror Master, and their like all seem like easily beaten gimmick villains.

What makes the Rogues so dangerous is their teamwork, which comes from their respect and friendship. The Rogues aren't the typical supervillain team, with all the lying and backstabbing. They're genuinely friends; they care about each other and work to protect each other in battle. The Rogues stick together no matter what, and their bond is unbreakable.

9 Hawkman And The Atom

Hawkman and The Atom flying together

The Justice League has given readers many iconic friendships, but some seem deceptively smaller than others. Hawkman isn't exactly the most friendly sort, but one member of the team took a chance with him. Soon, the Atom and Hawkman became close friends, working together on the team and going on adventures together.

What makes their friendship so strong is the way neither of them asks the other any questions, they just help. The Atom has gone into some very dangerous situations for Hawkman, and Hawkman has trusted the Atom's judgment more time than anyone else but Hawkwoman. They always want to help each other, in any way they possibly can.

8 The Trinity

Batman Superman and Wonder Woman in Knight Terrors FCBD Special

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman form an important unit in the superhero community. They are the leaders of everyone, each of them fronting their own factions of heroes, with relationships that pop up all through the community. Everyone looks to them for guidance and support. However, it can be lonely at the top, so they depend on each other.

The Trinity is built on two things - duty to the superhero community and to themselves. They know that their friendship is important to the health of the entire hero community. They've seen what can happen when they aren't on the same page, so they've worked hard to make their friendship completely unbreakable, each helping the others whenever they need it, while they all share the same unique bond.

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7 Wally West And Kyle Rayner

The Flash Green Lantern Wally West Kyle Rayner

Wally West's years as the Flash saw him join the top ranks of the superhero community, eventually taking his uncle's place on the Justice League. During this time, he met Kyle Rayner, the new Green Lantern. The Flash and Green Lantern had a history together, and the two heroes felt the pressure of that. At first, that pressure made them constantly try to one up the other, trying to take a position of dominance.

However, this contest of one ups-manship grew into an actual friendship. Wally and Kyle became exactly the kind of friends their heroic forebears were, forming a new Flash/Green Lantern team-up. They don't see each other as much as they used to, but there's no doubt the friendship is there.

6 The Surviving Justice Society Originals

Hawkman, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, And Wildcat from DC Comics

The JSA is an august assemblage, with a legacy reaching back to the 1940s. The team has changed a lot through the decades, with some members having died in that time. However, several are still alive, and they've formed a friendship like no other. Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Wildcat, and Hawkman weathered the decades together, the last remnants of the first super-team of the modern age.

They've known each other for over 80 years. They've been there on the good days, and were shoulders to cry on for the bad. They've become more than friends, but family. They're a group who remember fighting together in World War II, and facing the greatest threats of the early days of superhero. They're bound by sights and events unlike any ever.

5 Barry Allen And Hal Jordan

The New 52's Barry Allen and Hal Jordan team up for the first time in The Flash Annual #2

The Flash and Green Lantern's legendary friendship started with the original Golden Age versions. However, it reached a new level with Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. The two hit it off as the younger, more normal members of the Justice League. They became the best of friends, their lives becoming intertwined until each of them met their maker, with Barry dying first and Hal following him.

Both of them would come back to life, which would allow them to start their relationship all over again. Since then, the two have often been off dealing with their own personal bonfires, but when they get together, it's like no time has passed. Even death didn't keep them apart, as Hal would visit Barry in Heaven when he was the Spectre.

4 The New Teen Titans

The Titans walking together.

Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, and Wally West had helped form the original Teen Titans, and the addition of Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven changed everything for the group. The new team represented the next generation of the hero community, and they formed bonds that made them into an inseparable unit.

They all grew up into adults, but one thing that never changed was their friendship. They'd come back together as the Titans, and would later start the Teen Titans Academy. Their friendship is as strong as ever, with the Titans acting as the world's foremost hero team. They've reached the A-list, propelled as much by their friendship as anything else.

3 Jon Kent And Damian Wayne

Superman Jon Kent Damian Wayne

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne have bonded in ways that their fathers never could. The two of them are very different as people, and this odd couple dynamic saw them bicker constantly. However, that just meant they were always together. Soon, their friendship would grow into something greater than either expected, their relationship maturing as the two of them did.

Their current relationship was changed when Jon was aged up to an adult. Suddenly, he was more on Damian's level of maturity, and the two picked up where they left off. Their fathers have come to blows several times, however their friendship is made of much stronger stuff. Damian and Jon's relationship came from the understanding they had for each other's situation; they're bonded as the children of the two greatest heroes on Earth and no one can break that.

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2 The Bat-Family

Batman and the Bat-Family pose for a photo

Batman and the Bat-Family form a unit that is unlike any other. Batman lost his parents on a rainy night in Gotham; left with his butler Alfred, he set out to create a new family. First was Dick Grayson. Then Barbara Gordon. From there, the number grew, as Robins came and went, taking on new mantles, and outsiders like the Huntress, Spoiler, and Cassandra Cain showed up.

The Bat-Family is a found family of orphans and broken people. They are the family that Bruce Wayne created and they've gone far beyond mere friendship. Membership to the Bat-Family means having someone to talk to or work with at any time. It means being understood and accepted no matter what.

1 Booster Gold And Blue Beetle

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle fight together in DC Comics

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle met as members of the Justice League. The two hit it off as friends immediately and soon were rarely very far from each other's side. They worked together constantly, from fighting villains to get rich quick schemes. They were entwined into each other's lives in ways that few can imagine, true best friends.

Each one is a pretty good hero on their own, but put them together and they become much greater than the sum of their parts. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle may get themselves into massive trouble, but they always find a way to get out of it. They operate best when everything is falling apart around them, bouncing ideas off each other and succeeding with the most hare brained plans. Not even death could keep them apart.