This article contains spoilers for Gotham Knights Episode 13, "Night of the Owls."

After months of teasing, Gotham Knights finally unveiled its version of Harvey Dent's full transformation into the villainous Two-Face.

Per The Direct, The CW show's finale, titled "Night of the Owls," saw Misha Collins complete his journey after his ex-lover Rebecca March tosses acid in his face, horrifically scarring the left side of his head. The resulting image is one that carries a likeness to The Dark Knight's portrayal of Two-Face, albeit with less burning and more scar tissue used to create his damaged face. To further his new sinister role in the city of Gotham, Harvey gives into his evil side and tracks down another former lover Jane Doe, Duela's mother, before flipping a coin to decide her fate. The results aren't in her favor and he brutally guns her down.

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Misha Collins' Two-Face

While many fans have praised Gotham Knights' take on Two-Face for his grim, twisted aesthetic and unhinged mannerisms, it's unlikely that they'll be able to see more of Collins' villain. The CW recently confirmed that the DC series would not continue past Season 1, sparking a passionate outcry on social media as many lobbied the network to renew it. At the time of writing, there is no known plan to save Gotham Knights, a fact that Collins has admitted to be especially disappointing for him.

Gotham Knights Falls

"I’m incredibly bummed, and selfishly disappointed to not be able to fully explore my 'villain arc,' but I’m proud of the show we made and so grateful to have been able to work with such a smart, caring, good group of people," Collins wrote. Despite the abrupt conclusion, the Supernatural alum reassured fans that the show will wrap up most of the story's hanging threads and can effectively be viewed as a standalone experience that doesn't require a second season.

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Gotham Knights focused on the aftermath of Batman's death as a group of young vigilantes, including Bruce Wayne's adopted son Turner Hayes, is framed for his murder. Banding together, the team goes on the run and begins to dig deep into Gotham's sordid history, uncovering a conspiracy theory that could shake the foundations of the city. The show earned mixed reviews from critics but has garnered a passionate fanbase over the course of its single-season run.

Gotham Knights will be available to stream on Max on July 28.

Source: The Direct