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Naruto Series
Created by:
Masashi Kishimoto
First TV Show:
Latest TV Show:
First Episode Air Date:
September 21, 1999
Junko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Noriaki Sugiyama, Yuri Lowenthal, Chie Nakamura, Kazuhiko Inoue, Dave Wittenberg
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Yusuke fighting Toguro from anime Yu Yu Hakusho and Jotaro fighting Dio from anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 1
15 Most Iconic Anime Fights, Ranked

Anime fights like Jotaro vs. DIO in JJBA or Goku vs Vegeta in DBZ are so iconic, even non-anime fans know them.

Goku from Dragon Ball and adult Naruto 1
Is Naruto A Worse Dad Than Goku These Days?

When it comes to heroics, Naruto and Goku have it down pat, but the same can't always be said about their parenting skills.

Pain kneeling in Naruto Shippuden 1
Naruto Shippuden Should Have Ended With the Pain Arc

The inconsistencies of the Fourth Great Ninja War make a great case for Naruto to have ended immediately after the Pain’s Assault arc.

best crunchyroll anime (march) 1
Best Anime On Crunchyroll (March 2023)

From brand-new breakout hits to classic fan favorites, Crunchyroll has a ton of great anime to stream today.

Sasuke's Chidori Blade in Naruto. 1
Sasuke Has Always Been The Best Character In Naruto

With a role as important as the protagonist and a remarkably crafted personality, the Naruto anime would've never been the same without Sasuke.

Naruto and Sasuke running over an image of them fighting. 1
Naruto & Sasuke's Rivalry, Explained

Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry is a recurring theme in the franchise, and it isn't an understatement to say that it shaped the show's narrative.

15 Worst Fathers In Anime, Shou Tucker of anime Fullmetal Alchemist, Goku of Dragon Ball and Vinsmoke Judge of anime One Piece 1
15 Worst Fathers In Anime, Ranked

The term "daddy issues" was invented for these horrible anime fathers.

A split image of Ichigo from Bleach, a kiss from Naruto, and Luffy's Gear Four form from One Piece 1
10 Things Shonen's Big Three Does Better Than The Dark Trio

From stronger comedy to playful filler, Shonen Jump's Big Three has the Dark Trio beat in a number of ways.

Sasori, Kabuto and Nagato from anime Naruto 1
10 Worst Naruto Villains Who Didn't Deserve Redemption

While some Naruto villains earned their redemption, others like Orochimaru and Kabuto didn't deserve a second chance.

Koro-Sensei from anime Assassination Classroom, Borsalino/Kizaru of anime One Piece and Killua from anime Hunter X Hunter 1
15 Fastest Anime Characters Of All Time, Ranked

Who are the speediest characters in anime history?

Kisame and Pain from Naruto split image. 1
10 Worst Cases Of Power Creep In Naruto, Ranked

Everyone in Naruto keeps getting stronger, and sometimes, it ruins the immersion.

Adult Simon from Gurren Lagann; Jonathan Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure; Sailor Moon Posing from Sailor Moon.  1
10 Worst-Written Main Characters From Great Anime

From Sailor Moon's annoying personality to Jonathan Joestar's underwhelming presence in JJBA, many anime protagonists could've been written better.

Might Guy, Sasori with a puppet, and Hidan in Shikamaru's trap from anime Naruto 1
10 Most Violent Naruto Fights, Ranked

Violence is unavoidable in Naruto's world, and between village battles and all-out war, the series has seen some incredibly violent fights.

Oriha of anime Ninja Scroll: The Series, Naruto Uzumaki of anime Naruto and Saizo of anime Brave 10 1
10 Best Ninja Anime, Ranked

Action-packed series set in a ninja world like Naruto and Basilisk are some of the most popular stories in anime.

Taiga Aisaka looking embarrassed from Toradora!; Korosensei smiling and waving his tentacles from Assassination Classroom; Izuku Midoriya jumping up for joy from My Hero Academia.  1
10 Shonen Anime That Get Better After The First Season

Some shonen anime need some time to warm up, including hit titles like My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and even Naruto.

Keiko and Yusuke from whow Yu Yu Hakusho, and Inuyasha and Kagome from show Inuyasha 1
10 Most Dramatic Shonen Couples, Ranked

Shonen couples like Hinata and Naruto, Keiko and Yusuke, and Inuyasha and Kagome certainly have a flair for the dramatic.

Bulma is holding up her hands in Dragon Ball. 1
Nothing Ruins an Anime Faster Than Gratuitous Fan Service

Fan service is a decades-long anime tradition, especially in shonen, and it's time to lay that tradition to rest.

Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha and Pain/Nagato of anime Naruto 1
Naruto: 10 Characters Stronger Than Itachi (& 10 Who Are Weaker)

Naruto's Clan Killer Itachi might be a pretty powerful person, but there are some characters who could handily beat him (and some who would fail).

Kimimaro, Naruto and Orochimaru of anime Naruto 1
15 Parallels Between Naruto & His Villains

Naruto has a lot more in common with his villain counterparts than fans might realize.

10 Anime Spin-Offs That Aren't Worth Watching 1
15 Anime Spinoffs That Aren't Worth Watching

From a chibi parody of Attack on Titan to a bad Soul Eater entry, not every anime spinoff is worth viewers' time.