kevin conroy batman 1
Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective: Pride

To celebrate Pride month, let's talk about Kevin Conroy and J Bone's DC Pride story, and why it's so important.

Batman, Superman, X-Men, and Spider-Man Reading Comics 1
Comic Books Should Connect Fans, Not Divide Them

Would Superman or Spider-Man want you aggressively arguing with strangers on the internet? Probably not.

seymour smokes on the cover of Blood of the Virgin by Sammy Harkham 1
Indie Spotlight: Sammy Harkham Breaks Down His Process Making Blood of the Virgin

In an interview with CBR, Sammy Harkham digs into the process of creating his new graphic novel, Blood of the Virgin.

Dashiell Malone on the cover of Dash 1
Queer Comics From a Queer Perspective: Dash The Case of the Mysterious Zita Makara

For this month's Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective, I couldn't help but explore a book from an indie publisher about history, mystery, and horror.

Invincible, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man on CBR's Podcast Dynamic Duos 1
CBR's Dynamic Duos Podcast Launches This May

CBR's new podcast Dynamic Duos features guests from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Justice League, The Walking Dead, Spawn, and more!

Katie Skelly's the Agency cover 1
Indie Spotlight: Katie Skelly Revisits The Agency and Shares Her love of Genre Fiction

In an interview with CBR, Katie Skelly discusses the new edition of The Agency, her creative process, and her comics career.

This is the cover art for Vol 3 of My Brother's Husband. 1
Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective: My Brother's Husband

Let's talk about My Brother's Husband by Gengoroh Tagame and how this sweet story makes you cry and smile at the same time.

party and prey header 1
Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective: Party And Prey

This month, Iet's talk about Party and Prey by Steve Foxe, Steve Orlando, and Alex Sanchez and why it makes me slightly unsettled... in a good way.

Ho Che Anderson Godhead 2 header 1
Indie Spotlight: Ho Che Anderson Examines Godhead and His Career in Comics

Ho Che Anderson speaks with CBR about Godhead Volume 2, Stone, King, Luke Cage, and his extensive career as a writer and cartoonist.

20th century men header 1
Indie Spotlight: Deniz Camp Dives into 20th Century Men, Bloodshot, and his Influences

In the first edition of CBR's new monthly Indie Spotlight, Deniz Camp discusses his creative process and his career in comics.

check-please-cover 1
Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective: Check, Please!

Let's talk about a book that gives sheer joy and love as we toe-loop into 2023. Check out Check Please by Ngozi Ukazu.