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The cull #1 cover 1
Kelly Thompson Unleashes The Cull on a Coastal Town

Kelly Thompson unpacks the monsters, mysteries, and traumatized teens that populate The Cull; her new creator-owned series with Mattia De Iullis.

The thought of Bumblebee comparisons haunt Cliffjumper in IDW's Transformers comics. 1
Skybound’s Transformers Relaunch Will Finally Redeem an Overlooked Autobot

An often overlooked member of the heroic Autobots is now poised to shine (and be redeemed) in Image/Skybound's new Transformers series.

Optimus Prime kneels down in front of fire on cover art for the Energon Universe's Transformers series. 1
The Massive-Verse Is a Perfect Template for Skybound’s Energon Universe

Kyle Higgins' Massive-Verse provides a formula for a connected yet independent shared universe, which is vital for the Energon Universe's success.

Copra round 7 cover 1
Indie Spotlight: Michel Fiffe Talks Ten Years of COPRA

In the latest edition of CBR's Indie Spotlight, Michel Fiffe discusses the evolution of COPRA and the new collection out now from Image Comics.

Fishflies #1 ACover by Jeff Lemire. 1
ADVANCE REVIEW: Image Comics' Fishflies #1

Jeff Lemire's Substack hit Fishflies is getting its own printed run, bringing the one-of-a-kind supernatural horror to the page for the first time.

Skybound is relaunching G.I. Joe and Transformers. 1
Image Comics is Taking G.I. Joe in a New (and Very Exciting) Direction

Skybound is handling the G.I. Joe comic book relaunch, but the publisher will take its time in rebuilding the Joes and their enemy team Cobra.

Void Rivals #1 ACover by Lorenzo De Felici 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Void Rivals #1 is a Monumental Sci-Fi Epic

From Robert Kirkman, writer of Invincible and The Walking Dead, comes a monumental new sci-fi epic that will enthrall Saga and Star Wars fans alike.

Radiant Black in Front of unmasked Peter Parker 1
Image Comics' Radiant Black Recreates Spider-Man's Themes For The Millennial Generation

Spider-Man gave teenagers in 1962 a hero to identify with, and now Radiant Black is picking up that torch for Millennial readers.

Cover A of Tenement #1 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Tenement #1

Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino add a hauntingly beautiful new chapter to the Bone Orchard Mythos in Tenement #1. Here's CBR's Review.

The Scorched Spawn 1
Spawn’s Biggest Enemy is Now His Universe’s Best Hope of Survival

The Spawn Universe's most terrifying supervillain has made a surprising comeback, and an even more shocking truce.

Spawn on the cover of King Spawn #22. 1
Spawn Has a Deep (and Unexpected) Connection to His Newest Enemy

Al Simmons has just uncovered the person at the heart of the Spawn Universe's latest conspiracy, and her undead return hits too close to home.

Starstorm standing powered up 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' The Savage Strength Of Starstorm #1

High school student Grant Garrison discovers an artifact from another galaxy, imbuing him with cosmic power in Savage Strength of Starstorm #1.

Supermassive, Spawn and Radiant black 1
Image Comics Revealed a Surprising Link Between Spawn and the Radiant Black Universe

Image Comics just created a bridge between the Massive-Verse and the Spawn Universe, and it could take things to a whole new level for both.

Arcade Kings #1 Cover A-1 1
Image Comics' Arcade Kings Keeps The Spirit Of Arcade Fighting Games Alive

The protagonist of Image Comics' Arcade Kings #1 is a direct homage to fighting video games, and brings with it a great amount of nostalgia.

Image Comics and Lunar Distribution 1
Image Comics Leaves Diamond Comic Distributors for Lunar

Image Comics is the latest major publisher moving its comic book distributor from Diamond Comics. Image is moving to Lunar Distribution.

Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, and Dead Lucky pose dramatically 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Supermassive 2023

Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, and The Dead Lucky are on a quest for the Holy Grail in the explosive Supermassive 2023 one-shot from Image Comics.

Vision as seen in Marvel comics and a silhouette from Junkyard Joe 1
Junkyard Joe Remixes the Best Traits of Marvel's Vision - And the Result is Heartbreaking

Image Comics' Junkyard Joe remixes the elements that make Marvel's Vision a beloved member of the Avengers, creating a tragic twist.

Joe leaning against an arcade cabinet in Arcade Kings #1 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Arcade Kings #1

Dylan Burnett brings back the joy of arcade gaming and adds a punch with his martial arts twist to a dysfunctional family drama with romp and glitz.

Nemesis and Wanted Comic by Mark Millar 1
Nemesis' Shocking Finale Confirms a Connection to Two Mark Millar Series

The explosive fifth and final chapter of Nemesis: Reloaded ends with a massive revelation that connects to two major Mark Millar books.

Something Epic Comic and The Sixth Sense Poster 1
Image Comics' Something Epic is The Sixth Sense With a Fantasy Twist

Image Comics' Something Epic has a unique take on a child interacting with ghosts, subverting what The Sixth Sense did with a more imaginative scope.