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Optimus Prime kneels down in front of fire on cover art for the Energon Universe's Transformers series. 1
The Massive-Verse Is a Perfect Template for Skybound’s Energon Universe

Kyle Higgins' Massive-Verse provides a formula for a connected yet independent shared universe, which is vital for the Energon Universe's success.

Radiant Black in Front of unmasked Peter Parker 1
Image Comics' Radiant Black Recreates Spider-Man's Themes For The Millennial Generation

Spider-Man gave teenagers in 1962 a hero to identify with, and now Radiant Black is picking up that torch for Millennial readers.

Supermassive, Spawn and Radiant black 1
Image Comics Revealed a Surprising Link Between Spawn and the Radiant Black Universe

Image Comics just created a bridge between the Massive-Verse and the Spawn Universe, and it could take things to a whole new level for both.

Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, and Dead Lucky pose dramatically 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Supermassive 2023

Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, and The Dead Lucky are on a quest for the Holy Grail in the explosive Supermassive 2023 one-shot from Image Comics.

No One #1 cover 1
ADVANCED REVIEW: Image Comics' No/One #1

Murders, a dangerous political movement, copycat killers, and a masked vigilante shock the city of Pittsburgh in the new Massive-Verse series No/One!

Radiant Pink #2 ACover 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Radiant Pink #2

Radiant Pink is back for her sophomore issue, starring Eva as a portal-crossed lover in her own interdimensional queer romance. What could go wrong?

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Image Comics' Radiant Pink Has Monetized Being a Hero - And She isn't the First

Radiant Pink introduces a whole new corner of Image Comics' Massive-Verse, and it is every bit as lucrative as it is thrilling.

Radiant Pink #1 Cover 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Radiant Pink #1

Eva is the Radiant Pink, who uses her popularity and powers of teleportation to do some good in the world, leaving no hope for herself.

10 Indie Comics That'd Make Great Anime Adaptations Feature Image 1
10 Indie Comics That'd Make Great Anime Adaptations

Several indie comics have compelling characters and stories; making them excellent candidates for a great new anime.

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Radiant Black Just Went Through A Superhero Rite of Passage

Dark superhero deconstruction Radiant Black has stuck to tradition by pitting the hero against his rogues' gallery–and for good reason.

Batman Beyond's Will Friedle Voices Image's Radiant Black in Animated Short 1
Batman Beyond's Will Friedle Voices Image's Radiant Black in Animated Short

Batman Beyond's Will Friedle voices Image Comics' Radiant Black in a new animated short that sees the superhero face-off against Blaze.

Supermassive Finally Gave Radiant Black His Own Megazord 1
Radiant Black Still Isn't A True hero

Radiant Black has offered a different take on the classic hero's journey, showing that the titular hero still has much to learn.

Cover of Radiant Red #3 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Radiant Red #3

As Satomi begins to embrace her powers, Radiant Red #3 focuses on her inner turmoil in a well-paced tale that brings new complications.

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Radiant Pink Is a Better Version of DC's Booster Gold

Radiant Pink's search for frames the search for fame in a new light.

Image's Radiant Anti-Hero Avoided Tokusatsu's Most Notorious Trope 1
Image's Radiant Anti-Hero Avoided Tokusatsu's Most Notorious Trope

The most complicated hero in the Supermassive Universe just turned the Power Rangers' biggest trope upside down.

Image Comics' Radiant Red #1 Comic Review

Cherish Chen and David Lafuente's Radiant Red #1 is an exciting, well-crafted addition to the Radiant Black Universe starring a fascinating character.

Image Comics' Newest Antihero is Its Most Relatable Character

Radiant Red #1 shows what would truly happen if a normal person burdened with financial problems suddenly had the power to fix them.

Radiant Black reading Youngblood 1
EXCLUSIVE: Image Comics' New Anniversary Series Expands Radiant Black's Massive-Verse

Radiant Black meets a new foe to fight in Image! #1, a new anthology series celebrating 30 years of creator-owned excellence at Image Comics.

Radiant Black's Newest Superhero Is Already a Massive Failure

The Massive-Verse's latest cosmic hero is already an incredible failure, and he is about to get one of the harshest teachers there is when it comes to his brand-new powers.

Supermassive Just Created Radiant Black’s Very Own Power Rangers

In the Supermassive one-shot from Image Comics, Radiant Black teams up with two other cosmic heroes, creating his own version of the Power Rangers.