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The Avengers look to the sky in The Avengers 1
One Death Nearly Made The Avengers the MCU's First R-Rated Movie

The Avengers was a milestone in cinema as well as for the MCU. But had an original death remained, it would've also changed the franchise forever.

Thanos holds up glove while Wakanda goes to war 1
15 Things From Infinity War & Endgame That Annoyed Even Dedicated MCU Fans

Despite being box-office hits, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame made several narrative decisions that didn't sit right with MCU fans.

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REVIEW: Avengers #1

Captain Marvel is assembling a new team of Avengers in the new ongoing series from Marvel. Here's CBR's review of Avengers #1.

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10 Avengers Comic Covers Better Than Their Stories

From Avengers #200 to Civil War II, discover lackluster Avengers stories that featured stellar cover art much better than the actual comic book.

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Marvel's 18 Most Powerful Teenage Superheroes

From the next generation of Avengers to the X-Men's most uncanny new mutants, the Marvel universe features quite a few powerful teenage superheroes!

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REVIEW: Marvel's Avengers Beyond #1

Long ago, the Avengers defeated the reality-warping Beyonder, and now he's back, but this time he's begging them for a little reality-warping help.

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Every Confirmed Nexus Being in the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe is filled with multiple Nexus Beings from various backgrounds. But how many such beings are there in Marvel's vast multiverse?

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Marvel Fan Reimagines the MCU as an '80s-Style Teen Drama

Mark Ruffalo shares a fan-made video reimagining all of the MCU's classic Avengers as high school students in an '80s teen drama.

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13 Times Kang The Conqueror Actually Won

As a master of time, Kang the Conqueror plays the long game and has pulled off some solid victories in the comics

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10 Most Overrated Avengers

The Avengers are made up of some of Marvel's greatest heroes, but some members don't seem to earn their keep.

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13 Invincible Characters Who Could Be Great Avengers

Between the Guardians of the Globe and alien powerhouses, Invincible is full of heroes who would make great Avengers.

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13 Invincible Characters Who Would Make Great Avengers Villains

Mark Grayson is the powerful hero Invincible, and his greatest villains would make fantastic challenges for Marvel's mightiest heroes, the Avengers.

10 Best Monologues In The MCU-1 1
10 Best Monologues In The MCU, Ranked

From Tony Stark revealing his superhero identity as Iron Man to Thanos explaining his villainy, the MCU is filled with exciting or inspiring speeches.

10 MCU Fights Where The Wrong Character Won 1
10 MCU Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

While one can always expect the heroes to emerge victorious, several MCU wins feel like a stretch, considering the odds they were up against.

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10 Ways The Avengers Are A Corporation

From employees to company logos and marketing, the Avengers are as much a corporation as they are a team of superheroes in Marvel Comics.

A split image of the Incursions era Illuminati and the Avengers facing off against the X-Men 1
10 Ways The Avengers Went Way Too Far

Marvel's Avengers are some of the greatest heroes in comics, but they aren't perfect. They've made mistakes and taken things too far many times.

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10 Most Destructive Rivalries In Marvel Comics

Whether two heroes are rivals like Wolverine and Cyclops or hero vs villain like Doom and Reed Richards, Marvel's rivalries often lead to destruction.

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10 Most Wholesome Avengers

Bound by their sense of honor, loyalty, and their genuine care for others, the Avengers' most wholesome members make up the heart of the team.

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The Avengers' 10 Most Underrated Accomplishments

The Avengers are arguably Marvel's greatest heroes but so much of what they do is underrated. They do more than fight aliens and save the world.

10 Most Powerful Movie Femme Fatales 1
10 Most Powerful Movie Femme Fatales

Femme Fatales have been a staple of fiction for a long time. Many movie characters fit the bill, and then some.