Loki in Loki #1 cover staring to the side. 1
Loki's Deadliest Weapon Brings a Norse Mythology to Life

As the God of Mischief, Loki had devised a diabolical plan to unleash Ragnarok on Asgard, creating the Naglfar — a scary figure from Norse mythology.

Scarlet Witch and Loki look like they're about to kiss 1
Marvel Teases a Loki/Scarlet Witch Romance

Marvel teases a possible romance between Loki and Scarlet Witch in this September's issue of Scarlet Witch's ongoing series

Loki looking at his legendary ship Naglfar. 1
Loki's New Status Quo Has Already Created a New Threat to the Marvel Universe

Loki #1 reveals that the former God of Mischief's new status quo is already causing major problems for the Marvel Universe.

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REVIEW: Marvel's Loki #1

Loki may not be the god of mischief anymore, but his past still haunts him when his ship Naglfar is stolen. Here's CBR's review.

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10 Shadiest Marvel Characters Everyone Keeps Trusting For Some Reason

Nick Fury holds military secrets, Loki is the god of mischief, and plenty of other Marvel characters somehow earn trust despite their shady dealings.

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10 Marvel Characters Who Should Have The Power Cosmic

The Power Cosmic is an incredible source of cosmic power in the Marvel Comics universe, and characters like Thanos and Nova deserve to wield it.

Split image of Ares, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and Hulk in Marvel comics 1
10 Times The Avengers Got Lucky And Won

The Avengers are relentless in their pursuit of justice, but Marvel's heroes occasionally claim victory through sheer luck instead of skill or might.

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10 Ancient Mythologies Marvel Comics Have Drawn Inspiration From

Ancient mythology is a huge storytelling tool for Marvel as they form their comics, with characters like Thor and Moon Knight hailing from past lore.

Floor The Rabbit (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3) and Layla El-Faouly (Moon Knight) 1
10 Best MCU Original Characters

Some of the MCU's best characters aren't from comics. Memorable characters like Floor The Rabbit from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are MCU originals

A split image of The Amazing Spider-Man #122, Secret Wars (2015) #4, and Wolverine #127 from Marvel Comics 1
10 Popular Marvel Villains (& Their Greatest Victory)

The most popular Marvel Comics villains like Green Goblin and Doctor Doom have achieved great victories that shaped the Marvel Universe for years.

Hulking holds a sword to Loki while Wiccan stands ready on the cover of Loki 3 1
EXCLUSIVE: Dan Watters Blends Norse Mythology with the Marvel Universe in Loki

In an interview with CBR, Dan Watters discusses his debut in the Marvel Universe with the upcoming Loki series.

Marvel Comics' new What If...? Dark one-shot sees Loki take complete control over Asgard. 1
Loki Is at the Center of Marvel’s Dark New What If…? Series

Loki is about to take control of Asgard and plunge the Marvel Universe into darkness in the publisher's new What If...? Dark series of one-shots.

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10 Avengers Showdowns We're Still Waiting For

The Avengers have battled powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, but there are some fights between characters that readers are excited to see.

On the left, Baron Zemo puts on his mask. On the right, Kang looks conflicted. 1
The 15 Most Important MCU Villains, Ranked

The most important MCU villains, like Ego and Kang, changed the lives of everyone around them and altered the entire universe's destiny.

Split image of Vision, Yondu, and Captain America the First Avenger from the MCU 1
10 MCU Heroes Written Out Too Soon

Some Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes like Vision and Cap were written out of the franchise even though they had more stories to tell.

A split image of Kid Loki, Doctor Doom as the Infamous Iron Man, and Sabretooth from the Age of Apocalypse from Marvel Comics 1
10 Most Surprising Redemptions In Marvel Comics

The most heinous Marvel Comics villains like Loki and Doctor Doom have surprisingly experienced compelling redemptions, though not all of them stuck.

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10 Marvel Villains With The Biggest Secrets

These villains have hidden some big secrets which could shift the landscape of the Marvel Universe if they were to ever be revealed.

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10 Dead Avengers Villains Who Should Return

From Thanos and Korvac to Killmonger and Loki, some of the Avengers' most iconic deceased villains are worthy of a comeback.

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10 Marvel Villains Who Can't Tell Right From Wrong

The simplistic justice and morality of superhero media has changed and evolved, with popular Marvel Comics villains unable to tell right from wrong.

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Ant-Man's 10 Main Villains In The MCU And Comics

The various heroes who wore the Ant-Man costume accumulated quite the rogues gallery of villains across the MCU and Marvel Comics.