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Best Indie Comics Currently In Print (June 2023)

Most comic fans know that it isn't only Marvel and DC that put out quality books, as proven by some of the best indie comics out today.

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10 Best Indie Comics That Are Way Too Short

Indie comics often beat DC and Marvel at their own game, but even the best don't run half as long as their distinguished and marvelous competitors.

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10 Comics Banned In 2023

Many important comics were banned, some unjustly, in 2023 due to their striking narratives, mature visuals, or provocative storytelling.

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10 Greatest Pulp Heroes In Comics, Ranked

Classic pulp comics produced iconic heroes, from the sci-fi Flash Gordon to the jungle-dwelling Tarzan, who inspired popular DC and Marvel characters.

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10 Indie Comic Heroes Stronger Than They Look

While the heroes of Marvel and DC are usually heralded as some of the strongest comic characters, these indie icons are more than meets the eye.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as seen in the original 1984 comic, and characters from comic Love & Rockets  1
10 Best '80s Indie Comics That Get Even Better With Age

From Mister X to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, many iconic '80s Indie comics have only gotten better with time.

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REVIEW: Ghostlore #1

Estranged father and daughter Lucas and Harmony suffer a deadly accident that leaves them able to see the dead in BOOM! Studios' Ghostlore #1.

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Curt Pires Takes an Action-Packed Dystopian Look at Cancel Culture

In an interview with CBR, author Curt Pires explains his process of building the sci-fi world of his new series, You've Been Cancelled.

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10 Best '90s Indie Comics That Get Even Better With Age

The more time that passes, the better classic indie comic books from the 1990s like Stray Bullets and The Tick become.

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10 Best LGBTQ+ Comics, According To Reddit

From Zodiac Starforce's sapphic love to Snagglepuss Chronicles' gay-centric themes, Redditors have shared their favorite LGBTQ+ comic recommendations.

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REVIEW: Boom! Studios' The Seasons Have Teeth #1

Readers are invited to a world of beauty and horror where the seasons are embodied as god-like creatures in Boom! Studios' The Seasons Have Teeth #1.

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10 Most Underrated Indie Comics Of 2023 (So Far)

Image, Dark Horse, BOOM! Studios and more publish plenty of non-superhero, indie comics for readers looking for quality books outside DC or Marvel.

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Several Indie Comics Have Reimagined the Meaning of the Afterlife - And it Works 

Two indie comics have explored the afterlife in-depth, creating a solid case for why philosophy should appear in mainstream comics.

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10 Best Comics By Jewish Creators

Jewish writers and artists have crafted some of the best comics and Jewish stories published by DC and indie comic book publishers.

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10 Indie Comic Book Characters Who Love Arguing

The most argumentative comic characters live in indie comics, housed within the pages of books like Dredd, Spawn and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

10 Indie Comics Villains Who Really Need A Partner that features Clown. 1
10 Indie Comics Villains Who Really Need A Partner

Villains from indie comics should follow the Sinister Six's lead and team up with each other or hire partners to help combat the heroes.

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10 Best Spawn Comic Crossovers

Created by Todd McFarlane, Spawn has teamed up with various characters from Image, DC, and beyond, solidifying himself as a comic book icon.

Dart from Savage Dragon, Violator from Spawn, and Titan from invincible are great indie villains 1
10 Indie Supervillains Who Would Be Better In DC Comics

Indie comic book supervillains like Valiant Comics' Master Darque or Spawn's Violator would fit perfectly alongside popular rogues in the DC Universe.

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10 Comic Universes Superman Could Solo

While Superman wouldn't pick a random fight with another comic universe, should he feel the need to intervene, most wouldn't be able to stop him.

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10 Indie Comics Heroes Who Don't Respect Authority

Most superheroes maintain the status quo but indie heroes tend to be more rebellious. These heroes are defined by bad relationships with authority.