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x-men-fall-of-x-sinister-four-cover 1
X-Men Villain Mister Sinister Reconciles With His Once-Dead Wife

The X-Men's Mister Sinister hasn't always gotten along with his late wife's clone, Mother Righteous - but that might be changing.

10_Best_First_Issue_Green_Lantern 1
10 Best First Issue Green Lantern Comics

The greatest Green Lanterns in the cosmos have premiered in incredible first issues that laid the foundations for their DC Comics journeys.

The Hulk, surrounded by other Marvel superheroes 1
Peter David's Historic Run on Incredible Hulk Came to an End 25 Years Ago

A look back to 25 years ago, when Peter David's epic run on Incredible Hulk came to an end with a touching farewell to the characters in the series

Spider-Gwen is trapped in a giant tube alongside her clones. 1
Gwen Stacy’s New Nemesis Could Reshape the Multiverse

Spider-Gwen has just been caught in the middle of her new nemesis' grand scheme, and it could reshape the entire Marvel Multiverse.

A split image of the All New X-Men and the New Mutants 1
10 Great X-Men Comics Ruined By Fan Service

Despite starting out strong, excessive fan service in X-Men comics like All New X-Men and New Mutants dragged ruined their potential.

Apocalypse, Genesis, and their children stand boldly 1
X-Men: Before the Fall - Heralds of Apocalypse #1

The origins of Arakko are revealed in X-Men: Before the Fall - Heralds of Apocalypse #1, setting the stage for the next era in the Krakoan age.

Miles Morales vs Ultimatum 1
Marvel Introduced an Evil Miles Morales Before Across the Spider-Verse

Across the Spider-Verse introduced an evil Miles Morales, but the version of this idea from the comics was far more than just a twisted twin.

Amara Creed in Creed The Next Round #1 1
REVIEW: BOOM! Studios' Creed: The Next Round #1

The Creed legacy continues in BOOM! Studios' Creed: The Next Round #1, which is a faithful but familiar next chapter in the story.

David Marquez's cover of White Widow #1. 1
Marvel Gives Fan-Favorite Black Widow Yelena Belova Her Own Series

Fan-favorite Russian spy and Black Widow, Yelena Belova, will return for her very own comic book series, White Widow, this November.

Marvel heroes replaced by Skrulls in Secret Invasion 1
The Skrulls Are Marvel's Most Potent Untapped Metaphor For The Misinformation Age

Marvel's Skrulls are usually involved in cosmic stories, but they could fit even better in earthbound tales of government conspiracy and distrust.

A split image of Green arrow and black canary alongside speedy and Peacemaker 1
An Unlikely Group of Heroes Could Doom the Entire DC Universe

Green Arrow's latest discovery teases that an unlikely group of DC heroes could be responsible for a world-ending event.

The cover of the X-Men Hellfire Gala for 2023 1
This Year's Hellfire Gala May Be The X-Men's Last

The Hellfire Gala is coming soon and will shake the Mutant nation of Krakoa. But with Krakoa rumored to fall, it could well be the final gala.

Split image of the Flash and Doctor Strange in DC and Marvel Comics, respectively. 1
10 Iconic Marvel & DC Heroes That Still Don't Have Their Own Video Game

Both Marvel and DC Comics have a great catalog of heroes, from the Flash to Doctor Strange, that still need a video game adaptation.

selina kyle sitting in front of the night sky as seen on the cover of catwoman #56 1
Catwoman Wants to Fix Gotham by Making Batman a Criminal – And It'd Work

Catwoman is prepared to save Gotham City by taking total control over its organized crime racket, and the only thing stopping her is Batman.

Split Image of the black and white Batman 1943 serial and Batman and Robin 1
10 Things You Didn't Know About The 1943 Batman Serial

DC Comics fans have largely forgotten the 1943 Batman serial, but it significantly impacted the franchise from the Golden Age onward.

Captain America, Spider-Man, and other characters from Marvel's Ultimate universe by Bryan Hitch 1
How Ultimate Marvel Reinvented Classic Comic Characters For Modern Readers

The Ultimate Universe changed classic Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men — making them more relevant and interesting.

kevin conroy batman 1
Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective: Pride

To celebrate Pride month, let's talk about Kevin Conroy and J Bone's DC Pride story, and why it's so important.

3 way split of Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Red Hood from DC Comics 1
10 DC Characters Who Need to Go Back To The Status Quo

Comics have a bad habit of sticking to status quos for too long, but DC needs to realize when they have a good thing going and stay put.

Spider-Man 2099 from the comics with the Across the Spider-Verse version in the background 1
8 Comic Storylines A Spider-Man 2099 Movie Needs To Adapt

Miguel O'Hara made an impact in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse that has some fans hoping to see a few comic stories adapted for the big screen.

10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList) 1
10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList)

Avid manga readers will be sure to love these top-rated doujinshi on MyAnimeList.