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x-men-fall-of-x-sinister-four-cover 1
X-Men Villain Mister Sinister Reconciles With His Once-Dead Wife

The X-Men's Mister Sinister hasn't always gotten along with his late wife's clone, Mother Righteous - but that might be changing.

David Marquez's cover of White Widow #1. 1
Marvel Gives Fan-Favorite Black Widow Yelena Belova Her Own Series

Fan-favorite Russian spy and Black Widow, Yelena Belova, will return for her very own comic book series, White Widow, this November.

The Heralds of Apocalypse gather together 1
Marvel's Al Ewing Teases the X-Men’s Upcoming Genesis War in Fall of X

In an interview with Marvel, X-Men Red writer Al Ewing teased the upcoming Genesis War that will rage during the Fall of X crossover event

Stranger Things And TMNT Crossover 1
TMNT Heads to the Upside Down In Stranger Things Crossover First Look

The Heroes in a Half Shell are headed for the Upside Down in a Stranger Things crossover series from IDW and Dark Horse Comics.

The DC Trinity (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman)  with the San Diego Comic-Con logo. 1
DC Returns to SDCC With Appearances From Todd McFarlane, Comic Exclusives and More

DC is coming back to San Diego Comic-Con with a bang. The publisher will provide an exciting and fun weekend for its many fans.

Spider-Man files into battle 1
EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man's Newest Ally Helps Him Battle Electro

Spider-Man is aided by one of his newest allies in a battle against a super-charged Electro in a CBR exclusive preview of Spider-Man #10

Harley Quinn beats up Joe Chill. 1
Harley Quinn Saves Batman's Parents in Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU

Harley Quinn erases Batman's famous origin story by inadvertently saving Bruce Wayne's parents' lives in Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU #5.

Green Arrow watching Arsenal and Peacemaker fight. 1
DC Just Retconned Green Arrow’s Most Tragic Death

Green Arrow has just revealed the truth behind his family's most tragic death, and it is somehow even more heartbreaking than before.

Variant cover for The Devil's Cut by Junko Mizuno. 1
DSTLRY Announces Its New Mascot and Toy Mominu

DSTLRY reveals its brand-new mascot and toy designed by co-founder, Junko Mizuno, and will be released alongside a variant cover for The Devil's Cut.

The logo for the Flash 1
The Flash Speeds Into His First Scripted Podcast Series

Hot off of his first solo motion picture, the Flash will also be starring in a scripted Apple podcast series starring Max Greenfield as the Flash

The Joker on the cover of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 1
The Brave and The Bold Reinvents Joker and Batman's First-Ever Battle

Dawn of DC's reboot of Batman: The Brave and the Bold #2 recreates the Joker and the Dark Knight's very first encounter in 1940's Batman #1.

Spider-Boy fighting crime in New York City. 1
Marvel’s New Spider-Boy Series Receives Major Backlash From Fans

Fans deride Marvel Comics' announcement of a brand-new ongoing series starring the recently introduced Bailey Briggs, aka Spider-Boy.

A tentacle-heavy cover by Francesco Francavilla of The Devi's Cut #1 1
Eight Series Will Launch Out of DSTLRY's Debut Comic, The Devil's Cut

DSTLRY's debut comic book, The Devil's Cut, will launch eight new series from the brand-new comic book company in 2023 and 2024

Bailey Briggs, aka Spider-Boy, swinging through New York City. 1
Spider-Boy, Spider-Man's Mysterious Sidekick Lands His First Ongoing Series

Spider-Man's "long-lost" sidekick is set to take the world by storm in his first-ever ongoing Spider-Boy series from his co-creator Dan Slott.

The Hulk from his brand-new series 1
The Hulk Is Being Hunted by All of Marvel's Monsters

A new villain has placed a bounty on the Hulk's head, and all of the monsters of the Marvel Universe are obliged to hunt down the jade giant

Jason Momoa' Aquaman and Harley Quinn Comic Version 1
Harley Quinn Erased Aquaman From the DC Universe

Aquaman is the latest victim of Harley Quinn's destructive trek through time in the DC Universe, with Harley making sure his parents never met

Cover art for new Marvel comics out June 28, 2023 features Carnage, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Captain America and more. 1
Carnage's Big Battle With Miles Morales Ends in Marvel's New Comics

Alongside a Thor finale and more, Marvel's Carnage Reign event comes to a close, pitting Iron Man and Miles Morales against an amped up Carnage.

Cover art for new DC comics out June 27, 2023 features Robin, Joker, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Superman and more. 1
Peacemaker and His New Partner Fight Team Arrow in DC’s New Comics

Peacemaker and Peacewrecker face Arsenal and Black Canary in Green Arrow #3, out alongside Action Comics, Tim Drake: Robin's finale and more from DC.

X-Men: Marvel's New Fall of X Trailer Teases the Fate of Mutantkind

Marvel releases a trailer for its upcoming event Fall of X - giving fans a glimpse into the chaos that the X-Men and their fellow mutants will face.

IDW Publishing presents Kingdom Riders, a new fantasy graphic novel coming in May 2024. 1
EXCLUSIVE: IDW's Kingdom Riders Introduces a Hunger Games, Pokémon-like Fantasy World

CBR can exclusively announce IDW Publishing is releasing Kingdom Riders, a fantasy graphic novel from Shannon Eric Denton and Marcus To, in May 2024.