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10 Best First Issue Green Lantern Comics

The greatest Green Lanterns in the cosmos have premiered in incredible first issues that laid the foundations for their DC Comics journeys.

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10 Great X-Men Comics Ruined By Fan Service

Despite starting out strong, excessive fan service in X-Men comics like All New X-Men and New Mutants dragged ruined their potential.

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10 Iconic Marvel & DC Heroes That Still Don't Have Their Own Video Game

Both Marvel and DC Comics have a great catalog of heroes, from the Flash to Doctor Strange, that still need a video game adaptation.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About The 1943 Batman Serial

DC Comics fans have largely forgotten the 1943 Batman serial, but it significantly impacted the franchise from the Golden Age onward.

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10 DC Characters Who Need to Go Back To The Status Quo

Comics have a bad habit of sticking to status quos for too long, but DC needs to realize when they have a good thing going and stay put.

Spider-Man 2099 from the comics with the Across the Spider-Verse version in the background 1
8 Comic Storylines A Spider-Man 2099 Movie Needs To Adapt

Miguel O'Hara made an impact in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse that has some fans hoping to see a few comic stories adapted for the big screen.

10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList) 1
10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList)

Avid manga readers will be sure to love these top-rated doujinshi on MyAnimeList.

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10 Most Important Aquaman Milestones In DC Comics

Aquaman has experienced just as many DC milestones as Superman and Batman – some even more impactful than either.

Suicide Squad Silver Age and modern versions 1
Suicide Squad: 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Team's History

Even with the team's higher profile, most comic book and casual fans likely don't know a lot about Suicide Squad.

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10 DC Comics That Still Need A Sequel

Amazing DC comics featuring team-ups with Batman, or new, experimental characters like Damage, deserve sequels to continue their narratives.

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10 Strangest Alliances In Marvel Comics

Heroes like the X-Men and Spider-Man have surprisingly teamed up with their villains, forming some of the strangest alliances in Marvel Comics.

A split image of the Bat-Family - Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, the Signal, Tim Drake, Jace Fox Batman, and Batgirl - and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from DC Comics 1
10 Strongest DC Hero Friendships

DC Comics houses the greatest superheroes in the world, and those prominent Justice League and Justice Society members have formed strong friendships.

A split image of X-Men: Inferno, Age Of Apocalypse, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best X-Men Comics That Need Video Game Adaptations

From modern X-Men events like X of Swords to classics like Days of Future Past, several X-Men comics would make incredible video game adaptations.

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10 Best Bronze Age Green Arrow Comics

From his team-up with Green Lantern, his first solo series, and his retconned character post-Crisis, discover Green Arrow's best Bronze Age comics.

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Storm & 9 Other Marvel Comics Characters Who Can Control The Elements

Wielding the elements themselves, Marvel characters like Storm, Human Torch, and Thor have proven themselves powerful forces to be reckoned with.

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10 Comic Strips That Changed Comics Forever

Comic strips have changed a lot since The Yellow Kid debuted in 1895. From Superman to Garfield, newspaper comics have influenced more than we imagine

A split image of Professor X's death at Cyclops' hands and of Peter Parker's death in Marvel's Ultimate comics 1
10 Deaths That Changed Marvel Comics Forever

Whether or not they returned to life, the deaths of Marvel heroes like Captain America, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Charles Xavier changed everything.

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10 Best Speedster Costumes In The DC Universe, Ranked

The speedsters of the DC Universe all use their abilities in different ways but there's a shared language among the Flash comic costume designs.

Split image of Venom from the movie with Knull and his symbiotes in the background from Marvel Comics 1
A Complete History Of Marvel Symbiotes

The Summer of Symbiotes is promising big changes to characters like Venom, Carnage, and Red Goblin, making their comic history even more important.

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10 Best All-Female Superhero Teams

Batgirl, Storm, and Spider-Gwen are just a few of the greatest superheroes from DC and Marvel who fight for the best all-female super-teams in comics.