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Apocalypse, Genesis, and their children stand boldly 1
X-Men: Before the Fall - Heralds of Apocalypse #1

The origins of Arakko are revealed in X-Men: Before the Fall - Heralds of Apocalypse #1, setting the stage for the next era in the Krakoan age.

Amara Creed in Creed The Next Round #1 1
REVIEW: BOOM! Studios' Creed: The Next Round #1

The Creed legacy continues in BOOM! Studios' Creed: The Next Round #1, which is a faithful but familiar next chapter in the story.

ND Stevenson excitedly talking about Netflix's Nimona 1
ND Stevenson Reflects on What Makes Nimona Universally Meaningful

Nimona creator ND Stevenson reflects on the evolution of the character and what it means to see the story grow into something for everyone.

Vivica A. Fox Interrogation Room 1
Vivica A. Fox Reveals What Got Her Into The Interrogation Room & Why People Still Want Kill Bill Vol. 3

Vivica A. Fox on what attracted her to The Interrogation Room, the importance of being challenged as a creator, and why people still want Kill Bill 3.

Eugene Lee Yang as Ambrosius Goldenloin from Netflix's Nimona 1
Nimona: How Eugene Lee Yang Saw Himself in Ambrosius Goldenloin

Eugene Lee Yang breaks down how Ambrosius Goldenloin's storyline in Nimona connected with him and the biggest surprise of voice acting.

Troy Quane and Nick Bruno discuss Netflix's Nimona 1
Nimona: Troy Quane & Nick Bruno on the Power of the Shapeshifting Punk's Story

Nimona Directors Troy Quane and Nick Bruno discuss their favorite forms of the titular hero and why her story has such universal impact.

kevin conroy batman 1
Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective: Pride

To celebrate Pride month, let's talk about Kevin Conroy and J Bone's DC Pride story, and why it's so important.

The cast of Lionsgate's Joy Ride 1
REVIEW: Joy Ride is a Raunchy Blast Bolstered by a Killer Cast

Joy Ride is raunchy and hilarious, boasting a talented cast and pitch-perfect script to produce one of the best comedies of the year.

Riz Ahmed on Nimona's Ballister Blackheart 1
Nimona: Riz Ahmed Saw Himself & His Experiences in Ballister Boldheart

Riz Ahmed breaks down what makes Ballister such a relatable character and finding the character's bond with Nimona.

Christina Chong and Paul Wesley on Star Trek Strange New Worlds 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Christina Chong & Paul Wesley Share Their Time-Bending Chemistry

In an interview with CBR, Christina Chong and Paul Wesley dish on their time-traveling team-up in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2.

The Cover of Carnage Reigns: Omega #1. Cover art by Ryan Stegman, J.P. Mayer and Edgar Delgado. An enormous, monstrous Carnage holds Spider-Man, entangled in the vein-like red ooze of the Symbiote. 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Carnage Reigns: Omega #1

Cletus Kasady's Extrembiote has taken over New York City–and Miles Morales, Tony Stark and their allies must do the impossible to stop him.

Brymore #1 ACover by Damien Worm 1
REVIEW: IDW's Brynmore #1 Is a Haunting Debut Issue

The creative team behind IDW & Netflix's The October Faction present a brand-new original horror series, with a dark supernatural twist.

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 ACover by Nick Robles 1
REVIEW: Dark Horse Comics' The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1

From James Tynion IV and Tate Brombal comes an all-new LGBTQ horror story, touted by the publisher as “Invincible meets Doom Patrol.”

Mark Consuelos and KJ Apa in Riverdale  1
Riverdale's Mark Consuelos Dishes on Hiram Lodge's Return

In an interview with CBR, Mark Consuelos talks Hiram's manipulating ways, conflict with Veronica, and the Riverdale fandom.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Kirk and La'an in a modern-day alley near dumpsters 1
REVIEW: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Episode 3 Goes for a Time-Bending Team-Up

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 narrows its focus to La'an Noonien-Singh and James T. Kirk in its third episode. Here's CBR's review.

The cull #1 cover 1
Kelly Thompson Unleashes The Cull on a Coastal Town

Kelly Thompson unpacks the monsters, mysteries, and traumatized teens that populate The Cull; her new creator-owned series with Mattia De Iullis.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Season 3 1
The Witcher Season 3 Takes Henry Cavill on a Forgettable Journey

Netflix's The Witcher Season 3 makes an effort but only proves the show has lost a lot of its charm since that hugely successful first season.

Superman & Lois Superman faces Luthor 1
REVIEW: Superman & Lois Season 3's Finale Marks the End of an Era

Superman & Lois Season 3 ends on a high note but can't shake the specter of behind-the-scenes news. Here's a recap of the CW season finale.

I Love Yoo and Mcdonald's Anime Expo Collab 1
INTERVIEW: Quimchee Discusses the I Love Yoo Webtoon & Anime Expo

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Quimchee discusses the creation of I Love Yoo and reveals her Anime Expo collaboration with McDonald's.

Eri being filmed by Yuta while visiting the beach 1
REVIEW: Goodbye, Eri Is a Soon-to-Be Classic With an Intriguing Twist

Tatsuki Fujimoto is a master at subverting expectations and his latest oneshot, Goodbye, Eri, is a testament to the power of finding purpose in life.