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David Harth has been reading comics for close to 30 years. He writes for several websites, makes killer pizza, goes to Disney World more than his budget allows, and has the cutest daughter in the world. He can prove it. Follow him on Twitter- https://www.twitter.com/harth_david.

10_Best_First_Issue_Green_Lantern 1
10 Best First Issue Green Lantern Comics

The greatest Green Lanterns in the cosmos have premiered in incredible first issues that laid the foundations for their DC Comics journeys.

3 way split of Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Red Hood from DC Comics 1
10 DC Characters Who Need to Go Back To The Status Quo

Comics have a bad habit of sticking to status quos for too long, but DC needs to realize when they have a good thing going and stay put.

3 way split of New 52 Aquaman, Aqualad about to impale Aquaman, and Aquaman about to lose his hand 1
10 Most Important Aquaman Milestones In DC Comics

Aquaman has experienced just as many DC milestones as Superman and Batman – some even more impactful than either.

A split image of Spider-Man and Wolverine and Professor Xavier and Magneto from Marvel Comics 1
10 Strangest Alliances In Marvel Comics

Heroes like the X-Men and Spider-Man have surprisingly teamed up with their villains, forming some of the strangest alliances in Marvel Comics.

A split image of the Bat-Family - Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, the Signal, Tim Drake, Jace Fox Batman, and Batgirl - and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from DC Comics 1
10 Strongest DC Hero Friendships

DC Comics houses the greatest superheroes in the world, and those prominent Justice League and Justice Society members have formed strong friendships.

A split image of X-Men: Inferno, Age Of Apocalypse, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best X-Men Comics That Need Video Game Adaptations

From modern X-Men events like X of Swords to classics like Days of Future Past, several X-Men comics would make incredible video game adaptations.

10_Best_First_Issue_Batman 1
10 Best First Issue Batman Comics

Franchise reboots or miniseries like Long Halloween feature the best first issue Batman comics starring the Dark Knight, Robin, Joker and more.

Split image of The Seasons Have Teeth, Ghostlore, and The Great British Bump-Off 1
Best Indie Comics Currently In Print (June 2023)

Most comic fans know that it isn't only Marvel and DC that put out quality books, as proven by some of the best indie comics out today.

A split image of Zatanna, Neil Gaiman, and the Spectre from DC Comics 1
10 DC Characters Neil Gaiman Needs To Write

Neil Gaiman has given fans postmodern heroes like The Sandman but imagine what he'd do with DC heroes like Zatanna or Superman.

A split image of Spider-Man, the cover to Marvel Ruins, and Iron Man from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve The Marvel Ruins Treatment

In 1995, Warren Ellis reimagined Busiek and Ross' Marvels in Ruins. However, a longer series could have explored heroes like Iron Man and Ms.Marvel.

A split image of Secret Wars #8, The Night Gwen Stacy Died, and Peter and MJ's wedding from Marvel Comics 1
10 Most Important Spider-Man Milestones In Marvel Comics

From Peter and Mary Jane's wedding to Spider-Man first discovering the Venom symbiote, many important comic events helped shape Spidey's' legacy.

A split image of Ghost Rider, Mike Mignola, and Venom from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Characters Mike Mignola Needs To Draw

Marvel fans would be in bliss if the iconic Mike Mignola drew characters like Ghost Rider or Venom.

A split image of JSA Classified #1, Power Girl Special #1, and Power Girl: A New Beginning from DC Comics 1
10 Best DC Comics Starring Power Girl

Power Girl, one of the most powerful heroes and members of the Justice Society, stars in amazing DC books like World's Finest and Action Comics.

A split image of Supergirl, Darkseid, and Mister Miracle in DC Comics 1
10 DC Characters Who Could Handle The Anti-Life Equation

The Anti-Life Equation is the cruelest force in the DC Universe. Always pursued by Darkseid, only top heroes like Superman can guard it effectively.

A split image of Bane, Venom from Marvel Comics, and Batman from DC Comics 1
10 DC Characters The Venom Symbiote Would Bond With

Venom requires a powerful host and Eddie Brock isn't always available. DC heroes like Batman and villains like Bane could play host to the symbiote.

A split image of Gambit from Uncanny X-Men #350, Wolverine battling Shiva from Wolverine #50, and Moira MacTaggert standing over the fallen Quiet Council from Inferno #1 from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best X-Men Comic Mysteries

Readers will find the best Marvel mysteries in X-Men comics concerning Moira's mutant gene in House of X or anything involving Mister Sinister.

A split image of All-Star Comics #8, Action Comics #1, and Detective Comics #27 from DC Comics 1
10 Best DC Comics Hero Debuts

From Superman's debut in the Golden Age to the emergence of the New Teen Titans, the first appearances of DC's best heroes are so memorable.

Split image of the Skrulls during Secret Invasion and of Marvel's Illuminati 1
10 Ways The Illluminati Influenced Secret Invasion

From exiling the Hulk to hunting down heroes, Marvel's Illuminati inadvertently aided the Skrull's secret invasion instead of preventing it.

A split image of Cyclops, Secret Invasion, and Iron Man from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Heroes Who Should Have Been Skrulls

Secret Invasion should have gone one step further by taking the risk and turning Marvel's most iconic A-Listers into Skrulls.

A split image of the Darkest Knight Batman, the Batman Who Laughs, and Flashpoint Batman from DC Comics 1
10 Darkest Versions Of Batman, Ranked

The main DC Universe should be grateful with the Batman they have. The Dark Knight could be a whole lot darker.

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