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Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal leaning out of his ice-cream truck with an open hand 1
Anthony Mackie's Twisted Metal Role Was Tailored To His Sense of Humor

Anthony Mackie helped shape the humor of his character John Doe, a chatty milkman with amnesia, in the upcoming video game adaptation Twisted Metal.

DC's heroes during the Legends crossover 1
DC's Superpowered Docuseries Will Premiere at SDCC

DC Comics announces that at San Diego Comic-Con, the company will unveil the first of a three-part docuseries titled Superpowered: The DC Story.

Split image showing scenes from Gotham and The Punisher 1
10 Best Superhero Shows For People Who Hate Superheroes

There are a select few superhero TV shows - like The Boys and Gotham - that can be enjoyed by everyone, even those who dislike the genre.

Priscilla as played by Charlayne Woodard and Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson from Marvel's show Secret Invasion 1
Who Plays Nick Fury's Wife Priscilla in Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion dropped a massive bombshell with the reveal of Nick Fury's wife, Priscilla. But what else is the actor Charlayne Woodard known for?

Ethan Peck's Spock in Strange New Worlds  1
Leonard Nimoy Is the Iconic Spock - But Ethan Peck Is a Worthy Successor

As Star Trek moves beyond the original cast, Ethan Peck brings vulnerable humanity to a figure whom Leonard Nimoy portrayed as the ultimate alien.

A combined image of Geralt of Rivia and Jaskier in Netflix's The Witcher 1
10 Best Quotes From The Witcher Seasons 1 & 2

Between Jaskier's jokes and Geralt of Rivia's bluntness, The Witcher's first two seasons are full of great quotes.

John Krasinski behind character Thomas Miller played by John Schwab. 1
Who Plays Thomas Miller in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan?

Thomas Miller causes major problems in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 4 - here's who the key character is, who plays him and if he survives.

Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw in X-Men First Class 1
Prime Video Casts Kevin Bacon as Undead Bounty Hunter in New Series

They/Them star Kevin Bacon is returning to the horror genre as an undead bounty hunter in Amazon Prime Video's new action series The Bondsman.

Collage of Lily in Modern Family, Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle, and Steve Urkel in Family Matters 1
10 Best Kid Characters In Sitcoms

While sitcoms are mostly populated by adults, some of the best characters happen to be children. From Dewey to Urkel, here are some of the best.

venture-bros-monarch-dr-mrs-monarch 1
Venture Bros. Movie Gets a Sneak Peek in New Clip

A new clip from The Venture Bros. movie picks up with the Monarch Crew after the animated series' shocking Season 7 finale.

Loki and Thor as seen in comic The Sandman behind Dream as seen in Netflix show The Sandman 1
REPORT: The Sandman Casts Norse Gods for Season 2

Netflix’s The Sandman series will reportedly include Norse gods in the ensemble cast of Season 2, which is currently in production.

Reid with his hands up in front of a wall that reads: Here Thy Quest Doth Truly Begin 1
How One Criminal Minds Episode Defined the Whole Series

Criminal Minds' Season 1 finale The Fisher King, Part 1 introduced plot points and characters the CBS series successfully relied on for years.

The Mandalorian Seasons Three, featuring Din Djarin and Grogu 1
The Mandalorian: Din Djarin Was Never Star Wars’ Aragorn, Says Jon Favreau

The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau says that Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin was never meant to be Star Wars' version of Aragorn.

The cast of Deep Space nine in front of the Secret Invasion poster  1
Star Trek's Version of Secret Invasion Has Lessons for the MCU

Secret Invasion pits Nick Fury against a secret Skrull army. A similar plotline in Deep Space Nine makes a great guide for how to tell such stories.

A combined image of shapeshifters the Skrulls in the MCU and Beast Boy in Titans 1
The Skrulls & 9 Other Great Shapeshifters In TV

From Secret Invasion's Skrulls to Titans' Beast Boy and the Zygons in Doctor Who, TV is full of dangerous and interesting shapeshifters.

Chris Stearns and Nick Fury from Secret Invasion 1
Secret Invasion Includes an Easter Egg From Netfilx's Daredevil

An Easter egg from Netflix's Daredevil series appears in the second episode of Marvel Studios' Disney+ limited series, Secret Invasion.

Ezra Bridger using the force in Star Wars Rebels 1
What Happened to Ezra Bridger at the End of Star Wars Rebels?

Ezra Bridger will likely be a big focus of the upcoming Ahsoka series, but where did he end his journey in the Star Wars Rebels finale?

Collage of Colin in Bandersnatch, Ffion in The Entire History of You, and Lacie in Nosedive, Black Mirror  1
10 Best Quotes From Black Mirror

Aside from its mind-bending stories and star-studded episodes, Black Mirror offers some keen observations through thought-provoking quotes.

Nick Fury in front of the Captain America: Civil War poster. 1
Secret Invasion Echoes Captain America: Civil War With Rhodey and Nick Fury

Secret Invasion pits Nick Fury against Rhodey, revealing a new divide between them, reminiscent of Captain America: Civil War's central debate.

A group shot of Star Wars Rebels' Ghost Crew in front of a cloudy orange backdrop 1
Star Wars: Rebels Cast & Character Guide

Star Wars Rebels has some amazing stories and characters. As the Ahsoka series is approaching, the character journeys become more important