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Scarlet Witch flying in front of Agatha Harkness 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Scarlet Witch Annual

An epic battle between Marvel's most powerful witches ignites a chain reaction that sets the stage for the summer in Scarlet Witch Annual #1.

Scarlet Witch and Loki look like they're about to kiss 1
Marvel Teases a Loki/Scarlet Witch Romance

Marvel teases a possible romance between Loki and Scarlet Witch in this September's issue of Scarlet Witch's ongoing series

Wiccan in Marvel Comics and the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 1
10 Best Marvel Heroes With Confusing Origin Stories

Even the most iconic Marvel heroes from teams like the X-Men and Young Avengers actually have strange and confusing comic book origins.

A split image of Iron Man: Extremis, Spider-Verse, Captain America: Winter Soldier from Marvel Comics 1
10 Popular Marvel Heroes (& Their Greatest Victory)

The most popular heroes in Marvel Comics achieved victories over the greatest threats in the universe, from the Phoenix Force to Galactus.

split image: Wesley Snipes as Blade and Ghost Rider in the comics 1
10 Best Supernatural Marvel Heroes

Marvel's heroes spawn from sci-fi or cosmic origins, but plenty of popular heroes from Blade to Ghost Rider originate in the supernatural realm.

Split image of Hulk and Invisible Woman from Marvel Comics 1
10 Worst Cases Of Power Creep In Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics characters like Invisible Woman and the Hulk have undergone power creep over the years as their enemies continue to grow stronger too.

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) yelling and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) on a building 1
15 Most Popular Marvel Characters, Ranked

Whether they received popularity from the MCU or they've always been fan-favorites, everyone knows the names of Marvel's most popular characters.

Split image: The Avengers charge into battle, and Iron Man strikes Captain America's shield. 1
10 Harsh Realities Of Working With The Avengers

There are many harsh realities when working alongside the Avengers, which put off the most diehard fanatics and superhero allies in Marvel Comics.

A split image of The Magus Hydra Captain America, and Dark Phoenix Cyclops from Marvel 1
15 Evilest Versions Of Iconic Marvel Heroes

Some of Marvel's most iconic heroes have evil versions of themselves who can exist in other timelines and universes.

Scarlett Witch got shot by mysterium bullet 1
Marvel's New Super-Metal Has the Power to Destroy The Magic Community

Scarlet Witch's discovery of a mysterious new metal is sure to have dire ramifications for Marvel's magic community.

Scarlet Witch #3 has Wanda fighting Scythia  1
An MCU Icon Just Exposed a Major Superhero Weakness

In Scarlet Witch #5, an MCU icon capitalizes on a massive tactical blunder many superheroes make when suiting up for battle.

The Scarlet Witch and the Punisher from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Comics Power Creeps That Make No Sense

Marvel Comics characters like Scarlet Witch experienced bad power creeps that made no sense, earning new abilities that didn't improve their stories.

Wanda and Vision form Marvel's What If?... #38 1
Vision and Scarlet Witch Had a Happy Marriage - But it Required a Life-Changing Sacrifice

What If gave Vision and Scarlet Witch the happy ending they've always wanted - but it came at the price of a life-changing sacrifice.

split image of Odin and Mystique head shots from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Heroes Stronger Than Their Children

Marvel's strongest heroes have parented incredibly powerful children, but even Nightcrawler and Thor are no match for parents like Mystique and Odin.

split image of Hulk's son Skaar, and Ant-Man's daughter Stature in Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Heroes Stronger Than Their Parents

Powerful Marvel characters like Hulk and Ant-Man had children in the comics who actually became even stronger, like Skaar and Stature.

Split image: Scarlet Witch with an energy blast around her hand and wearing her Hellfire Gala dress 1
10 Best Marvel Comics Starring Scarlet Witch

Before starring in WandaVision or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet Witch headlined many amazing X-Men comics and Marvel events.

Split image: Hellfire Gala Scarlet Witch, Ultimate X-Men Beast and Silver Age Hank Pym 1
10 Problematic Marvel Heroes & How To Fix Them

Marvel's heroes make mistakes and go in rather dark directions, which have led them to places that readers often consider problematic.

Marvel debuts Hexfinder, a new Scarlet Witch villain created by Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli. 1
Miles Morales Co-Creator Unveils Scarlet Witch’s New Arch-Villain

Marvel unveils Wanda Maximoff's new villain, Hexfinder, a character created by Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli who will debut in Scarlet Witch #7.

Split image: Loki stands in a stone hallway, Scarlet Witch creates magic, and Captain America stands against a larger battle scene 1
10 Avengers Showdowns We're Still Waiting For

The Avengers have battled powerful villains in the Marvel Universe, but there are some fights between characters that readers are excited to see.

A split image of Iron Man with his Godkiller Armor, Spider-Man as Captain Universe, and Thor from The Devourer King from Marvel Comics 1
15 Best Upgraded Versions Of Iconic Marvel Heroes

Thanks to magical enhancements or the power of the cosmos, Marvel's most iconic heroes have received massive upgrades in power.