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Priscilla as played by Charlayne Woodard and Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson from Marvel's show Secret Invasion 1
Who Plays Nick Fury's Wife Priscilla in Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion dropped a massive bombshell with the reveal of Nick Fury's wife, Priscilla. But what else is the actor Charlayne Woodard known for?

Ethan Peck's Spock in Strange New Worlds  1
Leonard Nimoy Is the Iconic Spock - But Ethan Peck Is a Worthy Successor

As Star Trek moves beyond the original cast, Ethan Peck brings vulnerable humanity to a figure whom Leonard Nimoy portrayed as the ultimate alien.

John Krasinski behind character Thomas Miller played by John Schwab. 1
Who Plays Thomas Miller in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan?

Thomas Miller causes major problems in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 4 - here's who the key character is, who plays him and if he survives.

Reid with his hands up in front of a wall that reads: Here Thy Quest Doth Truly Begin 1
How One Criminal Minds Episode Defined the Whole Series

Criminal Minds' Season 1 finale The Fisher King, Part 1 introduced plot points and characters the CBS series successfully relied on for years.

The cast of Deep Space nine in front of the Secret Invasion poster  1
Star Trek's Version of Secret Invasion Has Lessons for the MCU

Secret Invasion pits Nick Fury against a secret Skrull army. A similar plotline in Deep Space Nine makes a great guide for how to tell such stories.

Ezra Bridger using the force in Star Wars Rebels 1
What Happened to Ezra Bridger at the End of Star Wars Rebels?

Ezra Bridger will likely be a big focus of the upcoming Ahsoka series, but where did he end his journey in the Star Wars Rebels finale?

Nick Fury in front of the Captain America: Civil War poster. 1
Secret Invasion Echoes Captain America: Civil War With Rhodey and Nick Fury

Secret Invasion pits Nick Fury against Rhodey, revealing a new divide between them, reminiscent of Captain America: Civil War's central debate.

The crew of show Star Trek: Strange New Worlds standing in a line and above them a Gorn from Strange New Worlds and a Gorn from Star Trek: the Original Series 1
Strange New Worlds Tackles Star Trek's Gorn Problem

The Gorn make great villains, but could also create a catastrophic continuity error. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is moving on them full speed ahead.

Skull Island has Kong in a rage 1
How Netflix's Skull Island Sets Up Season 2

Season 1 of Skull Island ends on a bittersweet note, and in the process, it teases more action, drama, and conflict between humans and monsters.

Secret Invasion's Nick Fury is aghast as Moscow's bombed 1
Secret Invasion Confirms the MCU's Newest Threat Is Nick Fury's Fault

Disney+'s Secret Invasion confirms that despite all his altruistic intentions, Nick Fury is the cause of the MCU's latest scary predicament.

Strange New Worlds La'an and Star Trek's Khan 1
Strange New Worlds Fixed Star Trek's Biggest History Problem

The date of the Eugenics Wars and Khan Noonien Singh's rise to power is Star Trek's biggest history problem, and Strange New Worlds cleverly fixed it.

Geralt of Rivia stares intensely in the foreground and behind him Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer stand together from season 3 of The Witcher 1
The Witcher Season 3 Gives Fans the Family Story They've Always Wanted

The Witcher on Netflix faced plenty critique, but the story in Season 3, Part 1 gives Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri fans the family story they wanted.

Gravik from show Secret Invasion and members of the Avengers of the MCU including Ant-Man War Machine, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel 1
Secret Invasion May Have Hinted That the Skrulls Already Infiltrated The Avengers

Episode 2 of Disney+'s Secret Invasion dropped a massive clue that the Skrulls already have an integral inside man in The Avengers camp.

Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Paul Wesley as Captain Kirk and William Shatner as Captain Kirk from the Star Trek franchise 1
Paul Wesley's James T. Kirk Is More Chris Pine Than Shatner

James T. Kirk's character is indelibly linked to William Shatner, but Strange New Worlds' Paul Wesley also evokes Chris Pine's Star Trek performance.

Kennedy, Buffy and Willow 1
Buffy Fans Were Wrong About Kennedy - She Was Perfect for Willow

While Buffy fans may have hated her for replacing Tara, Kennedy was actually the perfect match for Sunnydale's resident geek-turned-wicca.

Secret Invasion's Gravik bombs Russia 1
Secret Invasion's Emperor Drogge, Explained

Secret Invasion Episode 2 briefly mentions a key Skrull character from the comics, teasing immense chaos to come as Gravik continues his plan.

Strange New Worlds James T. Kirk's Body 1
Strange New Worlds Could Explain James T. Kirk's Body in Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard surprised fans by showing Captain James T. Kirk's body stored in a Starfleet vault, but Strange New Worlds adds a new wrinkle to it.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast with Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. 1
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Gives Bryan Cranston His Heisenberg Moment

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia featured Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. And the Gang gave Cranston a chance for a true Heisenberg moment

Isildur as seen in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, a younger Isildur as seen in Rings of Power and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith with the inscription of The One Ring floating in the background 1
Rings of Power Is Giving Isildur's Origin Story the Anakin Skywalker Treatment

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power may be missing a golden opportunity to build a great character arc for Middle-earth's future fallen king.

Strange New Worlds' Kirk, played by Paul Wesley, sits in a briefing 1
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2, Episode 3, 'Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow,' Recap & Spoilers

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' La'an Noonien-Singh teams up with Jim Kirk in time-bending complications. Here's a recap of the Paramount+ series.