Since Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham games, the superhero genre has become increasingly prominent in gaming, but there are still some characters who need proper adaptations. Both of the "Big Two" publishers in Marvel and DC Comics have a storied catalog of heroes to experiment with it.

And as popular as endeavors with Batman and Spider-Man have been, gamers would more than welcome a variety in the superhero genre in the gaming medium. The Flash is one of the Justice Leaguers deserving of their solo effort, while Doctor Strange opens up a slew of magical opportunities for gaming creativity.

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10 Moon Knight

Moon Knight standing in the rain in Marvel Comics.

While he may be more of a cult-classic character, Moon Knight is nonetheless one of Marvel's best street-level heroes. Oscar Isaac helped him burst into the mainstream with the MCU TV adaptation, which could hopefully swell up enough interest for a game.

Moon Knight delves into New York's darker sides and, as the current Jed MacKay and Alessandro Capuccio run shows, the nocturnal vigilante can mesh the occult and supernatural with street-level grit. Marc Spector's multiple personalities could also help diversify the gameplay. Mr. Knight can introduce a layer of detective work while Moon Knight handles the brawling.

9 Flash

The Flash speeds through the city in Flashpoint by DC Comics

The Flash and his corner of the world comprise DC Comics' fastest speedsters, and he's one of the most prolific Justice League members. And while he's not part of the Trinity, his popularity as a core DC Comics hero makes it somewhat surprising there's never been a true attempt at a video game.

Given his obvious power set, a hypothetical Flash game would benefit most from -- and arguably need -- a sizable open-world sandbox. Likewise, riffing off the iconic Flashpoint story arc, the Scarlet Speedster's abilities and ties to the Speed Force pave the way for some potential multiversal storytelling.

8 Black Widow

Black Widow dodging a laser security system in comic book art.

Despite Scarlett Johansson's iteration of the character in the MCU being an Avengers mainstay, that newfound popularity didn't translate into the gaming scene. Her appearances were typically confined to supporting or co-starring roles, like in the Ultimate Alliance games and Square Enix's Avengers.

However, Black Widow would have a unique position in a superhero game. One of the more "grounded" heroes, she would excel as the protagonist in a stealth-action title. Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series or even Konami's Metal Gear Solid would be exciting sources of inspiration, just with some more martial arts theatrics.

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7 Nightwing

Nightwing in costume leaping through the city of Blüdhaven in DC Comics

Dick Grayson has come a long way in becoming a compelling character with exciting comic book stories as Nightwing. He strikes a balance of being interesting on his own terms while being integral to the Bat-family. He's featured in video games like Arkham City, Knight, and recently Gotham Knights, but he's more than earned a solo game.

The aforementioned Arkham titles already provided a solid blueprint for a Nightwing game, with the free-flowing and acrobatic combat worth building on. Similar things can be said for traversal, but his stomping grounds of Blüdhaven would be a refreshing new sandbox for storytelling.

6 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange hovers in a mysterious void in Marvel's Doctor Strange comics

Benedict Cumberbatch's Sorcerer Supreme has become instrumental to the MCU's Avengers, and he'd make a thrilling subject for a solo game. His most recent appearance was in Midnight Suns, but the arsenal of abilities he has would make for one of the most inventive games in the genre.

Doctor Strange is one of Marvel's best-known supernatural heroes, with his mastery of the arcane arts allowing for impressive flexibility gameplay-wise. Whether it's investing in a wide array of magical attacks or using portals to different parts of the world -- or dimensions -- the idea of a Doctor Strange game invites ingenuity.

5 Green Lantern Corps

Multiple members of the Green Lantern Corps. flying into action.

It's a technicality, as Green Lantern did receive a video game adaptation in the critically-panned title based on the equally-maligned 2011 movie. That's not much to speak of, but even in terms of the Green Lantern Corps generally, there's a universe's worth of material left wholly unadapted.

Several iconic characters shared the mantle on top of Hal Jordan, like the Golden Age's classic Alan Scott and the DC Animated Universe fan-favorite Jon Stewart. Especially for Hal and Jon, there's little reason some of these characters couldn't co-lead, with the prospect of a space-faring Green Lantern game sounding ambitious.

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4 Black Panther

T'Challa as Black Panther with the Wakanda cityscape in the background.

Similarly to Wonder Woman, Black Panther's absence from the spotlight in gaming will soon be addressed. Amy Hennig's new development outfit Skydance New Media is helming a new game starring Wakanda's guardian (Azzuri the Wise), albeit in a co-leading role alongside Captain America.

With the 2017 MCU movie's critical and commercial success, it's a bit of a surprise that it's taken this long to make use of Black Panther's potential in gaming. He could certainly lead a solo effort with a mix of hand-to-hand combat and Arkham-style stealth, but the upcoming Skydance game is a welcome concept nonetheless.

3 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman wielding her Lasso of Truth in the teaser trailer for her game.

Though DC did confirm her upcoming solo game, it's odd that Wonder Woman doesn't already have a proper video game. Wonder Woman is one of DC Comics' most influential heroes, but despite having over 80 years of history, she hasn't been prominent in the medium.

That will be rectified soon enough, with Monolith Productions developing a game putting her front and center. Considering the studio's work on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and War, it seems like combat should be one of the game's highlights. There's also plenty of storytelling potential the developers will hopefully make use of, as Wonder Woman's lore is steeped in Greek mythology.

2 Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 leaping into action.

Spider-Man generally has received plenty of solid video game adaptations, but a solo Spider-Man 2099 title would be an intriguing spin on a widely-known IP. Like other heroes, Spider-Man 2099 has been featured in games in a supporting or guest role, most notably in Shattered Dimensions.

Miguel O'Hara's iteration of the wall-crawler is one of the strongest Spider-Man variants in Marvel Comics, and his powers and sci-fi sandbox would be an excellent way of making the familiar feel bold. Combining the cyberpunk aesthetic of Nueva York with a variation of Insomniac's web-swinging and combat would make for a worthwhile spinoff.

1 Green Arrow

Green Arrow letting an arrow loose in DC Comics cover art.

Hawkeye might be more mainstream thanks to the theatrical version, but Green Arrow is an underrated character within DC's pantheon. The world's greatest archer takes a super-heroic spin on Robin Hood of English folklore, as Oliver Queen fights crime at the street level using a myriad of trick arrows.

That fundamentally provides a strong mechanical basis for a video game. PlayStation's Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West make fantastic use of bow-and-arrow-based combat. They'd work as reference material for this, but factoring in Ollie's extensive martial arts prowess and acrobatics in combat and traversal would be nearly as important.