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Split Image of the black and white Batman 1943 serial and Batman and Robin 1
10 Things You Didn't Know About The 1943 Batman Serial

DC Comics fans have largely forgotten the 1943 Batman serial, but it significantly impacted the franchise from the Golden Age onward.

Split image Bombshell Batgirls, Lady Liberators, and Birds of Prey 1
10 Best All-Female Superhero Teams

Batgirl, Storm, and Spider-Gwen are just a few of the greatest superheroes from DC and Marvel who fight for the best all-female super-teams in comics.

Split image of a sleeping Mario, and the contra title screen with 2 chracters 1
10 Biggest Secrets In Console Arcade Games

From Donkey Kong to Street Fighter, console arcade games are a treasure trove of secrets and Easter eggs.

Legally Blonde, Trainwreck, and The Heat 1
10 Best Women-Led Comedy Movies

Joy Ride is bringing back the female-led back to theaters. But there are several female-led comedy movies to see first.

Split Image The cast of The OC and Laguna Beach on the beach smiling 1
10 Guilty Pleasure TV Dramas That Are So Bad They're Good

TV Dramas aren't always award-winning but guilty pleasure shows like Dynasty and Pretty Little Liars are entertaining.

2 Versions of Nick Fury one who looks like the MCU version the other has a cigar an eye patch and is white 1
Every Team Nick Fury Led In Marvel Comics

Nick Fury is the ultimate leader in the MCU and Marvel Comics, using skills as a spy and soldier to lead versions of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.

Tetris and Super Mario Bros game play arcade screens 1
10 Arcade Games That Defined The '80s

The 80s saw the creation of Super Mario Bros., Galaga, and more that defined an era of arcade games and paved the way for future games.

Split Image Imaginary Mary and WIlliam Shatner 1
10 Sitcoms We're Glad Got Canceled

Most sitcoms are loved, but some cancelations were welcomed by TV fans.

Beverly Goldberg holding a chicken bone smiling, The Goldbergs smiling in matching sweaters 1
What The Cast Of The Goldbergs Is Up To In 2023

The cast of The Goldbergs is on to new TV projects involving Disney, Paramount+ and more, with many releasing in 2023.

Split Image of Will and Grace, and Will and Katie Fresh Prince of Bel Air 1
10 TV Shows That Explain The '90s

The '90s were an iconic decade of great TV programming, with shows like Friends and Buffy dominating the airwaves.

Split Image of Mary Kate and Ashley In Action and Tak & The Power of Juju 1
10 Worst 2000s Cartoons

The 2000s had great cartoons, but some were so bad cartoons fans are happy they are off the air.

Split Image Black Light Spider-Man, Casual Miles Morales, and Hanging Upside Down Spider-Man Funko 1
10 Best Spider-Man Funko Pops, Ranked

Spider-man has awesome Funko Pops that collectors want in their collections.

Split Image Siblings from Halloweentown, Nebula and Zenon smile 1
10 Disney Channel Original Movies From The '90s That Are Still Relevant Today

Disney Channel Movies from the '90s—such as Halloweentown—are still relevant today with their humor, morals, and commentary.

Split image Evan Peters and Jessica Lange in AHS, Leighton Mester and Black Lively in Gossip Girl, Meredith in Grey's Anatomy 1
10 Popular Drama Shows With More Bad Episodes Than Good

Despite producing more bad episodes than good, TV dramas like Grey's Anatomy and Riverdale rely on their cast and iconic characters to remain popular.

Split Image of Scrooge McDuck and two ducklings, Chip and Dale, and Lizzie McGuire 1
10 Disney Channel Shows That Ended With Movies

As a capstone to several series, the Disney Channel will give its TV shows a final movie.

Split Image Colleen From China Beach, Ellen Pompayo in Grey's Anatomy, Bobby and Hen in 9-1-1 responding to a call 1
10 Best Medical Shows, Ranked By IMDb

Medical shows are common for any network, but Grey's Anatomy and House are some of the most groundbreaking.

Split image of The Woman In Red, 1940s Black Cat, and Miss Fury. 1
10 Female Superheroes Older Than Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an iconic female superhero, but female heroes like The Woman In Red, Black Cat, and Miss Fury predate the famous Amazon.

Split Image Characters from Crime Story, Law & Order, and The Wire 1
10 Best Police Shows, Ranked By IMDb

Police shows like Law & Order and Blue Bloods have been on television for decades, but IMDb only ranks a few as the best.

Split Image of Sam Wilson Captain America Comics, Hulk, and All New Captain America 1
10 Comics Most Likely To Be Adapted For Captain America: New World Order

Captain America: New World Order will adapt Marvel comics for the upcoming film, but fans are unsure which ones.

Split image Link, Zelda, and Impa in Breath of the Wild 1
Age, Height & Spiritual Zodiac Sign Of Legend of Zelda Characters

The characters from The Legend of Zelda have distinct characteristics that make them unique, so it's easy to match them up with the Zodiac signs.

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