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Split image showing scenes from Gotham and The Punisher 1
10 Best Superhero Shows For People Who Hate Superheroes

There are a select few superhero TV shows - like The Boys and Gotham - that can be enjoyed by everyone, even those who dislike the genre.

A combined image of Geralt of Rivia and Jaskier in Netflix's The Witcher 1
10 Best Quotes From The Witcher Seasons 1 & 2

Between Jaskier's jokes and Geralt of Rivia's bluntness, The Witcher's first two seasons are full of great quotes.

Collage of Lily in Modern Family, Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle, and Steve Urkel in Family Matters 1
10 Best Kid Characters In Sitcoms

While sitcoms are mostly populated by adults, some of the best characters happen to be children. From Dewey to Urkel, here are some of the best.

A combined image of shapeshifters the Skrulls in the MCU and Beast Boy in Titans 1
The Skrulls & 9 Other Great Shapeshifters In TV

From Secret Invasion's Skrulls to Titans' Beast Boy and the Zygons in Doctor Who, TV is full of dangerous and interesting shapeshifters.

Collage of Colin in Bandersnatch, Ffion in The Entire History of You, and Lacie in Nosedive, Black Mirror  1
10 Best Quotes From Black Mirror

Aside from its mind-bending stories and star-studded episodes, Black Mirror offers some keen observations through thought-provoking quotes.

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10 Sitcoms With All Likable Characters

Not every character is meant to be liked, but from New Girl to Abbott Elementary, these beloved sitcoms feature largely lovable casts.

A combined image of Carrie in The Carrie Diaries, Joey Tribbiani in Joey, and Dwight in The Office 1
10 TV Spin-Offs We're Glad Got Canceled

Spinoffs of successful TV shows like Joey, That '80s Show, and Heroes: Reborn didn't last long, but viewers didn't mind.

Collage of Elias in Superstore, Quagmire in Family Guy, and Creed in The Office 1
10 Creepiest Sitcom Characters

From The Office to Family Guy, these sitcoms are full of memorable characters, though not all are remembered for the right reasons.

Morgan, Maggie, and Rick in The Walking Dead franchise. 1
10 Harsh Realities of Being A Walking Dead Fan

There's a lot for viewers to love about the growing Walking Dead Universe, but there are also some harsh realities of being a dedicated fan.

A combined image of Irene pointing a gun and Kong roaring in Netflix's Skull Island 1
10 Reasons MonsterVerse Fans Can Skip Skull Island

From underdeveloped characters to Kong's little screentime, there are plenty of reasons for MonsterVerse fans to skip Netflix's Skull Island.

A combined image of Sylvie from Loki, Sonya Falsworth from Secret Invasion, and Marc Spector from MCU Disney+ show, Moon Knight 1
10 Best Characters Introduced In The MCU's Disney+ Series

From Secret Invasion's Sonya Falsworth to WandaVision's Agatha Harkness, the MCU's Disney+ series have introduced great characters to the franchise.

A combined image of Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, and Nikita 1
10 Best Spies In TV Shows

From Secret Invasion's Nick Fury to Jack Ryan and Chuck, TV is full of capable, intelligent, and resourceful spies.

Split Image: Dog, Kong, and the Sea Monster in Skull Island 1
Every Monster In Skull Island, Ranked

From Kong himself to legions of lizard creatures, Netflix's new Skull Island series expands the MonsterVerse with plenty of exciting new monsters.

A combined image of Ciri, Geralt of Rivia, and Yennefer in various episodes of Netflix's The Witcher 1
10 Best The Witcher Episodes, Ranked According To IMDb

The best The Witcher episodes received high ratings on IMDb, from Geralt of Rivia's introduction to the epic Season 1 finale.

Collage of Emily Gilmore, Luke and Lorelai, and Rory in Gilmore Girls 1
10 Ways Gilmore Girls Aged Poorly

Gilmore Girls may be a beloved and iconic TV series, but it is also a product of its time, and time has not been kind to these aspects of the show.

Mixed Image of Posion Ivy (Batwoman), Gangster Prankster (The Black Scorpion), and Maximus (Inhumans) 1
10 Best Villains From The Worst Superhero TV Shows

Not all villains wear capes! Ironically, these antagonists proved to be the shining heroes of their otherwise terrible superhero tv shows.

Top 10 Marvel Animated Shows 1
The Best Marvel Animated Series

Cartoons aren't just for kids, and these animated Marvel series are absolutely incredible! Marvel's cartoons continue to hold up surprisingly well.

Split image of Amy Pond in Doctor Who, Katherine in Vampire Diaries, the Doctor in Doctor Who, and Sarah in Orphan Black. 1
10 Actors Who Played Multiple Roles in the Same TV Show

From Orphan Black to The Vampire Diaries, these actors racked up their acting credits in a single show.

Collage of Ezra Miller as the Flash and Grant Gustin as the Flash 1
10 DCEU Characters The Arrowverse Did Better

The DC Extended Universe has brought many iconic heroes to life, but in many cases, the Arrowverse did it first and did it better.

Split image of stills form Ms. Marvel, Never Have I Ever, and We Are Lady Parts. 1
10 Shows To Watch After Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever came to an end after four seasons. Here is what you can watch next to fill the void in your heart.