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Lukas is a recent graduate of the Macaulay Honors College in New York City. A former Editorial Assistant now serving as a comics writer, Lukas made the jump to CBR in the hopes of getting the chance to be a professional writer. Having started graduate school in 2022, Lukas intends to become a high school guidance counselor, all while writing articles about somewhat obscure comics like Alpha Flight and Last Flight Out, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and any movies, games, or books he happens to come across. Lukas writes most of his articles with a cat on his shoulder.

A split image of the All New X-Men and the New Mutants 1
10 Great X-Men Comics Ruined By Fan Service

Despite starting out strong, excessive fan service in X-Men comics like All New X-Men and New Mutants dragged ruined their potential.

A split image of Professor X's death at Cyclops' hands and of Peter Parker's death in Marvel's Ultimate comics 1
10 Deaths That Changed Marvel Comics Forever

Whether or not they returned to life, the deaths of Marvel heroes like Captain America, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Charles Xavier changed everything.

A collage of Orchis and a Stark Sentinel besides a grieving Xavier mourning the X-Men's demise in Marvel Comics 1
The Fall of Krakoa Is Secretly a Legendary X-Men's Fault

The Quiet Council has been working to ensure mutantkind's future, but Krakoa's fall is all but certain thanks to mistakes made by the X-Men's founder.

Split image of Nova (Richard Rider) from Marvel Comics and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) from DC Comics 1
10 Times DC Was Ripped Off By Marvel

Bearing a strong resemblance to DC creations, Marvel characters like Hyperion, Nova, and Black Cat toe the line between inspiration and overt copying.

Goldballs and Bailey Hoskins 1
10 Worst X-Men With The Best First Impressions

Despite enjoying fantastic debuts in Marvel Comics, X-Men like Glob, Cypher, and Puck quickly wound became the team's worst members.

Moon Knight, symbiotes, and Hawkeye 1
10 Marvel Heroes Who Need Symbiotes

Giving heroes like Captain America or The Punisher symbiotes would spice up Marvel Comics and give anti-heroes like Venom some stiff competition.

Split image of WildC.A.T.s, Green Arrow, and Task Force X from DC Comics 1
10 DC Super-Teams Green Arrow Should Join

Green Arrow may be a popular member of the Justice League, but they're not the only DC superteam that would benefit from Ollie's experience and skill.

Split image of Spider-Man swinging through the city and Miles Morales on an Across the Spider-Verse poster 1
10 Ways Spider-Verse Saved Spider-Man Comics

Introducing characters like Spider-Man Noir and putting a unique spin on Peter Parker's story, Spider-Verse revitalized Marvel's Spider-Man comics.

Split image of Iron Fist from the comics, live-action Daredevil, and live-action Punisher 1
10 Best Daredevil Candidates Who Could Replace Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock made a name for himself as Daredevil. Should the Man Without Fear ever retire from that role, several Marvel heroes could take his place.

The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, and Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) 1
10 Marvel Super-Teams Spider-Man 2099 Should Join

Leading his own team in Across the Spider-Verse, Miguel O'Hara would be an asset to groups like the Dark Avengers and the Exiles as Spider-Man 2099.

A split image of Daredevil (comics), the Punisher (Netflix series), and Iron Man (comics) 1
10 Best Punisher Candidates Who Could Replace Frank Castle

The Punisher is one of Marvel's most brutal and effective vigilantes. If Frank Castle retires, heroes like Elektra or Deadpool should take his place.

Iron Fist, Magik, and The Marvels Project 1
10 Marvel Miniseries That Were Way Too Short

Marvel miniseries events are not always given an adequate amount of issues, leading to comics like Book of Doom to feel unresolved in many ways.

Split image of MCU Captain America and Storm from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Heroes Who Lost Their Powers But Never Quit

Despite losing their superpowers, nothing could stop Marvel characters like Captain America or Storm from being a hero and fighting for justice.

Wiccan in Marvel Comics and the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 1
10 Best Marvel Heroes With Confusing Origin Stories

Even the most iconic Marvel heroes from teams like the X-Men and Young Avengers actually have strange and confusing comic book origins.

Split image of Marvel covers for Secret Wars (2015), Children's Crusade, and X-Men Red (Vol. 2) 1
10 Marvel Comics Sequels That Surpassed The Original

Following up on loose plots threads, Marvel comic sequels like Secret Wars (2015) and X-Men Red (Vol. 2) nailed their mark and outdid previous runs.

Ted Kord dons his Blue Beetle mask as Tim Drake Robin and Booster Gold leap in action 1
10 Greatest Underachievers In DC Comics

DC characters like Booster Gold can achieve so much more if they reached their potential instead of wasting their talents or doubting themselves.

Professor X with the original X-Men graduating in their First Class costumes 1
15 Weirdest Details From Early X-Men Comics

The original X-Men were very different compared to their modern mutant counterparts, and their earliest comics had no shortage of bizarre details.

Batman holding Jason Todd's dead body and Batman and Robin Silver Age comics 1
10 Most Important Batman Milestones In DC Comics

Important moments in Batman's life have defined his superhero career and legacy in DC Comics, and he achieves more milestones with each year.

split image: Cassandra Nova and Magneto from X-Men comics, Sentinels from Days of Future Past movie 1
10 Dead X-Men Villains Who Should Return

Famous X-Men villains who appeared in stories like Days of Future Past, X of Swords, and Fall of X died but deserve comic book resurrections.

split image: Nimrod, Storm, and Beast in Marvel Comics 1
10 X-Men Showdowns We're Still Waiting For

Recent X-Men comics established rivalries and antagonistic relationships between Beast, Storm, and more, that fans hope turn into all-out showdowns.

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