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Invincible soaring over the city in Image Comics 1
Skybound Entertainment Launches Walking Dead, Invincible Tabletop Games

Card-and-dice games inspired by Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead and Invincible offer fans a tabletop celebration of the franchise's anniversaries.

Final Fantasy 7 Tifa's Cosplay 1
Final Fantasy 7 Tifa Is Captivating in Breathtaking Game-Accurate Cosplay

Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart comes to life in a stunning video game cosplay that shows that the iconic brawler is ready to throw some punches.

zack fair 1
Final Fantasy 7's Zack Fair Steps Into Reality in Hyperrealistic Cosplay

Crisis Core protagonist Zack Fair and his signature Buster Sword come alive in an incredibly accurate cosplay for the Final Fantasy VII franchise.

The cast of Critical Role in front of a wooden wall 1
Critical Role's Shocking Plot Twist Sets [SPOILER] on a Dark Path

Team Iysslra's last night together involved shocking revelations and the player character's reactions set Critical Role up to explore a dark fallout.

glimmer 1
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Began With a D&D Campaign

Showrunner ND Stevenson discusses how the Dungeons & Dragons spell Misty Step heavily influenced one of She-Ra's most important main characters.

A Sims 4 player bottle feeds a horse foal 1
The Sims 4 Finally Adds Horses After Nearly a Decade of Fan Requests

In Sims 4: Horse Ranch, players will finally be able to raise, ride, and even breed horses in a world based on the iconic American West.

Dungeon and Dragons Human Fighter with Ladder 1
D&D Party Turns a Ladder Into an Unbeatable Weapon

A DM describes how his party transformed a simple metal ladder into one of the most overpowered objects they'd ever seen in a D&D campaign.

Neverwinter MMORPG Menzonberranzan 1
EXCLUSIVE: Neverwinter EP Teases Upcoming Module Unlike Anything From the MMORPG Yet

Executive producer Brett Norton claims future modules will feature unprecedented changes for Cryptic Studios' beloved MMORPG, Neverwinter.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Purge Trooper Commander 1
EXCLUSSIVE: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Unveils a Purge Trooper Commander Bust

Gentle Giant LTD offers a commanding entry for any Imperial collector or fan of the Jedi: Fallen Order series with a limited-run Purge Trooper bust.

Broken Gaming Controller 1
Microsoft Announces an End to New Xbox One Games: 'We've Moved On to Gen 9'

Head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty confirms the company is pulling support for the development of new games for the Xbox One.

Alexstraza World of Warcraft Cosplay 1
World of Warcraft Cosplayer Stuns in Award-Winning Alexstraza Full-Body Armor

Costume-maker extraordinaire Medha shows off the stunning cosplay of Alexstraza from World of Warcraft which won the Indian Championship.

Pikachu happily sits on Charizard's shoulder 1
Pokémon Survey Shows The United States Is Still Obsessed With Gen 1

A recent survey proves that Pokémon fans in the United States still have a preference for the first generation's Kanto Pokédex.

Some of the rarest Pokemon cards 1
Hugh Hefner's Son Goes to Extreme Lengths to Land Rare Pokémon Card

Marston Hefner, son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, is not afraid to bare all for the internet and work hard to get his hands on a rare Pokémon card.

Star Wars Outlaws ND-5 Battle Droid voiced by Jay Rincon 1
Star Wars Outlaw's Droid Has Fans Thirsty

The internet decides that Star Wars Outlaws includes precisely the droid fans of the franchise have been looking for, in the oddly attractive ND-5.

Lilith cosplay from the Diablo IV video game.  1
Diablo IV's Lilith Comes To Life In Chilling Life-Like Cosplay

A professional cosplayer brings The Daughter of Hatred to life in this hauntingly awesome Diablo IV cosplay of Lilith, the Queen of the Succubi.

DnD Neverwinter AI 1
EXCLUSIVE: Neverwinter EP Thinks AI Could Be Key to An Authentic D&D Video Game Experience

Neverwinter Executive Producer Brett Norton explains how future video games may utilize AI to create an authentic Dungeons & Dragons experience.

Critical Role Campaign 3 - Bells Hells Laura Bailey and Marisha Ray 1
Critical Role's Marisha Ray Has Fans In a Frenzy With One Word

Marisha Ray's curious diction in describing Laudna's relationship to fellow sorceress Imogen Temult, leaves Critical Role fans in a sorted state.

Nicolas Cage and Hideo Kojima 1
Nicolas Cage Fans Think His Hideo Kojima Meeting Confirms a Death Stranding 2 Cameo

Fans speculate Nicholas Cage's meeting with video game developer Hideo Kojima hints at a cameo role in the upcoming Death Stranding 2.

The Critical Role cast for Campaign 3, Episode 61 in thumbnail art for the episode.  1
Critical Role: A Fan Theory Claims a New Bells Hells Companions Might Not Be Humanoid

Critical Role fans theorize that the dog days are far from over for Bells Hells Issylran party, who may have a canine companion hiding in plain sight.

Edgin Darvis against D&D artwork backdrop 1
Ed Greenwood Confirms Honor Among Thieves' Canon to Forgotten Realms' History

Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood explains how Honor and Thieves will be incorporated into the extensive lore of Dungeons & Dragons.