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A split image of Green arrow and black canary alongside speedy and Peacemaker 1
An Unlikely Group of Heroes Could Doom the Entire DC Universe

Green Arrow's latest discovery teases that an unlikely group of DC heroes could be responsible for a world-ending event.

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10 Iconic Marvel & DC Heroes That Still Don't Have Their Own Video Game

Both Marvel and DC Comics have a great catalog of heroes, from the Flash to Doctor Strange, that still need a video game adaptation.

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10 Best Bronze Age Green Arrow Comics

From his team-up with Green Lantern, his first solo series, and his retconned character post-Crisis, discover Green Arrow's best Bronze Age comics.

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DC Just Retconned Green Arrow’s Most Tragic Death

Green Arrow has just revealed the truth behind his family's most tragic death, and it is somehow even more heartbreaking than before.

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10 Biggest Changes DC Made To Green Arrow's Origin

From introducing trick arrows to altering Oliver Queen's adventure on Starfish Island, DC Comics has significant changes to Green Arrow's origin.

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10 Marvel Characters Green Arrow Would Fall In Love With

Green Arrow may have better luck finding love in the Marvel Comics world with someone like Emma Frost.

Green Arrow aims trick arrows in golden age comics 1
10 Best Green Arrow Weapons From The Golden Age

From Acetelyne torches to atomic and boxing-glove arrows, discover Green Arrow's most impressive weapons from DC Comics' Golden Age.

Split image of WildC.A.T.s, Green Arrow, and Task Force X from DC Comics 1
10 DC Super-Teams Green Arrow Should Join

Green Arrow may be a popular member of the Justice League, but they're not the only DC superteam that would benefit from Ollie's experience and skill.

Green Arrow pulling bow on Dawn of DC 1
Dawn of DC Has Green Arrow Reliving His Origin - In Space

Green Arrow's new Dawn of DC series has the Emerald Archer reliving his origin all over again on an alien world.

A split image of Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #6, All-Star Superman #12, and Batman (Vol. 3) #85 from DC Comics 1
10 Popular DC Heroes (& Their Greatest Victory)

DC's greatest heroes, from Batman to Superman, triumphed over deadly foes like Bane and Luthor, achieving victories during desperate battles.

Green Arrow pulling his bow in front of Batman 1
Oliver Queen Once Revealed The Real Difference Between Green Arrow And Batman

Green Arrow and Batman are often compared, but one mission proved what makes them fundamentally different from one another

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen stands next to Lian Harper while trapped on a mysterious, cosmic island. 1
Why Green Arrow Never Runs Out of His Trick Weapons

Oliver Queen explains how Batman and The Flash built a device to ensure he's always equipped with supplies and weapons in DC's Green Arrow #2.

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DC’s Newest Publishing Strategy Is a Stroke of Genius

The publishing strategy employed during Dawn of DC is an effective way of gauging reader interest, and is a step in the right direction.

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10 DC Heroes Who Actually Kill Their Villains

DC heroes like Superman and Batman are known for their no-killing stance, but other heroes like Midnighter and Hawkman have no problem taking a life.

Green Arrow Chesire Cat Arsenal Amanda Waller 1
Green Arrow's Collision Course With Amanda Waller Hints at a DC Multiversal War

Green Arrow and his allies are on a collision course with Amanda Waller and her plans for DC's Multiverse.

Roy Harper reunites with his long-lost daughter, Lian, in the first issue of DC's Green Arrow. 1
Green Arrow Reunites Arsenal With His Long-Lost Daughter - With a Massive Twist

Roy Harper/Arsenal gets a chance to reunite with his daughter, Lian, in Green Arrow #1; however, the reunion is short-lived following a massive twist.

Green Arrow in his new costume 1
Green Arrow Debuts a Deadly New Type of Arrow and High-Tech Costume

A far-from-home Oliver Queen dons futuristic armor plates and a hard-hitting new variety of ammunition in the final pages of Green Arrow #1.

Split image: Wally West in Heroes in Crisis and Batman holding the body of Jason Todd 1
10 Most Controversial Justice League Deaths

The circumstances of various deaths, returns, and retcons of Justice League heroes and allies have caused controversy among DC comic readers.

Green Arrow, Speedy and Black Canary on Green Arrow #1 Cover 1
REVIEW: Green Arrow #1 Hits Its Target

Joshua Williamson and Sean Izaakse hit a bullseye in the return of Oliver Queen to the DC Universe in Green Arrow #1.

Green Arrow #1 reveals that, after his Dark Crisis death, Oliver Queen washed up on a cosmic island. 1
Green Arrow: DC Finally Reveals How Oliver Survived His Latest Death

The first chapter of DC Comics' new Green Arrow series reveals what happened to Oliver Queen following his Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths death.