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A split image of the main characters in star wars outlaws 1
How Is Star Wars: Outlaws The First Open-World Star Wars Game?

Star Wars: Outlaws is set to be the first full open-world game set in the galaxy far, far away, but it seems like that should have happened already.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 1
Nintendo & Sega's Rivalry, Explained

Ever since Sega started making consoles, they knew Nintendo was the company to beat. This well-known rivalry gave the US industry a much-needed boost.

zhulodok void gorger with the other legendary eldrazi magic cards 1
Zhulodok, Void Gorger Has The Potential To Undercut A Decade of Magic Lore

Zhulodok, Void Gorger is an exciting new Commander Masters card, but its existence seems to go against a decade of established Magic lore.

Pinocchio from lies of P 1
Lies of P Is the Perfect Starting Point for New Soulsborne Players

Lies of P is perfect for fans who are put off by the high difficulty of Soulslikes but who overwise enjoy the gameplay.

Twilight Princess created the legend of Zelda downfall timeline 1
Zelda's Fallen Timeline Only Exist Because of a Twilight Princess Mistake

Twilight Princess was a high point for the Zelda franchise, but it also led to the downfall of its infamous timeline.

Princess Peach in 2005's game Super Princess Peach, Princess Peach as seen in the 2023 movie Super Marios Bros., and Princess Peach racing in MarioKart 8 1
Why a Mainline Princess Peach Game is Super Important

Finally receiving a mainline game after decades of sitting on the sidelines, Princess Peach gets to prove why she's one of the best Mario characters.

Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild concept art 1
Tears of the Kingdom Repeats Breath of the Wild’s Biggest Mistake

Breath of the Wild, for all its brilliance, wasn't without its issues. Unfortunately, it's also passed a major storytelling flaw onto its sequel.

Starfield Skyrim mashup 1
PSA: Starfield Is Not an Elder Scrolls Game

While it has been likened to Skyrim, it is unrealistic to assume Starfield will feel and play like an Elder Scrolls game, given its setting and tone.

Detective Pikachu and Tim standing in the Pokémon video game 1
Detective Pikachu Returns Is The Best Way To Explore The Pokémon World

The Pokémon franchise has an exciting and ever-evolving world, and the Detective Pikachu Returns game may be the best way to explore it.

Batman glides across a room in the asylum in Batman Arkham Asylum. 1
Nintendo Fans Have Waited Too Long To Play The Batman Arkham Trilogy On Switch

It may have been over a decade since Batman: Arkham Asylum's release, but fans are thrilled to hear of the Arkham Trilogy's upcoming Switch Release.

Markiplier in costume from the new Iron Lung film in front of a scary eye on a screen 1
Can Markiplier Really Make Iron Lung Work As A Movie?

Iron Lung relies on an isolating feeling of paranoia for its scares, which will be very hard for Markiplier to translate to the big screen.

Arclight Pheonix art with Thalia's Lieutenant imposed onto it 1
MTG: Best Pioneer Decks for Beginners

The relatively new Pioneer format is a perfect middle ground between Standard and Modern for any Magic the Gathering fan.

Red XIII, Aerith, Cloud, Barret and Tifa stand at the edge of Midgar 1
How Final Fantasy VII Remake Subverts a Popular Video Game Trend

Remakes are all the rage now, but the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy stands to set itself apart from the crowd by twisting its lofty legacy.

Best Cards For A Bounce Deck in Marvel Snap including Beast, Spider-Ham, Hit-Monkey, and Falcon 1
How To Build A Bounce Deck In Marvel Snap

Bounce decks are increasingly popular in Marvel Snap, using strong cards like Beast, Kitty Pryde, and Hit-Monkey to overwhelm the competition.

An image of two Final Fantasy games that use the Active Time Battle system. 1
Final Fantasy Needs To Bring ATB Back

Final Fantasy has abandoned the Active Time Battle system, but bringing it back with modern tweaks could restore the series' classic appeal.

DK Wario and Rosalina from Super Mario 1
Who Else Could Be Playable in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder already boasts an impressive lineup of playable characters, but could even more be waiting in the wings?

Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII Remake 1
How Final Fantasy's Combat Has Evolved Since 1987

Over 36 years, Final Fantasy's combat systems evolved from turn-based to real-time battles, each game introducing unique strategic challenges.

Mario thinking about Nintendo Directs 1
Why Do Nintendo Directs Have So Many RPGs?

Nintendo Directs are usually full of RPGs, and while this might turn off some gamers, it's a way for the company to reclaim its former glory.

Mario becomes Elephant Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. 1
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Solves New Super Mario Bros.’ Biggest Issue

Super Mario Wonder gives the series its most whimsical aesthetic yet, abandoning the more boring look of the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Promo image for Beamdog's '80s cartoon-inspired Mythforce. 1
How Saturday Morning Cartoons Like He-Man Inspire Mythforce

Mythforce is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it's bringing with it tons of 1980s nostalgia and callbacks to classic fantasy cartoons like He-Man.