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Louis Kemner has been a fan of Japanese animation since 1997, when he discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z in elementary school. Now he's a bigger anime/manga fan than ever, and is ready to share what he knows with readers worldwide. He graduated high school in 2009 and received his Bachelor's in creative writing from UMKC in 2013, then put his skills to work in 2019 with CBR.com. He's always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read.

MTG split image: tornado above city and man holding head while gold coins fall out of mouth 1
10 Saltiest MTG Cards for the Commander Format, According to EDHRec

When Commander players play Magic cards like Stasis and Vorinclex, everyone at the table is going to have a salty time.

commander masters featured image 1
MtG: Commander Masters 2023 Complete Spoilers

Commander Masters is the latest MtG Masters set, and it promises brand-new Commanders as well as reprints of format staples.

A split image of Tomo Aizawa and Shikimori from different slice of life anime 1
Why Badass Protagonists Are What Slice-of-Life Anime Desperately Needs

Slice-of-life anime need more well-defined heroes to hold the story together, not passive characters who simply let things happen to them.

rimuru tempest and kirito in isekai anime 1
The Personal Problem With Power Fantasy Iskeai Heroes in Anime

Isekai characters must be more than pure escapism — they must stand for something or be forgotten.

mugen train's main characters in the manga 1
Demon Slayer Relies Too Heavily on Movies to Succeed

Demon Slayer's best arcs are either movies or could have been movies– but it's time to switch things up.

A split image of sauron and bilbo putting on the one ring 1
MTG: 10 Most Flavorful Cards in Tales of Middle-earth

MtG's Tales of Middle-earth features some cards that perfectly capture the essence of characters, creatures, and events from the LotR novel trilogy.

Shinobu Kocho of anime Demon Slayer 1
Demon Slayer: Why Shinobu Kocho is the Worst Hashira So Far

Shinobu Kocho is a fearsome fighter, but she lacks the personal warmth and inspirational words that make Kyojuro, Tengen, and Mitsuri so great.

On the left, Tamayo takes care of a sick Yushiro. On the right, Tanjiro cups Kanao's hands in reassurance.  1
The 15 Most Wholesome Demon Slayer Ships, Ranked

Fans love to imagine their favorite Demon Slayer characters falling in love, and some of these wholesome ships are even canon.

best things about best characters bib fortuna watto dryden vos 1
The 10 Best Things About the Worst Star Wars Characters

Star Wars has a lot of memorable heroes and villains, but even annoying characters like Jar Jar Binks contribute something to this space saga.

Mitsuri Kanroji with her demon slayer mark on her neck 1
The Newfound Importance of Demon Slayer's Marks After Season 3

Mitsuri and Muichiro both awakened their demon slayer marks, which may change how the entire demon slayer corps operates from now on.

nezuko kamado is smiling in the dawn in demon slayer 1
Demon Slayer: Nezuko is Either More Human Now – Or Even Less

Nezuko Kamado can now walk in the sun and is talking again -- but that doesn't mean she's human again.

a nazgul in magic the gathering 1
Why Two Tales of Middle-earth MTG Cards Surged in Price

Bilbo's Ring and the Nazgul cards are suddenly top-dollar cards in MTG's Tales of Middle-earth set.

Inosuke Hashibara and Tanjiro Kamado of anime Demon Slayer 1
How The Demon Slayer Movies Pace Out A Perfect Anime Adaptation

Demon Slayer's anime and movies take turns telling the story, giving the main series, and fans, room to breathe.

sauron in the lord of the rings 1
MtG: Tales of Middle-earth Has Four Sauron Cards - But Which is The Best?

Sauron appears four times in Tales of Middle-earth, but there can be only one Sauron creature to rule them all.

Luffy from movie One Piece: Film Red, Jotaro Cujoh from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Deku with other heroes from film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes 1
10 Best Entry Points In The Biggest Anime Franchises

Getting into huge anime franchises like Pokémon and Gundam means knowing where to start without needing advanced knowledge.

best lotr cards gandalf and the balrog 1
10 Best Cards in MTG's Tales of Middle-earth, Ranked

LotR: Tales of Middle-earth is packed with incredible cards like Mithril Coat and Flame of Anor that can dominate any game.

Deku wearing yellow cape in front of Dark Deku and Gran Torino 1
My Hero Academia Should've Done More With Vigilante Deku

Dark Deku wasn't so dark after all. He represented Izuku Midoriya's incredibly brave and selfless nature, taken to thrilling new levels.

25 Best High School Anime, Ranked 1
40 Best High School Anime, Ranked

Tons of anime take place in some sort of high school setting, but there are some truly stellar examples of the genre out there.

light yagami is concerned in death note 1
Why The Death Note Manga Ending Packs More Punch Than The Anime

Light Yagami's true tragic fall unfolds in the Death Note manga, which deconstructs his arrogant Kira persona in brutal detail.

Denji is fighting as Chainsaw Man 1
Why Chainsaw Man's Next Arc is Perfect For the Upcoming Movie

If Demon Slayer can turn an arc into a movie, so can Chainsaw Man before Season 2 airs.

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