After Nagato loses Yahiko in Naruto Shippuden, he changes his name to Pain and pursues his goal of inflicting pain and suffering throughout the shinobi world. His name reflects his philosophy, and he believes he's found a foolproof way to establish peace. Pain is an extremely compelling character because though he's a villain, he isn't entirely wrong.

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Pain's method of forcing others to acknowledge and understand suffering by causing death and devastation is inhumane, but his theories make sense. Pain gave captivating speeches on society, humanity, suffering, empathy, war, violence, and understanding. As a result, his villainous role didn't stop fans from acknowledging his illuminative ideologies.

Updated on April 14, 2023, by Mayra García: As one of the most complex characters in Naruto, Pain has many incredible quotes that will have the viewers reflecting on life. We've updated this list with Pain's best quotes and the source episode for each one of them.

15 "Knowing Pain Controls One's Words And Thoughts."

Season 6, Episode 18: "The Man Who Became God"

Pain about to fight Jiraiya, posing for battle in Naruto Shippuden.

Though their battle already began, Jiraiya is still curious about what had happened to Nagato to turn him into such a cruel person. The young boy he once knew was gone, and he wants to understand why he became so cold. Nagato simply states "nothing" happened to him, "just war."

Though Nagato lost everything during the Third Great Ninja War, he still had Yahiko and Konan — his newfound family. Unfortunately, Yahiko was fooled by Danzo and Hanzo into believing his death would bring peace. Yahiko's death made Nagato believe there wasn't any good left in the world and that only suffering could bring about understanding.

14 "Even The Most Ignorant, Innocent Child Will Eventually Grow Up."

Season 6, Episode 18: "The Man Who Became God"

Pain from Naruto looking determined with scars during battle.

Pain understands the harsh realities of growing up and that sometimes, children are forced to grow up and mature way too soon. Pain didn't get to have a childhood; his parents were murdered right in front of him during the war. This horrific tragedy forces him to leave home and fend for himself.

Pain states, "Even the most ignorant, innocent child will eventually grow up as they learn what true pain is. It affects what they say, what they think…and they become real people," — Pain knows this from experience.

13 "Pain Will Give Rise To Momentary Peace."

Season 8, Episode 14: "Nine-Tails, Captured!"

Pain after he arrives in Konoha in Naruto.

Even though many of Pain's actions are reprehensible, his thoughts on suffering are pretty insightful and can be helpful in real life. It's impossible to overcome something without facing it. People naturally run from it, but Pain experienced so much agony he's become immune to it.

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As a result, Pain ruthlessly inflicts pain and suffering upon others and callously tells them to embrace it. To instruct people to ignore the destruction and death he causes is insensitive, to say the least, but Pain thinks he is enlightening them.

12 "We Act According To Our Own Sense Of Justice."

Season 8, Episode 14: "Nine-Tails, Captured!"

Pain kneeling and looking at Naruto while stabbing his hand in Shippuden.

When Pain temporarily gains the upper hand in his fight against Naruto, he takes the time to have a discussion. Pain explains to Naruto that his family, his friends, and his village were destroyed by the Hidden Leaf Village years ago. His nation became a battlefield for the Great Nation's war. This revelation causes Naruto to realize that Pain suffered just as much, if not more, than he did.

Pain wants Naruto to understand that they aren't different, and in the end, they want the same things. Pain asserts, "You have your justice, and I have mine." Though fans can't agree with his methods, his thoughts are insightful — there's no clear hero or villain in their world.

11 "If You Kill People, You Shall Be Killed. Hatred Brings About This Cause And Effect."

Season 8, Episode 11: "Pain to the World"

Pain from Naruto Shippuden about to destroy the Leaf Village.

Pain understands that, more often than not, people's idea of justice is just a way to make them feel more exceptional than the rest. During peacetime, such individuals will put themselves on a pedestal and take credit for ending the war — even if they committed the most atrocities.

Everyone is consistently seeking their own sense of justice, even the most powerful heroes in Naruto. Pain understands this concept on a fundamental level because he doesn't have anything else to lose. He is no longer blinded by a singular need for revenge; as such, he feels connected to anyone that hurt the way he once did.

10 "Feel Pain, Contemplate Pain, Accept Pain, Know Pain."

Season 8, Episode 11: "Pain to the World"

Pain raising his hand toward something in the remains of Konoha in Naruto Shippuden.

Pain wants humanity to evolve by forcing them to embrace their fear, suffering, and inner darkness. No one can truly understand loss if they don't experience it. While his thought process isn't wrong, his means are more than questionable up until his death.

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Pain doesn't mind serving as the catalyst for everyone's hurt since he thinks everyone should experience it in order to grow. Ultimately, Pain conveys the idea that for one to grow past their suffering, one must experience it, sit with it, and learn from it.

9 "No Matter How Pathetic The Reason, It's Enough To Start A War."

Season 4, Episode 10: "Sad News"

Naruto and Pain facing off before their battle in Shippuden.

It wouldn't be fair to call Pain a nihilist. He wants to reform society because he sees the potential within it — no matter how twisted his methods may seem. Instead, it makes more sense to call Pain a cynic.

Most of Pain's contempt for humanity stems from the disappointment he feels regarding humanity's never-ending transgressions. He's seen too much war, and because of this, he's convinced that people will always find a reason, any reason, to fight and kill.

8 "Just By Living, People Hurt Others Without Even Realizing It."

Season 8, Episode 23: "Tale of Naruto Uzumaki"

Naruto punching Pain in the stomach in Shippuden.

Pain often ponders heavy topics, and it's unsurprising that he's not afraid to dissect dark subjects. Pain believes humanity is inherently evil, often claiming humans are only good for hurting each other.

Pain also believes cooperation and peace will never exist between people of different social classes and backgrounds. In the end, humanity is bound to head back to the battlefield once again. According to Pain, as it stands, "there is no peace in the world," and "war is just a crime paid for by the pain of the defeated."

7 "If You Don't Share Someone's Pain, You Can Never Understand Them."

Season 8, Episode 17: "The Fourth Hokage"

Pain talking to Naruto in Naruto Shippuden.

Pain makes it his personal mission to inflict pain and suffering. He deems himself the arbiter of truth and thinks he alone can redeem the world. His misguided attempt to share his flawed enlightenment only brings about the same anguish he endured most of his life.

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Instead of waiting for the next war, Pain decides to wreak havoc throughout the Hidden Villages to ensure his version of understanding. Though there is truth to understanding through shared experiences, forcing those experiences is wrong.

6 "Love Breeds Sacrifice, Which In Turn Breeds Hatred. Then You Can Know Pain."

Season 8, Episode 15: "Confessions"

The Six Paths of Pain looking at the same place in Naruto Shippuden.

Pain takes a cynical view of love. While most view the ability to love and form meaningful bonds as a strength, Pain feels these things hold humanity back.

Pain recognizes the fact that society has gotten comfortable with toxic, shallow relationships. He claims such connections only create jealousy, resulting in a loss. Pain sees every emotion as a gateway to pain — even love.

5 "Too Many People Have Died Here. Their Pain Is What Helped Me Grow Up."

Season 6, Episode 21: "The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant"

Pain injured in Naruto Shippuden about to use a jutsu.

Before he became Pain, he was Nagato. Nagato lost everything and everyone he ever loved, except Konan, one of the best female characters in Naruto. To Pain, his attachment to his parents, his village, and Yahiko only resulted in his anguish.

Losing everything Pain held dear hardened his heart, and he no longer feared pain and loss. Death was just a part of life to him. Tragically, Nagato's consistent misfortune causes him to have a twisted kinship with pain. Anger, loss, and suffering are the most familiar emotions to him.

4 "We Are Just Ordinary People Driven To Revenge In The Name Of Justice."

Season 8, Episode 14: "Nine-Tails, Captured!"

Pain at an Akatsuki meeting in Naruto.

Pain has made some rather astute observations about the nature of vengeance — especially considering that he seeks to avenge humanity as a whole by causing widespread unrest and death. Pain is quite insightful about the nature of society.

In particular, Pain criticizes humanity's hypocrisy in declaring their pursuit to avenge their loved ones and force the "bad guys" to take accountability. Pain declared, "Justice would only breed even more revenge." There will always be someone who feels wronged, and if they enact their revenge, those who suffered, as a result, will also seek vengeance — the cycle is never-ending.

3 "Those Who Do Not Understand True Pain Can Never Understand True Peace."

Season 8 Episode 11: "Pain to the World"

A weakened Nagato sitting on a

The crux of Pain's entire endgame is the idea of harboring peace through suffering. He believes people cause each other harm because they don't comprehend the consequences of their actions. If they've never truly felt pain themselves, then they wouldn't understand.

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People can claim to be empaths, but it's just an empty word when they don't truly put themselves in another person's shoes. Pain claims such inconsiderate behavior results in constant war.

2 "The World Will Know Real Pain."

Season 8, Episode 14: "Nine-Tails, Captured!"

Pain from Naruto looking angry from an upward angle.

Pain repeatedly states that he wants the world to know pain. He believes that "the fear instilled by that pain [will] prevent wars." Ironically, Pain wants a world filled with "stability and peace," but his methods are gruesome and unforgiving. He is willing to enact decades of torment and misery because he believes peace will be achieved eventually.

However, Pain also asserts that this peace will be temporary and fighting will ensue once more, but peace will be found yet again. He dreams of an "endless cycle of hatred" that will bring about sporadic moments of true peace. This is exactly what he means in his speech before his fight with Naruto.

1 "Things I Couldn't See When I Was Human Are Clear To Me Now That I Am A God."

Season 6, Episode 18: "The Man Who Became God"

Pain speaking to Jiraiya before their battle in Naruto Shippuden.

Pain believes that through "never-ending pain," he has evolved past human understanding. When Jiraiya asks Pain his thoughts on abandoning the love of friends, Pain states that Jiraiya is "still just a man." He trivializes human emotions and declares himself a god — believing his "words and thoughts [are] absolute."

Pain's able to reject his sensei's pleas because he believes Jiraiya simply doesn't understand what he is saying — his mortality prevents him from comprehending Pain's self-proclaimed godhood. When Pain decides to rebuild the "war-torn world," he convinces himself that it's the work of a god and that there are "things [he] can do which man cannot." Pain deludes himself into thinking he is "the god of peace," and that total devastation is the only way to mature the world.

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