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Kurapika with glowing scarlet eyes in Hunter x Hunter. 1
Hunter x Hunter to Release Kurapika's Memories as Digital Exclusive

Fans of Hunter x Hunter's Kurapika can learn more about the character's tragic backstory in this upcoming one-shot prequel spinoff.

Sasuke's Chidori Blade in Naruto. 1
Sasuke Has Always Been The Best Character In Naruto

With a role as important as the protagonist and a remarkably crafted personality, the Naruto anime would've never been the same without Sasuke.

A split image of Ichigo from Bleach, a kiss from Naruto, and Luffy's Gear Four form from One Piece 1
10 Things Shonen's Big Three Does Better Than The Dark Trio

From stronger comedy to playful filler, Shonen Jump's Big Three has the Dark Trio beat in a number of ways.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles - collage of manga characters. 1
Stop Taking Mashle So Seriously

Anyone wondering whether Mashle gets more serious later down the line can rest easy knowing that this series maintains its humor throughout.

Mackenyu Arata in the gym and Roronoa Zoro from One Piece with three swords. 1
The One Piece Live-Action Series Is Mackenyu's Second Chance

Mackenyu failed to win American audiences over in Knights of the Zodiac, but playing Zoro in One Piece may give him the chance he needs.

Mitsuri Kanroji looks affectionate in Demon Slayer. 1
Demon Slayer Reveals the Origin Behind a Piece of Mitsuri's Clothing

The Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji has an iconic wardrobe, and the latest episode has provided context to one of the most prominent items.

Boa Hancock, Yamato, Eustass Kid from One Piece split image. 1
15 Most Underrated One Piece Heroes

Many One Piece heroes don't get enough credit and deserve way more time in the spotlight, such as Boa Hancock, Yamato, and Eustass Kid.

Tenmaku Cinema and Promised Neverland 1
Tenmaku Cinema’s Promised Neverland Cameo

The creative team behind Food Wars has given a friendly shout-out to The Promised Neverland in their new manga series about filmmaking.

Boa Hancock One Piece 1
One Piece Boa Hancock Comes to Life in Anime-Accurate Cosplay

One Piece fans instantly turn to stone after looking at this stunning cosplay of the iconic Boa Hancock in her purple dress.

My Hero Academia's Deku crying out of happiness.  1
My Hero Academia's Creator Promises to 'Push Through' After Hiatus

My Hero Academia's creator, Kohei Horikoshi, announces another hiatus for the series and promises to work hard when the manga comes back.

Kohaku Dr Stone 1
Dr. Stone's Kohaku Becomes a Terrifying 'Beauty' After Self-Makeover

Senku, Gen, Ginro and Kohaku are given shocking makeovers in the latest episode of Dr. Stone, with Kohaku in particular painting a picture.

10 Best Things About Shonen Jump's Worst Heroes 1
10 Best Things About Shonen Jump's Worst Heroes

Not all of Shonen Jump's heroes are as lovable as the likes of One Piece's Luffy or JJK's Itadori, but they still have good traits.

Dandadan Vol 3 Cover 1
Dandadan Mangaka Accidentally Deleted a Chapter's Final Pages - With No Back-Up

The popular new manga Dandadan nearly lost the final pages of one of its chapters after the author accidentally made a tech mishap.

Haganezuka Demon Slayer 1
Demon Slayer Fans Obsessed With Haganezuka's Handsome Face After Dramatic Reveal

The famously masked Haganezuka from Demon Slayer finally reveals his face, and fans are losing it over the unexpected result.

Saitama from One-Punch Man reading manga 1
All the Best Places to Legally Read Manga Online

There are plenty of options available when it comes to legally reading digital manga, but here are some of the very best of them.

The main characters from the 1980s anime Saint Seiya.  1
Saint Seiya: The Best Shonen Anime Without an Ending

Saint Seiya is one of the biggest, most influential anime to come out of Shonen Jump's golden age, though it didn't end the way it was supposed to.

comic copilot 1
Weekly Shōnen Jump, Jump+ Editors Co-Create AI Manga Writing Tool

Two editors from Shōnen Jump+ have decided to co-create a tool that will use AI to generate ideas and names and shorten dialogue.

Shonen Jump Nue Exorcist 1
Shonen Jump's Nue's Exorcist Is Shaping Up to Be Summer's Hottest New Supernatural Manga

The first chapter of Nue's Exorcist shows that Shonen Jump might have a new hit on its hands.

Yayoi Hozuki with wide eyes surrounded by cherry blossoms. 1
REVIEW: Dark Gathering Volume 1

While not breaking new ground, Dark Gathering Is a cute yet scary exploration into things that go bump in the night that is sure to spook readers.

A split image of Eustass Kid grimacing, Gecko Moria, grinning, and Foxy laughing in One Piece. 1
15 Worst-Written Characters In One Piece, Ranked

The worst-written One Piece characters are bland and clumsily developed, like Eustass Kid, Gecko Moria, and Foxy.