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Release Date:
June 16, 2023
Andy Muschietti
Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Ben Affleck, Michael Shannon, Michael Keaton, Temuera Morrison, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue
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The Flash: Michael Keaton's Batman in front of Sasha Calle's Supergirl. 1
Michael Keaton's Batman Needed One More Flash Scene To Justify a Major Story Change

The Flash has a lot of fun with Michael Keaton's Batman but there needed to be some more context in the story regarding his overall arc.

The Flash' Sasha Calle and Fast and Furious 1
If the DCU Doesn't Want Sasha Calle, Another Franchise Should Come Calling

Sasha Calle's Supergirl may not return after The Flash, but there's another massive blockbuster franchise home to DCEU stars that she could join.

Michael Keaton's Batman unmasked with Robert Pattinson preparing to fight and Batman fighting Superman in the background 1
The Best Batman Movie Fights, Ranked

Batman's different cinematic versions from films like The Dark Knight and The Flash have shown their own unique fighting skills in memorable scenes.

Ezra Miller's Flash feels the speed force around him. 1
The Flash Is a Box Office Bomb - It's Time to End This Annoying Trend

The Flash isn't a hit at the box office, and its use of the now-tired Multiverse concept signals that the superhero movie trend needs to end.

Ezra Miller The Flash and Gustin Grant Arrowverse The Flash 1
The Flash Makes It Clear Who the DCU's Scarlet Speedster Should Be

As much as Barry Allen is loved by comic fans, it's time to pass the mantle to another Scarlet Speeder when the DCU takes a crack at the hero.

Ezra Miller as the flash running in front of Michael Keaton Batman and Supergirl 1
The Flash Take a Page from a Sci-Fi Classic for Its Paradox

Superhero stories usually go big with their plot twists. The Flash does the opposite: skipping easy drama in favor of a twist from a sci-fi classic.

Supergirl in front of Batman and The Flash 1
The Flash Is the Most Tragic Superhero Movie Ever

The Flash's jokey nature doesn't stop the 2023 movie from having truly dour storylines that make it the superhero genre's biggest tragedy.

Split image of Jesse Quick and Wally West in DC Comics and Grant Gustin Flash 1
10 Best Speedster Costumes In The DC Universe, Ranked

The speedsters of the DC Universe all use their abilities in different ways but there's a shared language among the Flash comic costume designs.

Evan Peters' Quicksilver with images from the DCEU's Flash in the background  1
The Flash Confirms the Best Speedster Is in a Marvel Movie

Despite a higher public profile, The Flash has conceded big-screen dominance to his lesser-known rival at Marvel. The MCU had to do the same thing.

Barry Allen and Grant Gustin Flash 1
The Flash Never Addresses the Arrowverse's Most Shocking Cameo

The Flash has many cameos in its loose adaptation of Flashpoint, but it never addresses a major elephant in the room from an old Arrowverse crossover.

The Flash with Michael Keaton's Batmobile. 1
Why The Flash Banking on Nostalgia Is Its Downfall

The Flash banks on nostalgia for much of the movie, which shows not only the movie's downfall but the downfall of current cinema in general.

The Flash, played by Ezra Miller, looks down a Gotham City street in the 2023 film. 1
George Clooney Gave The Flash’s Ezra Miller Advice On Behaving in Public

George Clooney and The Flash’s Ezra Miller spend time on set together in a fruitful conversation about managing the pressure of being in public.

Ezra Miller's Flash in front of Across the Spider-Verse's cast 1
Across the Spider-Verse Is a Better Multiverse Movie Than the Flash for a Simple Reason

The Flash hinges on a very specific version of the Multiverse: bringing with it some significant problems that the animated Spider-Verse avoids.

Split Image: Michael Keaton's Batman, Ezra Miller's Flash, and Ben Affleck's Batman in The Flash 1
The Flash: [SPOILER]’s Batman Cameo Came Together in Just a Few Weeks

The Flash's surprise Batman cameo was reportedly put together in a very short amount of time.

General Zod in front of the Flash and Super Girl 1
The Flash Proves Zod Is the DCEU's Most Important Villain

The Flash's inclusion of Zod as its major villain makes the 2023 movie an ideal bookend for the DCEU -- and proves the Kryptonian's dominance.

The Flash (Ezra Miller) ready to speed off, with the Batwing to the left and Supergirl's feet to his right. 1
The Flash Used YouTube for Some of Its Biggest DC Cameos

The Flash's supervising sound editor, Nancy Nugent, reveals the role YouTube played in bringing several of the DC Studio film's cameos to life.

Ben Affleck's tactical Batman suit with Michael Keaton's vault of costumes from The Flash in the background 1
10 Worst Live-Action Batman Costumes, Ranked

Ben Affleck's Batman wore one of the worst live-action costumes in 2023's The Flash though there are a few other batsuits that failed to impress fans.

Savitar Facing The Flash 1
The Flash's Big Twist Is Too Predictable - It Was Already Done by The CW Show

The Flash sees Barry Allen attacked by a mysterious speedster, but fans of The CW's Flash series won't be surprised by the villain's true identity.

The Flash Ending 1
The Flash Could Lose Warner Bros. Discovery Almost $200 Million

The Flash's second weekend drop-off at the U.S. box office could reportedly put the movie on track to lose Warner Bros. Discovery $200 million.

Ezra Miller as The Flash with Superman holding Supergirl's body from Crisis on Infinite Earths in the background 1
The Flash Movie Profoundly Misunderstands the DC Multiverse and Hypertime

The Flash prominently features the idea of the DC Multiverse, but the way in which it's used is closer to the somewhat similar concept of Hypertime.