The docuseries Superpowered: The DC Story will premiere on Warner Bros. Discovery's streaming app, Max, during San Diego Comic-Con on July 20.

Regarding its long-awaited return to the showroom floor, DC Comics announced that the three-part documentary about the storied comic book company and its legacy will air for the first time at SDCC. Superpowered will follow the history of the comic book giant, from its humble beginnings to its later foray into TV and film. Per DC’s official description, it "takes an unprecedented look at the enduring and influential legacy of DC, allowing fans to rediscover the universe of characters, as well as the iconic comic book company’s origins, its evolution and its nearly nine-decade cultural impact across every artistic medium."

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Who Is Involved in the Superpowered Docuseries?

Actor Rosario Dawson, who has an extensive history doing voiceover work for DC projects – she voiced Wonder Woman in several animated Justice League projects and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the LEGO Batman movie – narrates the documentary. Leslie Iwerks and Mark Catalena co-direct Superpowered: The DC Story, and bring with them a breadth of experience in this kind of documentary work. Iwerks is responsible for The Pixar Story and The Imagineering, which tell the stories of Pixar and Disney, respectively, in a similar way to the DC docuseries. Mark Catalena worked on Johnny Carson: The King of Late Night, which embarks on a similar task about the late, great talk show host. Superpowered features interviews with many writers and illustrators who have helped build the DC empire through their tireless work, including Mike Carlin, Jim Lee and Bruce Timm. Stars from the modern television and silver screen era, such as Gal Gadot, Robert Pattinson, Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Benoist, and Zoë Kravitz, will also feature in the documentary series.

The first of three episodes, titled "The Hero’s Journey," will discuss the creation of DC’s so-called trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. It will also address the company’s struggles in the era after World War II. The second episode is titled "Coming of Age" and explores the evolution of the company as it adapted to TV and movies. The third and final episode, "A Better Tomorrow," considers the company’s future, representation in comics, and Milestone Media.

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With the participation of DC employees, who, through acting, writing, directing or otherwise, have carved their names into the annals of superhero history, the docuseries promises to elucidate the cultural impact that the company has had.

The first episode will be available for streaming on Max during SDCC on July 20.

Source: DC