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10 Best First Issue Green Lantern Comics

The greatest Green Lanterns in the cosmos have premiered in incredible first issues that laid the foundations for their DC Comics journeys.

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10 DC Comics That Still Need A Sequel

Amazing DC comics featuring team-ups with Batman, or new, experimental characters like Damage, deserve sequels to continue their narratives.

Hal and Hector's faces merge and Hal hold Sharks mouth open on Green Lantern comic covers 1
10 Green Lantern Comic Covers Better Than Their Stories

Green Lantern has appeared on hundreds of DC comic book covers, with many stories failing to live up to the stellar artwork featured on the front.

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Superboy is Set to Fight DC’s Most Powerful Army

Conner Kent's Superboy is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe - and he is now on a collision course with an intergalactic army.

Split image of Nova (Richard Rider) from Marvel Comics and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) from DC Comics 1
10 Times DC Was Ripped Off By Marvel

Bearing a strong resemblance to DC creations, Marvel characters like Hyperion, Nova, and Black Cat toe the line between inspiration and overt copying.

A split image of All-Star Comics #8, Action Comics #1, and Detective Comics #27 from DC Comics 1
10 Best DC Comics Hero Debuts

From Superman's debut in the Golden Age to the emergence of the New Teen Titans, the first appearances of DC's best heroes are so memorable.

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Speed Force Constructs: Is DC's The Flash a More Powerful Green Lantern?

Using the Speed Force, The Flash can make constructs that rival the powerful versions created by DC Comics' Green Lanterns.

Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Jessica Cruz, Hal Jordan, Simon Baz, Kilowog, and Guy Gardner from DC Comics 1
DC's Toughest Green Lantern Has Taken on a New Role - As a Life Coach

Hal Jordan might be down on his luck, but one of his oldest friends from the Green Lantern Corps is here to get him back on track.

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DC Reveals a Fan-Favorite Green Lantern’s First Love

A brand-new Green Lantern love story is featured in DC Pride: Through the Years #1.

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10 Most Underrated DC Comics Of The 2000s

Surprise characters like Hawkgirl and Space Ghost starred in some of the best, most underrated DC comic books from the 2000s.

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John Stewart Fights a Dangerous Villain in DC's New Green Lantern Series

DC Comics announces John Stewart will have to face an ultra-dangerous enemy in a newly announced Green Lantern series, Green Lantern: War Journal.

The Flash and Green Lantern team up in New 52 and Brave and the Bold comics 1
10 Best Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up Comics

The Flash and Green Lantern have shared many great team-ups and crossovers in DC Comics, dating back to Brave and the Bold Silver Age adventures.

split image: Flash vs Reverse Flash Arrowverse, Superman vs Luthor, Batman vs Joker in DC Comics 1
10 DC Heroes Who Created Their Own Worst Enemies

DC heroes like Batman, Superman and the Flash ultimately created their greatest villains, Joker, Luthor, and Reverse Flash, through their own actions.

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How Justice League’s Green Lantern & Hawkgirl Got Together and Had a Son

Justice League Unlimited revealed that Batman Beyond's Warhawk was the child of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, but the comics explained how this heroic family came together.

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10 Weirdest Green Lantern Villains

Hal Jordan, John Stewart and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps battle some of the weirdest villains from Earth to Oa and across the DC Universe.

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10 Best Science Fiction-Based DC Heroes

Superman came from Krypton, Green Lanterns patrol the cosmos, and many more DC Comics heroes thrive in the realm of science fiction.

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DC Brought Back the LGBTQ Flash/Green Lantern Romance in the Coolest Way Possible

The Flashlight and Red Racer's love story goes absolutely cosmic in DC Pride and it's a great example of DC's knack for writing LGBTQ characters.

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10 Strongest Magical Weapons In DC Comics

From Green Lantern's Starheart to Blue Beetle's scarab, DC's characters use the strongest weapons in the universe to help fight their battles.

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A Forgotten DC Miniseries Introduced Earth's Very First Green Lantern - And He Was Awesome

A forgotten DC miniseries revealed the very first Earth born Green Lantern - and it was neither Hal Jordan nor Alan Scott.

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10 DC Comics Sequels That Surpassed The Original

Some of the best DC comics are actually sequels that surpassed their originals, expanding lore for characters like Batman or teams like The Terrifics.