selina kyle sitting in front of the night sky as seen on the cover of catwoman #56 1
Catwoman Wants to Fix Gotham by Making Batman a Criminal – And It'd Work

Catwoman is prepared to save Gotham City by taking total control over its organized crime racket, and the only thing stopping her is Batman.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy lying on grass and Black Adam and Sinestro standing 1
15 Strongest DC Villain Friendships

Even DC's best villains like Poison Ivy or Sinestro need friends, finding strong companionships with fellow villains like Harley Quinn and Black Adam.

Catwoman leashed Batman in shadow 1
Batman and Catwoman's Latest Confrontation is Leading to a Showdown

Batman and Catwoman's relationship has become far more complex, setting the stage for their inevitable face-off in "Showdown" to be even darker.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have a tense conversation in DC's Batman #136. 1
How DC Is Sowing the Seeds of Batman and Catwoman's War

The latest chapter in DC Comics' ongoing Batman series begins to sow the seeds of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle/Catwoman's upcoming Gotham City war.

Selina Kyle from 2022's The Batman, Catwoman as seen in DC comics and Catwoman as seen in 1992's Batman Returns  1
Batman: The Oversexualization of Catwoman Harms Her Character

Catwoman has been overshadowed by her sexuality to the point of degradation. However, DC's creators are giving Selina Kyle her voice back.

Catwoman in front of Batman family 1
Catwoman is Tougher than the Entire Batman Family in One Very Crucial Way

Catwoman's resistance to an interdimensional threat in Power Girl Special #1 highlights a strength she has over the entire Batman Family.

Red Hood/Jason Todd stands in front of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Catwoman/Selina Kyle. 1
Batman vs Catwoman: A Major Robin Joins Selina's War Against Bruce

A major Robin is joining Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's battle with one another in DC's next major crossover event, Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War.

Selina Kyle sits on top of a rooftop in cover art for DC Comics' Catwoman #56. 1
EXCLUSIVE: DC’s Two Catwomen Are About to Take Down a Major Batman Villain

A CBR preview of Catwoman #56 sees DC Comics' two Catwomen, Selina Kyle and Eiko Hasigawa, jump into battle with a notorious Batman villain.

Split image of Batman in cover art for Ghost in the Machine and Future State: Dark Detective. 1
10 Best Batman Comics Illustrated By Women

Many artists lent their talents to Batman's corner of the DC world, and these are some of the best Batman comics illustrated by women.

Split image of Anti-Monitor, Harley Quinn and Starro in DC Comics 1
10 Best DC Comics Villain Debuts

DC's most notorious villains had to start off on the right foot, with amazing comic debuts to help cement themselves as threats for many years.

Split image: Kitty Pryde and Colossus and the Joker and Harley Quinn in comics 1
10 On-Again, Off-Again Comic Couples Who Are Better Off Broken Up

Iconic comic book couples like Joker and Harley or Kitty Pryde and Colossus are better off broken up thanks to their complicated romantic histories.

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon and Catwoman/Selina Kyle get superpowers in DC's RWBY crossover. 1
Batgirl and Catwoman Get Superpowers in DC's Latest Crossover

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon and Catwoman/Selina Kyle both get unexpected superpowers in a preview for the latest chapter of DC Comics' RWBY crossover.

Catwoman snarling in her new DIY costume superimposed over her older, more traditional outfits 1
Catwoman Debuts an Unusual and Very Different DIY Costume

Catwoman turns her prison jumpsuit into a familiar mask and set of claws as she prepares to do battle with Punchline within the confines of jail.

Catwoman laying upside down looking toward the reader 1
Catwoman's Latest Power Play Could Explain Her Upcoming Showdown With Batman

Catwoman just made an unlikely villainous alliance that will likely set the stage for her upcoming showdown against Batman.

Instagram user Lis Wonder captures an inspirational pregnant Catwoman/Selina Kyle cosplay. 1
A Pregnant Catwoman Patrols Gotham in an Inspirational DC Cosplay

Instagram Lis Wonder creates a perfect pregnant Catwoman/Selina Kyle DC Comics cosplay based on Tom King and Mikel Janín's "Helena" story.

batman white knight writers zatanna catwoman spinoffs 1
EXCLUSIVE: Batman: White Knight Writers Hope for Zatanna, Catwoman Spinoffs

Writers Katana Collins and Clay McCormack tell CBR they'd like to see Zatanna and Catwoman spinoffs set within DC's Batman: White Knight universe.

batman catwoman showdown crossover event dawn of dc 1
Batman and Catwoman Trade Romance for All-Out War in DC's Next Crossover Event

Batman/Bruce Wayne and Catwoman/Selina Kyle appear to be headed into all-out war with one another in a brand-new Dawn of DC crossover event.

Split Image of Booster Gold giving a thumbs up, Alfred Pennyworth's statue and Huntress smiling DC Comics 1
10 DC Heroes Who Finally Got The Credit They Deserved

It is deeply satisfying to see underappreciated DC superheroes finally receive recognition for their devotion and selflessness.

Split image of Batman and Catwoman in Hush and Batman carrying Catwoman in Heart of Hush cover art. 1
10 Best Batman & Catwoman Comics

Batman and Catwoman are one of the most iconic comic book romantic couples, starring in some of the best DC comics.

split image of Apollo and Midnighter and Superman and Lois Lane 1
15 Best DC Romances Of All Time

In DC Comics, romance is just as important as colorful costumes and intense action scenes. These super couples set the bar high for everyone else.