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Captain America, Spider-Man, and other characters from Marvel's Ultimate universe by Bryan Hitch 1
How Ultimate Marvel Reinvented Classic Comic Characters For Modern Readers

The Ultimate Universe changed classic Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men — making them more relevant and interesting.

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Marvel's Ultimate Universe Needs To Be Dark & Gritty When It Returns

While it may have earned Marvel some controversy, the Ultimate Universe's "edginess" is necessary to make the relaunch stand out.

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The X-Men’s Krakoa Era Deserves a Place in Marvel's New Ultimate Universe

The Ultimate Universe's last X-Men development can replicate the now ending Krakoa Era of Earth-616, bringing it into the new Ultimate X-Men comics.

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10 Marvel Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong

Marvel's comic creators sometimes break the mold and experiment with their universe, but some, involving clones or conflicts, went horribly wrong.

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10 Worst Marvel Villain Redesigns

Marvel's villains changing their costumes and gimmicks is exciting and necessary, but not all Marvel villains are lucky enough to get a cool redesign.

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Ultimate Fantastic Four Was Everything Heroes Reborn Tried to Be

1996's Heroes Reborn and 2004's Ultimate Fantastic Four retell the origins of Marvel's first family. Which story showcased the Fantastic Four best?

The 10 Worst Things About Marvel Comics From The 2000s

The 2000s was a great time for Marvel fans, but even in a decade of successes, the publisher made plenty of mistakes.

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10 Times Ultimate Marvel Went Off The Rails

One generation's edge is another's cringe and that's what happened with a lot of Ultimate Marvel.

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Spider-Man: How Ultimate Marvel Turned Harry Osborn Into a New Kind of Goblin

After reinventing the Green Goblin, Marvel's Ultimate Universe reinvented their Harry Osborn as a radically different incarnation of the Hobgoblin.

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How Ultimate Marvel Turned a Fantastic Four Hero Into Kang the Conqueror

Though the mainstream Kang has a connection to Reed Richards, the Ultimate incarnation of the villain makes their relationship far more tragic.

Daredevil: The Ultimate Marvel Universe Never Did Matt Murdock Justice

Whereas Ultimate Spider-Man felt like a modern take on the character, the Ultimate version of Daredevil felt too similar and too different.

Ultimatum Worst Moments Feature 1
Ultimate Comics: 10 Most Disturbing Moments In Ultimatum

Ultimatum proved to be a controversial arc that effectively ended Marvel's Ultimate Comic universe in a gruesome and disturbing way.

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Ultimate Arsenal: The Deadliest Weapons in Marvel's Ultimate Universe

The Ultimate Marvel Universe is filled with all sorts of powerful weapons that could wipe the floor with any of Marvel's strongest heroes.

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Ultimatum: How Ultimate Marvel's WORST Event Set Up Its BEST Stories

Fans who stopped reading Marvel's Ultimate comics after Ultimatum don't know what they missed.

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Ultimate Captain America Was Marvel's BEST Captain America

Reevaluating the Ultimate Captain America yields some startling results -- he may actually the best version of the character, ever.

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Ultimate Marvel: 5 Heroes More Powerful Than Their Mainstream Versions

Some Ultimate Marvel heroes weren't as strong as their Marvel Universe counterparts, but these X-Men and Ultimates heroes pack a much bigger punch.

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Marvel’s Ultimate Universe Deserves a Revival

An Ultimate Universe revival would be perfect for MCU fans looking for a streamlined continuity full of classic Marvel characters.

Marvel Comics' All-New Ultimate Universe, Explained

Spider-Men II ended with a huge reveal that changes just about everything we know about the Marvel Multiverse.

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Ultimate Marvel: The 16 Craziest Changes And Controversies

CBR takes a look back at the Ultimate Marvel Universe, and some of the most controversial stories and characters to come out of the imprint.