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10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList) 1
10 Top Rated Doujinshi By Users (According To MyAnimeList)

Avid manga readers will be sure to love these top-rated doujinshi on MyAnimeList.

Manhwa The Breaker and Annarasumanara 1
10 Best Manhwa of All Time (According to MyAnimeList)

Manhwa originate from South Korea and MyAnimeList has voted on the absolute best.

Kaori Miyazono with Kousei Arima of anime Your Lie in April and Jun Naruse of movie Anthem of the Heart  1
10 Heartbreaking Anime Like Your Lie In April

Your Lie in April is still hailed as one of the most emotional anime created in the last decade. Here are 10 other heartbreaking shows like it.

5 Siblings In Anime That Are Adorable Together (& 5 That Are Cringeworthy)

Not every sibling relationship in anime was created equally. Though sibling rivalry can get old, sometimes sibling bonds can go too far.

On the left, Mitsuri Kanroji looks pleased, with a slight smile and hands clasped against her cheek. On the right, Inosuke Hashibira leaps to the right while dawning his boar mask. 1
15 Most Popular Characters In Demon Slayer, According To MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList users enjoy rating popular Demon Slayer characters; Mitsuri Kanroji and Inosuke Hashibira have thousands of favorites.

10 Anime That Are Clearly Inspired By Naruto

Such has been Naruto's popularity that it has spawned a slew of anime from different studios, all eager to capitalize on Naruto’s success.

10 Longest-Running Anime That Never Got to Finish their Story 1
15 Longest-Running Anime That Never Got To Finish Their Story

There are anime much older than One Piece that have been airing their episodes for as long as nearly half a century!

Characters Who Can Easily Survive Saitama’s Punches 1
15 Anime & Comic Characters Who Can Easily Survive Saitama’s Punches

Saitama from One Punch Man can annihilate almost any foe with a single punch, but the powerhouses of anime and comic books are the exception.

Anime characters in rainbow and black 1
15 Anime With The Most Unique Art Styles

From Shiki to Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, there are a ton of great anime that break the mold and feature some of the most unique art styles out there.

Emilia, yor, and yato 1
13 Anime Characters Whose Powers Don't Match Their Personality

Anime characters who are shown as dense, carefree, or excessively cute are often the ones that possess some of the most deadly powers.

10 Anime Characters Who Could Easily Be Twins 1
15 Anime Characters Who Could Easily Be Twins (But Aren’t)

While many anime characters fit into some sort of established physical archetype, the similarities of these duos goes a little beyond that.

Muzan from Demon Slayer. 1
Demon Slayer: 15 Anime Demons Who Can Easily Defeat Muzan

Muzan is a powerful demon in his own universe, but anime is full of powerful demons that can easily give him a run for his money.

10 Best Female Protagonists in Isekai Anime 1
10 Best Female Protagonists In Isekai Anime

These female protagonists truly stand out in the chaotic worlds of isekai anime.

15 Best Dubbed Anime Available On Netflix

Netflix hasn't always been known for its anime selection, but excellent English-dubbed anime are added all the time.

yuuichiro dark stare yuji itadori looking up 1
10 Things Jujutsu Kaisen Copied From Other Shonen Anime

Jujutsu Kaisen is a recent fan favorite in shonen anime, and it definitely takes certain tropes & aspects from its predecessors.

Yasuri nanami forest abigail jones water droplets 1
10 Unconventional Anime Heroines Who Deserve More Love

Anime heroines who challenge the norms deserve some love too.

Nina Madam Red 10 Anime Characters Who Were Killed Off For No Reason 1
10 Anime Characters Who Were Killed Off For No Reason

Sometimes, deaths in anime are more gratuitous than they initially appear and are done for shock value or because they've outlived their usefulness.

Death Note and Future Diary 10 Most Popular Psychological Anime According To Myanimelist 1
10 Most Popular Psychological Anime, According To MyAnimeList

Looking for a show to binge that will keep you glued to your screen and at the edge of your seat? Give these series a try!

Yuji Itadori & Tanjiro Kamado 1
5 Ways Yuji Itadori & Tanjiro Are Exactly The Same (& 5 They're Totally Different)

Do the two most popular shonen heroes, Tanjiro and Yuuji, fit in the same molds?

Nezuko & Bishamon 1
10 Scariest Anime Character Who Are Actually Sweethearts

There are certain characters that appear to be mean and scary but in reality, are complete sweethearts.

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