Fall of X


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X-Men Villain Mister Sinister Reconciles With His Once-Dead Wife

The X-Men's Mister Sinister hasn't always gotten along with his late wife's clone, Mother Righteous - but that might be changing.

X-Men: Marvel's New Fall of X Trailer Teases the Fate of Mutantkind

Marvel releases a trailer for its upcoming event Fall of X - giving fans a glimpse into the chaos that the X-Men and their fellow mutants will face.

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Former Comrades Clash in Ed Brisson’s Alpha Flight

Ed Brisson talks about his Alpha Flight mini-series where the events of Fall of X split the titular team into two warring factions.

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X-Men: Marvel’s New Hellfire Gala Trailer Teases the Fall of Mutantkind

Marvel has released a trailer for the upcoming Hellfire Gala that will kick off the major X-Men storyline, The Fall of X

The X-Men descend into rubble in Before the Fall: Mutant First Strike. 1
REVIEW: Marvel's X-Men: Before the Fall - Mutant First Strike #1

When a small town suffers a major attack seemingly at the hands of a mutant, Bishop assembles and leads the rescue effort.

Jean Grey scores a new solo series exploring her past for the upcoming  1
Jean Grey Solo Series Sends the X-Man to the Past to Save Mutantkind

Marvel announces a new Jean Grey solo series, which is part of the upcoming "Fall of X" event, by writer Louise Simonson and artist Bernard Chang.

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X-Men: Beast's Fate Signals the End for the Quiet Council - And May Lead to Fall of X

The X-Men's Beast has finally faced the Quiet Council for his recent actions, and his fate may lead directly into Marvel's Fall of X.

The X-Men's Nightcrawler transforms into Marvel's new Uncanny Spider-Man for Fall of X. 1
Nightcrawler is a Perfect Choice For Marvel's New Uncanny Spider-Man

The X-Men's upcoming 'Fall of X' event brings several changes to the world of the mutants - including Nightcrawler taking on a perfect new role.

The Children of the Vault go to war against Bishop and Cable in a new X-Men Fall of X series. 1
X-Men: Cable and Bishop Declare War on Marvel’s Mega-Evolved Superbeings

The X-Men's Bishop and Cable are headed to war with mega-evolved superbeings in Marvel Comics' new Fall of X miniseries, Children of the Vault.

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The X-Men Turn A Dangerous Daredevil Foe Into a Full-on Marvel Superhero

A major Daredevil villain who recently made their way to Krakoa joins a new X-Men team led by Magik in Marvel Comics' Realm of X series.

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Marvel Unveils Dark X-Men's Shocking Roster of Mutant Heroes - and Villains

Madelyne Pryor/the Goblin Queen leads a new Dark X-Men team full of mutant heroes and villains during Marvel's upcoming "Fall of X" event.

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Marvel Announces Uncanny Spider-Man, Dark X-Men and More Fall of X Titles

A "Fall of X" teaser image made by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair indicates new Uncanny Spider-Man, Dark X-Men and more titles are coming from Marvel.

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Everything We Know About Marvel's Fall Of X

Marvel's exciting mutant event will define the future for the X-Men, but there is a lot that fans still don't know about the upcoming Fall of X arc.

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10 Ways Sins Of Sinister Sets Up Fall Of X

As the Marvel's Sins of Sinister event shakes up X-Men comics across the board, it will likely pave the way for this fall's ominous Fall of X era.

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How Judgment Day Sets the Stage For the Fall of the X-Men

The events of Judgment Day sets the stage for some serious mutant developments - and Marvel's upcoming Fall of X.

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The X-Men Are Facing the End of Krakoa in 'Fall of X' - What's Next?

The upcoming Fall of X could spell the end of Krakoa but shouldn't end the recent evolution of the X-Men into one of Marvel's most interesting teams.

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Marvel Teases the End of the X-Men’s Mutant Nation in Fall of X Event

el teases mutantkind's Krakoan age could be coming to an end in a new 2023 event, "Fall of X," which was announced at New York Comic Con.