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Marilyn Moonlight rides a phantom horse while Superman flies in Dawn of DC art 1
Metropolis' Newest Hero Might Know the City's Greatest Secret

Marilyn Moonlight, the newest hero in Metropolis introduced in Superman comics, might know the Man of Steel's secret identity.

3 way split of New 52 Aquaman, Aqualad about to impale Aquaman, and Aquaman about to lose his hand 1
10 Most Important Aquaman Milestones In DC Comics

Aquaman has experienced just as many DC milestones as Superman and Batman – some even more impactful than either.

The Heralds of Apocalypse gather together 1
Marvel's Al Ewing Teases the X-Men’s Upcoming Genesis War in Fall of X

In an interview with Marvel, X-Men Red writer Al Ewing teased the upcoming Genesis War that will rage during the Fall of X crossover event

Stranger Things And TMNT Crossover 1
TMNT Heads to the Upside Down In Stranger Things Crossover First Look

The Heroes in a Half Shell are headed for the Upside Down in a Stranger Things crossover series from IDW and Dark Horse Comics.

Old X-Men Beast and Wolverine vs Beast in current X-Force comics 1
The X-Men's Beast Is Officially Embracing His Namesake

Beast has made himself a deadly and unhinged X-Men villain, but no matter how refined he sees himself, he's slowly embracing his mutant namesake.

Hawkeye's dog, Lucky, sits in front of their apartment building 1
Ten Years Ago, Hawkeye Readers Saw the World Through the Eyes of a Dog

A look back to ten years ago, when an award-winning issue of Hawkeye saw the superhero's dog take control of the story for a change

Suicide Squad Silver Age and modern versions 1
Suicide Squad: 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Team's History

Even with the team's higher profile, most comic book and casual fans likely don't know a lot about Suicide Squad.

Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) and Doom 2099 in front of the Watcher from Marvel Comics 1
Whatever Happened to Marvel’s Other Future Timeline?

Marvel 3099 has been making waves in fan-favorite games, but whatever happened to this alternate future in the pages of Marvel Comics?

Green Lantern-Space Ghost, Endless Winter, Judge Dredd, Doomsday clock 1
10 DC Comics That Still Need A Sequel

Amazing DC comics featuring team-ups with Batman, or new, experimental characters like Damage, deserve sequels to continue their narratives.

Stan Lee with some Marvel superheroes 1
When it Comes to Stan Lee's Legacy, One of His Greatest Enemies Was...Stan Lee

One of the biggest problems with Stan Lee's comic book legacy was his own counter-productive statements about his iconic career

valentina de fontaine on recruiting elton john 1
An MCU Wildcard Once Made Elton John an Agent of SHIELD

An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. featured in the MCU once actually recruited the real world singer Elton John into the ranks of Marvel's premier spy agency.

The Cover of Carnage Reigns: Omega #1. Cover art by Ryan Stegman, J.P. Mayer and Edgar Delgado. An enormous, monstrous Carnage holds Spider-Man, entangled in the vein-like red ooze of the Symbiote. 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Carnage Reigns: Omega #1

Cletus Kasady's Extrembiote has taken over New York City–and Miles Morales, Tony Stark and their allies must do the impossible to stop him.

A split image of Spider-Man and Wolverine and Professor Xavier and Magneto from Marvel Comics 1
10 Strangest Alliances In Marvel Comics

Heroes like the X-Men and Spider-Man have surprisingly teamed up with their villains, forming some of the strangest alliances in Marvel Comics.

Brymore #1 ACover by Damien Worm 1
REVIEW: IDW's Brynmore #1 Is a Haunting Debut Issue

The creative team behind IDW & Netflix's The October Faction present a brand-new original horror series, with a dark supernatural twist.

Trinity daughter of Wonder Woman in front of Dawn of Dc Heroes 1
Wonder Woman's Daughter Could Start a New Trinity

Wonder Woman's daughter joining Jon Kent's Superman and Damian Wayne Batman in the future could solidify a new trinity for the next generation.

A split image of the Bat-Family - Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, the Signal, Tim Drake, Jace Fox Batman, and Batgirl - and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from DC Comics 1
10 Strongest DC Hero Friendships

DC Comics houses the greatest superheroes in the world, and those prominent Justice League and Justice Society members have formed strong friendships.

The DC Trinity (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman)  with the San Diego Comic-Con logo. 1
DC Returns to SDCC With Appearances From Todd McFarlane, Comic Exclusives and More

DC is coming back to San Diego Comic-Con with a bang. The publisher will provide an exciting and fun weekend for its many fans.

TMNT 140 cover header - turtles standing together in front of skyline. 1
The TMNT Have Joined the Rest of the World – And It’s a Problem

Mutant Town has officially rejoined New York City, and it proves how absolutely out of their element the Ninja Turtles are as of now.

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 ACover by Nick Robles 1
REVIEW: Dark Horse Comics' The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1

From James Tynion IV and Tate Brombal comes an all-new LGBTQ horror story, touted by the publisher as “Invincible meets Doom Patrol.”

A split image of X-Men: Inferno, Age Of Apocalypse, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best X-Men Comics That Need Video Game Adaptations

From modern X-Men events like X of Swords to classics like Days of Future Past, several X-Men comics would make incredible video game adaptations.

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