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Jim is a freelance writer who started writing for CBR in 2013. He had worked previously at Comics Buyer's Guide since 1997 as a writer, reviewer, and online columnist. He has also written for other various comics-related publications and websites, covered comic conventions, and appeared in video commentaries. Occasionally, he's been known to interview creative professionals including comic writers and artists, actors, and musicians. His love of pop culture began with Star Wars, followed by comics shortly thereafter. Forever a rock n roll aficionado, he's also an unapologetic KISS and Trans-Siberian Orchestra fan. And he's always willing to try a new hot sauce or microbrew – especially if someone else is buying. He also fancies himself as a photographer now and again. If you're nice, he can be found on Twitter as @QuiGonJimm.

x-men-fall-of-x-sinister-four-cover 1
X-Men Villain Mister Sinister Reconciles With His Once-Dead Wife

The X-Men's Mister Sinister hasn't always gotten along with his late wife's clone, Mother Righteous - but that might be changing.

Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny 1
Indiana Jones 5 Isn't Bittersweet For Harrison Ford: 'It's Time to Grow Up'

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is Harrison Ford's final time playing the adventure hero, and the 80-year-old actor says he's ready to be done.

The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power cropped poster 1
Rings of Power Stars Slam Racist Trolls Who Opposed Diverse Casting

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has faced criticism from toxic fandom for its diversity, but the show's cast members aren't having it.

Cassian Andor looking to the right in front of a brick wall 1
Andor Boss Explains Why He Ditched the Show's Original 'Limiting' Concept

Andor has expanded upon the Star Wars universe and one of its heroes, but the showrunner says the original scope was far more limited.

joker-knight-terrors-day-job 1
How Joker Struggles With Office Life in DC's Knight Terrors Event

The Joker faces his worst nightmares in DC's upcoming Knight Terrors, but how does Batman's deadliest foe face his own darkest fears?

Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka stands in front of an image of Grand Admiral Thrawn. 1
Ahsoka's Lars Mikkelsen Didn't Revisit Star Wars Rebels for the Series

Ahsoka's Grand Admiral Thrawn also appeared in Star Wars: Rebels, but the actor portraying him says he didn't need to watch the series again.

The logo for streaming service Max. 1
Peacock Mocks HBO Max's Rebrand With a Naughty Joke

HBOMax is now known as just Max, and NBC's competing streaming service Peacock has an off-color joke about the name change.

Superman and Lois and Gotham Knights 1
Superman & Lois, Gotham Knights Renewal News Expected This Week

An announcement regarding the renewal/cancellation of The CW's Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights is expected within days.

The latest issue of DC's Superman reveals Lex Luthor was once Metropolis' best crime-fighting hero. 1
A MAJOR Superman Villain Was Once Metropolis' Greatest Hero

Superman has recently allied himself with his greatest enemy, who now reveals he was protecting Metropolis while Clark Kent was still in high school.

ezra miller as they appear as the titular hero of the upcoming The Flash feature film from DC Studios 1
The Flash Movie Releases a Heartbreaking Promo for Mother's Day

The upcoming Flash film explores Barry Allen attempting to save his mom, and Warner Bros. has accordingly released a new trailer for Mother's Day.

x-men-22-cover-header 1
The X-Men’s Resurrection Process' Darkest Secret Has Been Revealed

The X-Men's resurrection tech has been Krakoa's greatest gift to humanity, but within it still hides a dark and sinister secret.

Iron Man Magneto X-Men 1
Magneto's Helmet Was Weaponized by the US Government - With Iron Man's Help

Magneto's telepathic-blocking helmet was once sought by the U.S. government, and Iron Man had a part in it - before it was stolen by an X-Men foe.

Rocket is seen in close up with the other Guardians standing behidn him in GOTG 3 1
GOTG Vol. 3's PG-13 Rating Questioned Over 'Disturbing' Scenes

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is darker than its predecessors, making some viewers challenge the Marvel Studios' film PG-13 rating.

Xavier Fights mr Sinister 1
Why the X-Men Have Completely Lost Faith in Charles Xavier

X-Men's Sins of Sinister event is over, but suspicions surrounding founder Charles Xavier's preceding actions remain.

x-men-sins-of-sinister with Mister Sinister, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and more 1
The X-Men Just Reset Marvel's Entire Timeline - Again

Marvel's timeline has been rebooted once again in the wake of the X-Men's Sins of Sinister event - but how?

Grogu using the Force in front of Din Djarin on The Mandalorian's Season 3 poster 1
Star Wars' Dave Filoni Answers a Major Question About Grogu's Family

The Mandalorian has shared little about Grogu's family, and Dave Filoni says the Star Wars character's origins are likely to remain a mystery.

Frank Castle Punisher Swinging Katana 1
The Punisher Debuts a Hellish New Weapon to Destroy the Avengers

The Punisher now has superpowers thanks to The Hand, and one of them allows him to conjure a weapon helping him fight the Avengers.

Frank Castle swings a flaming sword at Captain America on the main cover for Punisher #11 (2023). 1
The Punisher May Have Just Been Killed By the Person He Loves Most

The Punisher's war on crime has been in response to the murder of his family, but now Frank Castle just might have been killed in an ironic twist.

Many Marvel heroes lunge toward Doctor Doom on Alex Ross' main cover for Fantastic Four #7 (2023). 1
EXCLUSIVE: How Fantastic Four Will Evolve Doctor Doom Into a Different Kind of Villain

Writer Ryan North says Doctor Doom is "going to evolve" in Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four #700 anniversary issue.

Rosario Dawson in the Star Wars show Ahsoka on Disney+. 1
Star Wars Fans Don't Need The Clone Wars to Understand Ahsoka, Says Dave Filoni

Ahsoka Tano was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but Dave Filoni says viewers won't need that history to watch the upcoming Disney+ series.

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