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The Hulk, surrounded by other Marvel superheroes 1
Peter David's Historic Run on Incredible Hulk Came to an End 25 Years Ago

A look back to 25 years ago, when Peter David's epic run on Incredible Hulk came to an end with a touching farewell to the characters in the series

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Hulk: Bruce Banner is Reliving His Best Era in the Most Horrifying Way Imaginable

Marvel's new Hulk series features Bruce Banner reliving the most monstrous (and terrifying) era of his life as the Jade Behemoth.

Hulk standing in the 2003 movie 1
Hulk's Most Misunderstood Movie Debuted With a Truly Horrifying Teaser

2003's Hulk wasn't the most beloved outing for the Green Goliath. That said, its teaser trailer set up something terrifying for the audience.

The Hulk from his brand-new series 1
The Hulk Is Being Hunted by All of Marvel's Monsters

A new villain has placed a bounty on the Hulk's head, and all of the monsters of the Marvel Universe are obliged to hunt down the jade giant

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Marvel Is Basically Turning The Hulk into Hellboy — And It's Great

The Incredible Hulk gives Bruce Banner a new status quo going forward — and seems to take similar storytelling cues that benefited Hellboy.

Cover A of Incredible Hulk #1 depicting the Bruce Banner walking on train tracks with the Hulk looming behind 1
REVIEW: Marvel's The Incredible Hulk #1

Peace eludes Bruce Banner as unholy monsters give chase unbeknownst to him while an enraged Hulk looks to take complete control of his body.

Sideways activates his costume and Gangbuster hangs from a fire escape 1
10 Times Marvel Was Ripped Off By DC

With characters like Sideways and Gangbuster, it's obvious that DC has copied Marvel multiple times.

split image: Superman Henry Cavill in Man of Steel, and Omni Man and Spawn from animated series 1
10 Superman Showdowns We're Still Waiting For

Superman should branch out from his corner of the DC Universe and battle powerful characters from Image, pulp comics, and beyond.

Gamora as seen the MCU, Popeye Luke from Street Fighter games, and Miles Morales as seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 1
10 Marvel Characters Who Should Be Guest DLC In Street Fighter 6

Marvel characters like Miles Morales and Wolverine would make exciting DLCs for the new Street Fighter 6.

split image: Captain America and Hulk in MCU and Storm in X-Men Dark Phoenix 1
10 Most Powerful Marvel Heroes With Only One Ability

Select members of the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Avengers only need one ability or power to be the most powerful Marvel heroes.

A split image of Iron Man: Extremis, Spider-Verse, Captain America: Winter Soldier from Marvel Comics 1
10 Popular Marvel Heroes (& Their Greatest Victory)

The most popular heroes in Marvel Comics achieved victories over the greatest threats in the universe, from the Phoenix Force to Galactus.

Hulk 2099 besides the Maestro. 1
Hulk 2099 vs Maestro: Who Is Marvel's Strongest Future Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk has long been Marvel's strongest Avenger, but two brutal future versions of the character could each contend on their own for the title of Strongest of Them All.

A split images of the covers Captain America Comics #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, and Fantastic Four #1 from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best Marvel Comics Hero Debuts

Captain America kicked off Marvel's Golden Age while the Fantastic Four launched their Silver Age in some of the best heroic debuts in Marvel Comics.

Hulk Comic Reboot 1
The Hulk’s New Marvel Series Can Correct the Problems of His Last Book

The Hulk's previous book wasn't what some fans expected, but his newest title is taking things back to the horrifying success of Immortal Hulk.

split image: Sam Raimi Spider-Man 2, and Black Panther and Galactus from Silver Age Marvel comics 1
10 Marvel Characters Who Broke The Mold

Marvel Comics dominated the superhero genre after introducing characters like the relatable Spider-Man and the cosmic Galactus who broke the mold.

Hulk Guilt Hulk 1
Marvel Resurrected Its Strangest Hulk - and His Power Is Much Grosser Than Rage

Marvel's prehistoric villains left Bruce Banner calling on his most horrifying persona, fueled by something more devastating than rage.

The Incredible Hulk looming over a small man in Marvel Comics 1
The Hulk is Getting a Reboot - And it's Different (And Better) Than Anything We've Seen Before

Marvel is giving the Hulk a reboot that takes the Jade Giant in a new and different direction that calls back to his comic book roots.

split image: MCU Rocket Raccoon and Babu Groot and Sue Storm from Fantastic Four comics 1
10 Best Science Fiction-Based Marvel Heroes

Marvel's best heroes usually spawn from sci-fi accidents and experiments, creating characters like Rocket Raccoon or teams like the Fantastic Four.

Split image of the DCEU's Superman and Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics 1
16 Superpowers That Would Turn Anyone Into A Villain

Fans have seen more than one powerset tempt even heroes like Superman into villainy. Even powers like invisibility can corrupt the kindest heroes.

Split image of Hulk and Invisible Woman from Marvel Comics 1
10 Worst Cases Of Power Creep In Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics characters like Invisible Woman and the Hulk have undergone power creep over the years as their enemies continue to grow stronger too.