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John Dodge has been an avid consumer of comic books and nerd culture for as long as he can remember. An expert on competitive gaming and obscure kids shows from the 80's and 90's, John has far too many opinions about Beetleborgs for someone in their thirties. You can find him occasionally discussing them over on Twitter at @JohnJDodge.

Spider-Gwen is trapped in a giant tube alongside her clones. 1
Gwen Stacy’s New Nemesis Could Reshape the Multiverse

Spider-Gwen has just been caught in the middle of her new nemesis' grand scheme, and it could reshape the entire Marvel Multiverse.

selina kyle sitting in front of the night sky as seen on the cover of catwoman #56 1
Catwoman Wants to Fix Gotham by Making Batman a Criminal – And It'd Work

Catwoman is prepared to save Gotham City by taking total control over its organized crime racket, and the only thing stopping her is Batman.

Stranger Things And TMNT Crossover 1
TMNT Heads to the Upside Down In Stranger Things Crossover First Look

The Heroes in a Half Shell are headed for the Upside Down in a Stranger Things crossover series from IDW and Dark Horse Comics.

Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) and Doom 2099 in front of the Watcher from Marvel Comics 1
Whatever Happened to Marvel’s Other Future Timeline?

Marvel 3099 has been making waves in fan-favorite games, but whatever happened to this alternate future in the pages of Marvel Comics?

TMNT 140 cover header - turtles standing together in front of skyline. 1
The TMNT Have Joined the Rest of the World – And It’s a Problem

Mutant Town has officially rejoined New York City, and it proves how absolutely out of their element the Ninja Turtles are as of now.

Green Arrow watching Arsenal and Peacemaker fight. 1
DC Just Retconned Green Arrow’s Most Tragic Death

Green Arrow has just revealed the truth behind his family's most tragic death, and it is somehow even more heartbreaking than before.

felicia hardy on her couch surrounded by cats as she watches spider-man swing by her window 1
Why Marvel’s Black Cat Has Never Been Held Back by Her Sexuality

One of Spider-Man's greatest and most well-known love interests, Black Cat is one of Marvel's most alluring characters - and it's never held her back.

eddie brock in his red and white, four-armed form as seen on the cover of venom #21 1
Venom: Eddie Brock Just Took on a Whole New Form by Beating His Old Self

Eddie Brock just took down another of Marvel's Kings in Black in the most surprising way ever, and it could change how he fights for the future.

a partial cast photo from the set of power rangers cosmic fury featuring the gold, red, black, and green rangers 1
Power Rangers TV Series Departs Production in New Zealand

The Power Rangers franchise officially pulls production out of New Zealand ahead of the release of the main series' thirtieth season premiere.

Black Panther protecting his new city. 1
Black Panther Just Discovered the Dangers of a Kingless Wakanda

The Black Panther is finally back in Wakanda, and he is just beginning to realize how unstable his homeland is without him.

Sharon Carter and Captain America' Steve Rogers 1
An MCU Icon Has Finally Cemented Her Legacy in Marvel Comics – 60 Years Too Late

A classic Marvel hero has finally started building her own legacy after six decades of playing a supporting role in someone else's story.

Black Cat and Spider-Man in Doc Ock's tentacles as reflected in his glasses on the cover of ASM 27 1
Spider-Man’s Oldest Detractor is Proof Norman Osborn Can Actually Be Redeemed

One of Spider-Man's original enemies is living proof that anyone can find redemption, even the former Green Goblin himself.

eddie brock in his red and white, four-armed form as seen on the cover of venom #21 1
Marvel’s King in Black Put a Terrifying New Spin on Spider-Man’s Most Iconic Power

Venom #21 features Eddie Brock putting a new (and terrifying) twist on one of Spider-Man's most iconic powers.

cletus kasady in symbiote/extrembiote form pounding down on miles morales on the cover of carnage #14 1
Carnage’s Old Host is Building an Army – And They Have All of Iron Man’s Old Powers

Cletus Kasady just found a new army in his most dedicated followers, and they might be an even bigger threat than Carnage.

cletus kasady in symbiote/extrembiote form pounding down on miles morales on the cover of carnage #14 1
Carnage: The One Marvel Superhero Who Can Stop Cletus Kasady is Iron Man?!

Carnage's original host, Cletus Kasady, has recently become extremely powerful - and only Iron Man has a chance of stopping him.

bruce banner wandering the road alone as monsters and the hulk loom in the background 1
Hulk: Bruce Banner is Reliving His Best Era in the Most Horrifying Way Imaginable

Marvel's new Hulk series features Bruce Banner reliving the most monstrous (and terrifying) era of his life as the Jade Behemoth.

Spider-Boy fighting crime in New York City. 1
Marvel’s New Spider-Boy Series Receives Major Backlash From Fans

Fans deride Marvel Comics' announcement of a brand-new ongoing series starring the recently introduced Bailey Briggs, aka Spider-Boy.

iron man attempting to cover himself as he is caught in a spotlight on the cover of i am iron man 4 1
I Am Iron Man Gives Tony Stark Batman’s Worst Trait

Marvel's I Am Iron Man series has Tony Stark's armored hero repeating the worse mistake of DC's most iconic hero, Batman.

Captain Marvel Comic and MCU Carol Danvers 1
Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel Finale is a Love Letter to Carol Danvers

The finale to Kelly Thompson's epic Captain Marvel run is a love letter to Carol Danvers that sets her up for a brighter future than ever before.

Bailey Briggs, aka Spider-Boy, swinging through New York City. 1
Spider-Boy, Spider-Man's Mysterious Sidekick Lands His First Ongoing Series

Spider-Man's "long-lost" sidekick is set to take the world by storm in his first-ever ongoing Spider-Boy series from his co-creator Dan Slott.

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