The following contains spoilers for Secret Invasion Season 1, Episode 2, "Promises," now streaming on Disney+.

Secret Invasion has capitalized on past events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like Captain Marvel, to bring a new spin on the Skrull plight by showing them on the attack. As a result, audiences are finally witnessing how deadly Skrulls are in how they've used their shapeshifting to manipulate world governments and nearly kickstart another World War. But the biggest revelation, and maybe the scariest, came with a massive bombshell about Nick Fury's personal life.

After Nick Fury was escorted back to the United States after a talk with Rhodey, he returned to his home, which hadn't been seen before, where a woman was seen chopping vegetables. When first shown, she was in her true Skrull form; however, when Fury arrived, she took a human form and was revealed to be his wife, Priscilla. While there's still a major mystery surrounding who Priscilla really is, the actress behind her, Charlayne Woodard, has a story all her own that's storied and inspiring.

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Charlayne Woodard Has Crafted a Groundbreaking Career

Charlayne Woodard as Cinderella in Cindy

Woodard holds a unique title in cinema for her role in Cindy, a 1978 TV movie that featured an all-Black cast and retold the story of Cinderella for a new audience. In the titular role, Woodard became the first Black woman to play Cinderella in movies and television. Her career only grew from there, as she garnered more roles in adulthood in shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, ER and, most famously, Pose, a unique exploration of the Ball culture in New York City and how it impacted the LGBTQ+, Black and Latin cultures through competitions involving dance, fashion and attitude.

In the realm of movies, Woodard had a unique experience with the comic book genre by playing Elijah Price's mother in M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable and Glass. Ironically, Mr. Glass was played by Samuel L. Jackson, making Secret Invasion the first time the two have worked together since Shyamalan's superhero trilogy. While her career has spoken for itself, Woodard has shown that she disappears into every role she's taken, and her new role in Secret Invasion will likely be no different.

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Priscilla Fury Has Created a Dangerous Mystery

Priscilla Fury looking at Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

Considering that Fury has been engaged with the Skrull culture for decades, it's easy to assume that he may have formed a romantic connection to one that would become Priscilla Fury. However, being that their home is secluded and owned by a world-class spy, it's strange that she would be a Skrull when Fury's not there and a human when he got home. With that in mind, Priscilla may have been lying to Fury for decades.

In only a couple of episodes, Fury has suffered a serious loss with Maria Hill's death and Talos lying about how many Skrulls actually resided on Earth. Returning to his wife would be the one thing that a man who has lost so much would need and to be unaware of who she really is may break him. That said, if he'd been aware the entire time, she could offer the council he needs to make his next steps the right one. But no matter what, there's no doubt that, with how well the series has been acted so far, Woodard will only elevate the standard Secret Invasion has already set.

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